Written by sheneedsffm


This is a story of our first time playing with anyone else, back in November 2012. Enjoy!

So me and my man have been looking on a New Zealand dating site for about six months for a girl to have a bit of fun with last night. We've been having pillow talk about a FFM for sometime so looking for a sexual conquest online made sense to us.

We came very close very quickly in April when we met a young girl who was keen to party so to speak, but she lacked confidence to convert the opportunity. To make matters worse she turned clingy and wanted what seemed a friend/girlfriend/relationship. Very clingy. So we bailed... fast.

Recently over the last month the female of a couple from the Manawatu had been in touch saying they were coming up to the Waikato and were after a good weekend away.

Some nervous texting between myself and them led to arrangements to meet in Hamilton on Friday night for drinks.

Well Friday was last night and this is what went down:

After leaving my mans place we walked to town. Both filled with nerves but plenty of calming lotion/alcohol, we went to a bar on Hood St to meet up with this couple.

We nervously waited for their arrival, keeping ourselves entertained by bumping and grinding on the dance floor. What seemed like forever, they showed up and we exchange greetings and sat down for a few drinks and converstions. Not easy when speakers blasting directly over you on a Friday night!

After partying in town for about an hour and a half (2am now), myself and she decided it was time to head back to their hotel which luckily was right in town about 5 minutes walk.

We got to their room and proceeded to relax. This was our first time we had found ourselves in this situation. It was their first time too with a couple but had had girls in the past. She (H) poured my and my man a drink (strong) to relax.

Half an hour of chit chat passed by with no real moves made. Just thigh stroking amongst individual couples. H decided it was now time to ignite the fire, so she disappeared into the bathroom and returned with less clothing on, challenging us to the same. I did too, then joined her and D on the bed. D removed his trou and so it was 3 of us on there partially naked, very horny, and waiting for my man to join us. He too removed his slacks and got between my legs where it was game on.

The agreed objective of the night was some same room activity amongst our own couples, with some girl on girl thrown in. Me and my man started kissing with him teasing my pussy, and me rubbing his stiffening cock. H & D started making out too.

As minutes passed by, any remaining clothing was removed.

My man fingered my pussy and ass while sucking on my tits. H & D were similarly kissing intimately over each others bods. After plenty of Brancotts and vodka, I was keen to make the move. I reached over and started playing with H's pussy and kissing her neck and shoulders, while D was eating her out, and my man continued to eat me out too. Me and H sucked on each others nipples, and fingered each others moistness for some time.

My man then fingered my ass while H fingered my pussy and I just had to squirt. Restraining myself from being too noisy was hard, but fuck I love to cum hard!

D contined to fuck H from behind while she licked my throbbig clit. My man put his cock in my ass to give it a good stretch. My hands were kept busy playing with H.

I don't know how many times I came.... it was lot but it was so so hot! I didn't get a chance to taste H but that will happen another time I hope.

5 o'clock came along and it was time for us to depart. We thanked them for hosting us and hoped to see each other in not too distant future.

Night wasn't quited finished there thought. We taxi'd back to my mans house and snuggled in for some cuddles. Which while thinking over the last few hours activities got him hard again. So I played with his prostate while he jerked off into my mouth while he fingered my asshole again. Yum yum and I got my early morning desserts ;)

Still hadn't finished there though. With my ass gaping, his cock still hard, he shoved into my slippery backdoor and proceeded to pound me like the good dirty slut I am. And he gave me another first.... My first anal cream pie :)

We wouldv'e loved to have taken pics but we didn't want to cross boundaries on our 'first date' with H & D. But i hope oneday we can have a full on girl on girl photo shoot.

All in all.... fucking great night/morning. Tender holes all round and tonight is Saturday.... and H & D are still in town...