The following is a work of fiction. Any resemblance to any persons living or dead is coincidental. Mostly.

R18; sexual content may offend

I attended an air sports event upstate New York and over the few days several of us had a few beers each evening and talked the usual chatter of accidents and incidents. On the last day of the meet there was a bit of where-to-now type talk and I mentioned that I planned to go see Manhatten and have a look around. Knowing I was from abroad, one guy chipped in that is where his apartment was and I'd be welcome to stay a few days.

Sure, that sounded convenient...and it was too; a reasonably spacious one bedroom apartment on East 22nd St.

We got in late that first night so sorted the couch bed and crashed out.

Monday he worked while I went off to explore returning to the apartment around 6:30 that evening. A bit bushed from the day out I wasn't keen on going out again.

We ate in and he suggested a movie. Sounded like a good idea but I asked if I could have a shower first after all the walking I'd done.

The bathroom was essentially an ensuite which was separated only by a glass wall from the bedroom. I've never been the inhibited type and was quite comfortable stripping off and showering, unconcerned he came in to check I had found a towel, soap and all that.

I finished showering, dried off, wrapped my towel around me and started to brush my teeth while he prepared to shower.

I had knocked my toiletries bag over and bent down to pick up a couple of items that had fallen under the washbasin unit which was one of the wall mounted types.

As I started to stand up again I cracked my head against the unit and ended up half sitting half kneeling an rubbing my head. Wearing only a towel, he stepped forward to see if I was OK.

Head down as I dealt with the pain I reached up without looking so he could help me up. He was closer than I thought and rather than grab his hand, my hand slid straight up beneath his towel and up behind his cock and closed my hand around it. It took me a few seconds to realise that didn't feel right, by which time his cock had started to react.

Still rubbing my sore head with one hand, I looked up to see what I had grasped and when I saw where I had gone wrong I pulled my hand away, dislodging his towel as I did so.

He grabbed at the falling towel, but he was now exposed, his cock continuing to slowly grow just inches from my face.

I started to mumble an apology, staring at his member, neither of us moving away. It all seemed surreal, and after what seemed like ages, but was probably only a few seconds, I reached up again and held his cock, massaging it gently and feeling it grow harder under my touch. I began to stroke him, slid my hand down to the base of his shaft and massaged his balls.

He was now fully erect, thicker than average, a little over six inches long and I couldn't help myself. I moved my head closer and took the head his cock in my mouth, flicking my tongue around his glans. Cupping his balls with my free hand I sucked his cock with a passion, taking him deep into my mouth with each stroke.

I continued to bob on his cock for several minutes until I felt he was on the edge then rose and led him back to the shower. He lathered me with body wash and I turned my back to him. He caressed his hands down my back, over my ass then reached around and ran his hands up my front, pulling me closer to him. I could feel his still firm cock pressing between my ass cheeks while his hands roamed up my body and back down to between my legs where he fondled me like someone that knew what he was doing.

I leaned forward, one hand on the wall for support, the other reaching back between my legs to rub his cock. I wanted him inside of me. He got the hint and pressed the head of his cock against me, slowly pushing just the head inside me. He half withdrew, then pressed forward again slowly, slowly, sliding deeper and deeper until I could feel his balls pressed against me. He held my hips as he began to fuck me, slowly at first then gradually faster until he was slapping against my ass with each frenetic stroke. I groaned with pleasure at the feeling of him deep inside me. I was touching myself, bringing myself close to orgasm then reached back further and cradled his balls as he pounded into me. I felt him tense as he reached his peak and exploded into me filling me with his hot cum and I shuddered as I too orgasmed.