A brief continuation:

This is what I had been wanting to do all week. How many times had I already gotten all hot and wet just imagining grabbing that beautiful cock into my mouth. The two of us had already spent some steamy times together on cam so there was a highly charged sexual energy between us begging to be resolved. I could hear a whispered groan escape his mouth as my tongue worked its way along the hot shaft of his gorgeous cock and began to expertly suck on the head while I moved one hand up and down. He tugged at my hair with his right hand, pulling me in closer, and he pushed his hips forward to make himself more accessible to me. So hot, so naughty, so good…

I had already finished my first drink so my empty glass sat in front of my chair on the table. Since I don’t often drink, it doesn’t take much to get me feeling extra horny. My husband and I often joke together about how nobody with a penis is safe from the drunken me. I certainly was feeling a sense of delightful liberty as I sucked the hard cock of a man I had just met right there in a public place! Just as I closed my eyes in abandonment he sat up straight, pushing me away and feverishly tugging his shirt over his cock as he whispered a quiet, “Shit!” I moved back just in time to see the legs of the barman coming straight over to our table to pick up our empty glasses. I immediately pretended to be looking for something under the table and emerged from under there with my hands on the back of my ear, saying, “Thank God I found it! I hate it when I lose the back of an earring!”

The barman put our empty glasses on his tray without seemingly suspecting what hot sex scene he had just interrupted. After he made his way to clear the next tables, the two of us looked at each other and laughed at the close call. The electricity between us was only more highly charged after that under-the-table encounter.

“Fuck that was hot,” he breathed to me, again running his hand along my thigh. “I want you so bad.”

“God, I want you too. Where can we go?” I answered with a shiver.

Our spouses had been following the whole exchange, and his wife piped up now, “Looks like we might need to go find a hotel room, babe. What do you all think?” My husband and I again looked into one another's eyes, making sure we were both in agreement about all that was happening, and then the four of us stood up to make our way towards the bar. Both of the men had to pull their shirts down in an attempt to hide the enticing hard bulges in their pants. As the two of us women stood by the bar together paying for the drinks, the men stood behind us and pushed their erections into our backs, making it difficult for me not to break into an erotic hip moving dance. Ah, the delicious promise that lay ahead…

(Note: This was written by Hotandready but that is not my KS profile name, or not completely anyway. [Hi everybody!] This was also a work of fiction, so any likeness or similarity to anyone living is accidental. I hope you enjoyed it.)