Written by Ringluvva


A friend of mine (female) had a problem with a guy, that she had fallen for. So, being the matchmaker I am, I set up a meeting with this guy to try and persuade him to hook back up with her.

We met at a beach. I had a short floral skirt and tight black top on, purelyy by coincedence.

We hugged and sat down for a chat.

Feelling a bit uncomfortable we went to my car, as we wanted privacy.

As I began talking about the little incident he and her had, I could feel his eyes roaming all over me. It wasnt long before his hands were following his eyes and finding there way to my crotch.

He was strong, and holding my mouth as his tongue raped my mouth, I could feel the fire between my legs. No matter how much I wanted him to stop, the moisture between my legs was proof I wanted him bad.

His persistance paid off... soon my pussy was being fingered, his tongue all over my breasts and mouth.. God I thought I was going to explode in excitement.

I had never been with a man sexually the first night we talked, and here I was, wanting my whole body to be taken.

After an hour of touching, moaning and kissing, I got out of the car to compose myself. He followed.

He soon got me leaning against a tree.. his hands roaming over my body, and his cock pushing against me (we were fully clothed). Damn this got me so hot, cars driving passed, and people walking around, and here I was, wanting this stranger so much.

Back to the car we went, straight to the back seat... I leaned back, knickers off, and his mouth on my crotch... oooo I was in heaven. talking dirty to him as I came... ooo gosh.. I felt such a slut, but damn it was good.

Soon his pants were off, and his cock was in my mouth. I sucked, licked and ate his cock, then his balls, and his cock again... I felt his hot cum in my mouth, down my throat .. luscious.

We said our goodbyes, and I decided that my friend was better off without him . (Shame on me I know - but she is married)

A week later, I met this guy again, this time in a hotel room. When he walked in and saw me, he lifted me onto the kitchen bench, ripped my knickers off, and ate me then and there. He then carried me to the bed, where we enjoyed hours of playful sex... fingering, fucking, sucking, tongueing, and then some.

We often talk about having another, or other couples join us in our sex fun times, but before we finish a conversation about it, we get so horny, we fuck... so we never decide whether to or not have others join us.

Hed love to watch another man please me, and Id love to watch him taste another lady, as his tongue is to die for.

God, just typing this story gets me so wet, I want him now......

Moral of the story... Always meet people, specially if you want to have an exciting hot orgasm........