Written by LAS


This is not fiction this is how i became a older single woman on a swingers site.

9 years ago newly single after 21 years of being in a vanilla relationship ,

I went on a swingers site because i had a fantasy i wanted to do . I had thought about it often while in my vanilla relationship.

So I went to Mr Google and he gave me a list of dating/swingers sites and i went to the first one on the list and the rest is history lol

I did fulfill that fantasy, that is a story to tell another time though.

At the begining of this new lifestyle i was like a kid in a lolly shop wanting to try everything .

I was told by some that this was quite normal for newbies. and eventually u do calm down . i did.

but I was single and i wanted to mingle and more.

In saying that in all the 9 years of swinging i never have had a bad moment or feared for my safety and i have meet some fabulous people and i have meet some not fabulous people.

becoming a swinger there were things i had to learn .

my bush had to go and getting brazilians every 3 weeks became my routine, i expected all sexual partners to b just as smooth or at least well trimmed .

A man who had a passion himself for wearing lingerie started my own love of lingerie , again that is another story.

Learning to take tasteful sexy pics on my mob became vital to my profile. i had lost 50 kilos so it all new to see my body wearing this lingeree . i haven't had this body for very long , 9 years .

I also had a whole lot of new words i had to learn.

Dom/subs, slaves ,creampies, gang bangs, bukakaka, sissys , soft swap , same room , seperate room, corsettes, stockings, fuk me boots, switch, time wasters . Role play, daddy/daughter. cuckold. hotwifes, bi curious. unicorn, cougar, cub, starfish. Mistress, Sir. cock pic, , caming , private cams spit roasts. Dogging, meet ups ,nude beaches , exhibitionist, voyeur, profile pic ,collar , scrat, porn , porn hub , bare back , pegging, nipple clamps, vanilla , lube, grinder, foot fetish, small breasts , large breasts,, fucking in public. lights on always , mirrors , 8 inch 9 inch , cut, uncut, give etc etc

then there were the letters





milf .

BC ,



Dom/sub- the letter D is always a capital letter and the s is not .

Can only meet during the day means they are married

do u do anal became the norm question

I remember putting myself in situations in the erly years which for a single lady was a little risky and i think now , what the fuk were u doing girl ??? get a pic next time !!!!!

OR the time i spent with a man who instructed to wear a black skirt and shirt and heels . when he knocked at my door i was to turn my back to the door so he could blindfold me . i was to say nothing . He picked me up in his arms and took me to my bedroom me and tied me to my bed . Over the next 5 hours he gave me multiple orgasims using multiple tools he got from his tool bag. he would bare down hard on my clitoris . i had to beg him to stop i lost count of the orgasims he gave me. and to this day i have no idea who he was and what he looked like , i had no fear .,but he gave me a sexual experience i will never forget . u take away one of yr senses, sight, it enhances yr remaining ones , the way his voice sounded as he whispered in my ear and the things he said to me made it a sexual experience i will never forget 9 years later i still remember every moment ..

THat was my first really intense sexual moment for me at the beginning of my journey and it's those moments that when they happen its just blows me away.

peoples sexual kink fascinates me . What people get off on , everybody has something that gets them off . As swingers with the right person/people we can openly enjoy and embrace our kinks we dont hold back ..... ......or do some of us still hold back ?