Written by Englishotdog


I will try and keep this short but this is a true story that happened when i was 19 and stationed at a base not too far from home in the north of England. I was being messed around my a girl on and off she was interested then she was not, after about 6 months of being messed about I did something i had never done before which was to look on contact sites online - like most 19 year olds i had a thing for the older lady, well not necessarily old but the more refined and classy looking MILF.

One advert caught my eye, took me a few days to write to the lady in question but she had a few things she was interested in and was not after anything too heavy. just some fun whilst her husband was away on business

I emailed her, and she replied.. after several emails back and fourth she said she wanted to meet with someone younger and she seemed even more interested knowing I was a man in uniform, We spoke several times on the phone then we were texting each other to the point things got very heated.

After about a month maybe bit longer we arranged to meet, somewhere i thought would be quiet however it was very busy It was a large Restaurant hotel carpark near where she lived on an A road and and not too far from my army base - I remember it very clear, I pulled up beside her, she got in my car, which was new at the time.. felt quite strange but we had an instant connection as soon as she sat in there. we had exchanged photos so we new what each other looked like.

We chatted for seemed ages but probably about 10 minutes, and she said - lets see how horny you are then. I unzipped and was hard immediately her hand reached across and felt me cock.. amazing feeling of her hand then she leaned over and sucked me.. being 19 at the time this felt amazing, some one who was obviously experienced and enjoyed doing it did'nt take me too long to cum - whilst she was doing this to me i reached down the back of her knickers to feel around her pussy, i remember it being very wet, and due to being in a car in a carpark i was rubbing her juices around and touching her bum. kinda weird but very horny.

Her phone started ringing and she seemed flustered.. to this day I believe it was her husband so left but we said we need to meet up again to finish where we left off.

Few more weeks passed with horny texts floating back and fourth, then she arranged another meeting I drove to hers, but she told me to park offstreet somewhere secluded and quiet.

I parked up outside round the corner and found her place- she greeted me at the door, I took my shoes off and she led me upstairs..

We went into a room and she kissed me.. i stripped down to nothing and she was touching my cock, she still had clothes on, she went out the room, came back in with 2 glasses of red wine and nothing on at all.. very hot.. my cock was solid we kissed more and layed on the bed, started sucking on her boobs as she mentioned she liked that, then she pushed my head down, to be greeted by one of the hottest looking pussys ever totally shaven and very wet, nice puffy lips either sides, i fingered her and then started to lick her pussy - she said no one had done that in a long time and she was enjoying it loads.

She tasted amazing, and i could have stayed there for longer but she beckoned me to come up, she took my cock in her mouth again, she enjoyed it and it felt good from where i was sat too, she was touching her pussy at the same time, seeing that alone nearly made me cum, i could still taste her pussy in my mouth and wanted more, she wanted to see me cum so she sucked me until i was near and i cum so she could watch..

was hard with in minutes after more of her attention and she wanted me on top of her..she told me the next load was to be in her and then I could leave her with a smile on her face

we had so many other things we wanted to do and try out. we carried on texting and emailing but then it all stopped as I guess her husband been away was a one off and she took advantage of that.

I've written this story as its i still a very horny and good memory and I enjoyed the experience she gave me of having sex with an older sexy married woman.