Written by lemonhoney


You are a 'pleasure virgin'.

We decide to meet, and that you will wear your business suit, similar to the one in the pic you sent me. I'm dressed in a slinky black dress with nipples just concealed, high heeled shoes and stockings if you like them, or bare legs if that turns you on more

I lead you into my living room by pulling gently at your tie and push you gently back onto the sofa or an armchair...yes an armchair.

your legs are extended and i straddle them, and lean into you to brush my lips lightly across yours. My breasts are almost spilling out of my dress. I stroke your crotch with my fingertips, lingering a little at the tip of your now hardening cock. you want to finger me, but i catch your arm, and redirect it to my nipple, just inside my dress, and lower myself over you until my thighs are touching yours and my panties rub on your crotch. your cock is now very hard and feeling this I stand again and undo your belt and buttons/zip. I run two fingers around your waist, just under the elastic of your underpants. You can no longer resist fingering me and i let you, knowing i'm wet wet wet. you finger me hard as I bend down and take your cock lightly between my warm red lips, and flick it gently with my tongue. I want to remove your trousers and underpants completely and as I tug at them suggestively you raise your hips, your cock waving in the air, hard and fat and ready. I take your arm and withdraw you from your nice fingering game and hand you a condom which you rip from the packet. I take it from you and roll it slowly onto you, and then finger myself and thrust my juicy fingers in your mouth, as I lower myself onto your cock, and slide onto it very very very slowly so that i can feel every mm of you going into me, and then when you are in me to the hilt, grind you, bite you lightly on the neck and then kiss you passionately as you rock on to a very explosive orgasm.

and that's just the warmer...