Written by tomtomcan


I see there have been a few stories posted - so here is part 1 (of 2) from something I wrote a while ago ...


They had exchanged pleasantries on occasion and flirted a little over a few weeks in the online chatroom before swapping email addresses. She had described herself as an open minded lady looking to explore while he was an attached male who had stumbled across the chatroom while looking for something else (not that he really remembered what it was).

They continued to chat a little and share hints of fantasies before breaking into a full cybersex session one evening with both contributing to the scenario. Subsequent chat sessions continued in this vein before they agreed to meet face-to-face in a cafe. The two of them had discussed some of their deepest fantasies but still felt nervous as they made plans to meet and "put a face to the fantasies".


It was a Tuesday and he was sitting in the cafe as the pre-arranged time approached. He was glancing at the newspaper spread on the table as he alternately checked his watch for the time and his mobile for messages. He was waiting for a woman he had never met before but felt he already knew intimately. He had seen a picture of her and knew she was approaching middle-age but with a fit body and a wicked sense of humour.

10:30am passed and she had not arrived. He continued to wait - by now sipping on his flat white. The chirp of his mobile startled him a little - a message had arrived. Picking it up he saw that the message read "parking c u soon". A sense of relief passed over him followed quickly by anticipation. Watching the door he saw a brunette walk through. She was around 5'9" tall wearing a skirt and low-cut, but not slutty, top that accentuated her breasts and neckline. She looked round the cafe, saw him and smiled as she walked over. he stood to greet her, took her hand and they touched cheeks.

Seeing he already had a drink she apologised for being late and headed over to the counter to order one for herself. Once she returned she sat diagonally opposite him - their knees almost touching. They chatted easily, continuing in the same vein as their online chats - with the occasional sexual innuendo and at times frank discussion. They both laughed once the waitress had delivered her coffee - wondering if she had overheard them discussing the sexual positions they enjoyed!

The chat over coffee went as well as they had both hoped and they left with a mutual agreement to arrange a further meeting - this time with a plan to turn their thoughts into deeds.

Her schedule was difficult but they continued to chat online when she contacted him and said that she could be free on Friday afternoon. As luck would have it his diary was also clear so he booked a hotel room and let her know the location. They continued to chat over the next few days with the anticipation building.

Friday came and he walked to the hotel and checked in. He let himself into the room, adjusted the heating to bring the room up to a more comfortable temperature before texting her the room number. Sitting back on the bed he surfed the channels on the hotel TV as he waited. He rang room-service and placed the resulting delivery in the mini-bar fridge.

Finally he heard a quiet knock on the door - she was here!

As he opened the door she smiled and walked through. She was wearing a dress that, again, accentuated her cleavage and, this time, showed off her shapely legs. As if by mutual agreement they moved to stand next to the bed and kissed passionately, urgently before he stepped back slightly.

She looked up, smiling, and said that she was all his - to do with as he pleased. They had chatted about her wish, at times, for the male to be in control so he took her cue. Standing motionless in front of her he instructed her to undo the buttons on his shirt before licking and sucking his nipples - of course she obliged. Next she was instructed to remove her dress and strip down to her underwear. He cupped her breasts in his hands and teased her nipples, gently at first, through the fabric of her bra. Her nipples quickly hardened and he bent forward and kissed the exposed parts of her breasts and ran his hands down her back and over her butt.

Smiling, she asked "What next?" Stepping over to the nearby chair he asked her to unbuckle his belt and remove his jeans, then underwear before he sat back on the chair. "Come here and kiss me" he said as she gazed at his naked body with a rock hard erection obvious. She kissed him passionately - their tongues intertwining while his erection pressed against her stomach. He guided her mouth and tongue to his neck and then down to his chest. As he did this she cupped his balls and slowly stroked his cock.

Looking down and licking her lips she asked "May I?" as she slowly slid his foreskin back and exposed the glistening head of his penis. "Not yet" he responded "but soon. First you must play with my balls" She continued to slowly stroke him as she kissed his chest and worked her way down. When she reached his groin she gently took each ball in turn in her mouth - sucking - as she stroked his cock. She dutifully continued this as he lay back in the chair. After a minute or two she asked again "May I?" This time he said yes and she quickly moved her mouth to the head of his cock, running her tongue round before taking him in her mouth. She moved her head back and forth - taking him further and further in until he was completely inside her (all the while playing with his balls with her hands).

"Stand up" he said "and remove your underwear". She slide his cock out of her mouth, gently kissed his balls and stood, unclipping her bra and removing her knickers as he remained motionless in the chair. "Now lie in the bed!" he instructed, "and close your eyes." Which she did without a word.

Moving from the chair he stood by the bed - gazing down on her. He ran his hands over her body, gently at first and then more firmly - over her neck and breasts (pausing briefly at her nipples) before running his hands down the outside of her legs and then up the inside. As he did this she parted her legs exposing her neatly trimmed pussy. He ran his hands further up her legs until his fingers gently brushed her pussy lips at which point he ran a finger between her lips and briefly touched her clit. She moaned a little and squirmed as he did this.

"May I open my eyes?" she asked.

"Not yet."

He stood back a little - no longer touching her - and quietly opened the fridge. he reached in and removed two ice cubes from the bucket room service had delivered earlier. Stepping back to the bed her saw that she still had her eyes closed - not knowing what he had planned next. Moving quickly now he ran an ice cube round each of her nipples - she squealed a little and he told her she could open her eyes but that she should remain still. her nipples were hard and he could now see her clit peaking from between her moist pussy lips. As she looked down he took one of the ice cubes and traced a path down her stomach towards her groin. She grinned and said "it won't last long down there" before he touched the her clit with the ice and then gently slid a cube into her pussy. She moaned loudly as he did this.