Written by scotsmitch2001


She was 18 and curious. Telling me online that guys her age were immature and didn't satisfy.

That she wanted to try different things, adventurous things.

We agreed to meet in the Botanical Gardens, Hagley Park.

I told her to wear that red dress, the one she was wearing in her pictures album.

She did.

We met on a Tuesday afternoon, as she walked towards me my eyes drank in her body, the short red summer dress showing off her voluptuousness ,

I couldn't help but think how stupid young guys were, she looked stunning.

We were both a little nervous but we talked and seemed to hit it off. We went to the cafe, having coffee and chatting, getting a feel for each other.

We went walking through the gardens till we found a spot, it was secluded with a park bench.

We sat there talking.

I told her to hike her dress up just far enough for me to be able to glance down and see her panties. She trembled as she did so, this being her first meeting with someone she had met online.

I ran my fingertips up over her knee, tracing a path lightly between her thighs

She spread her legs a little more as I gently caressed her pussy through the thin material of her panties. I could feel her heat her moistness as I pushed a finger into her hole.

Unzip me, I told her. She pulled down the zipper of my trousers and released my throbbing hard cock, at first she just massaged my shaft but I stood up facing her my cock flexing by her mouth.

I entwined fingers into her hair and guided hr mouth towards my cock. She took me in her mouth

And as I whispered to her she wrapped her lips around me , it didn't take long before I spurted, she took every drop.

Good girl