Written by BSR


My husband and i had been discussing adding spice to our marriage for over two years and when it finally happened i only wished I had started earlier.

We were attending a party of our dear friends of 10 years, Jon was looking forward to catching up with some old friends that we had not seen in ages, i on the other hand could take or leave some of the attendees as i knew them to be very snobby.

Jon was adamant that i dress smartly so as to present ourselves on an equal footing with the “snobby ones”

I’m 46 years old 5”6 Blonde green eyes with a figure that i have worked really hard to maintain over the years, my butt is firm and my boobs are thanks to the surgeon’s knife like a 16 year old.

This afternoon i decided to take particular attention to my presentation, i had taken a run in the morning and then went to the hair dressers after lunch.

I had the hair looking smart so rather than mess this up in the shower i ran a bath.

I soaked in the warm water with a glass of wine that felt like it was immediately hitting the spot, probably because i had very little to eat that day.

I started shaving my legs then took particular attention to my pussy making me tingle all over.I slipped the handle of my vibrating razor into my pussy and fingered my clitoris as the warmth of the bath and the taste of the wine enveloped my being.

Time seemed to dwindle away and before i knew it i realised that Jon would be home within the hour.

I picked out a number of dresses but finally decided to wait for Jon to make the final decision and what i should wear.

Jon arrived to find me wandering around our lounge naked with a glass of wine (my third) and he knew immediately that I was in a mischievous mood.

We headed to the bedroom and i demonstrated a number of different outfits till he finally decided on a black knee length dress that left very little to the imagination, Jon remarked that the VPL had to go and given the mood i was in thought what a wonderful idea so off came the panties.

I could tell by the bulge that had developed in his trousers that this action was to his liking and questioned whether i should remove my bra as well, surprisingly he said no, my tit’s look fantastic creeping over the top of my dress.

While i continue to add the finishing touches i watched as Jon undressed for the shower and an over whelming desire to have his cock inside me only frustrated me further as i knew we were running behind time and in the back of my mind i was looking forward to a teasing evening.

We arrived about an hour into the evening and i had after about 15 minutes my fair share of air kisses and pleasantries to last a life time, i could tell that Jon could read my mind and whispered in my air to cheer up and try to enjoy myself.

I had to admit to my share of male admirers but equally i could sense that there glances in my direction were being very quickly cooled by the ever present wives.

After a couple more glasses of wine i could tell that i had developed quite a spark and was pleasantly greeted by another woman about the same age as myself, she introduced herself as Stephanie and that she was a friend of the host’s.

Stephanie told me how she had been on her own for about three years and she was enjoying the freedom, she was only at this party because another social get together that she was heading to later never really started to be fun until the later hours.

She really was a breath of fresh air and when 11.00pm came by and she said that she was about to go i was genuinely disappointed so when she suggested that i joined her i jumped at the opportunity.

I wandered around the house looking for Jon and finally caught up with and told him that i wanted to leave with Stephanie to attend this other party, he was none to pleased and suggested that we hold on for another 30 minutes and he would drive us all to the other party.

Stephanie said that she had arranged a taxi already and i further added that they were all his friends and that leaving so early might be a bit rude so in the end he agreed to let us go and that he would leave around 12.00am to join us.

I gave his a kiss goodbye and headed out the door with Stephanie to a waiting taxi, we both had a few wines on board and had the giggles so were in a pretty good frame of mind.

We climbed into the taxi and a chap in his late fifties asked us what address we were heading to.

We could tell by the look on his face that he was pretty impressed with his fare and i noted that there were quite a few glances in the rear view mirror, Stephanie noticed the same and whispered into my air how about some fun to which i gave an affirmative grin and with that action Stephanie pulled my lips to her and kissed me with a passion that i had not experienced for a long time let alone with another woman, my god it felt so good.

We continued this period of intimate kissing all the time watching the drivers eyes widening as he observed our behaviour.

Stephanie was clearly more experienced in the arms of another woman and i felt her confidence grow as her hand crept up the front of my skirt and her fingers brushed over my hungry pussy to which she let out a loud moan of delight and exclaimed how wet i was.

Well between the taxi drivers surprise and my shock you could cut the sexual tension in the cab with a knife, fortunately our trip was coming to an end and we had arrived at our destination.

We paid the fare and headed up the driveway to the sounds of a party that was really going off.

The house seemed to filled from one end of the other with people that i had never met but again Stephanie took the lead and introduced me to a number of her friends and another glass of wine.

Two attractive single woman arriving at this hour to a party are an attraction like honey to the bees and it wasn’t long before we had our fair share of male attention.

With quite a few wines consumed i was floating and this was picked up by chaps that were giving us the verbal air bashing, this in turn bought a growing confidence for the men to test the boundaries of how far they could let there hands wander and it wasn’t long before my butt was getting a firm groping to which i put up no resistance.

The room was full and bodies were pressed together and as the opportunity arouse i left my self relax and enjoy the male attention to which i responded by allowing my hand to wander freely toward the front trousers of two chaps that were giving me the most attention.

I allowed myself to feel the bulges in there pants and with the knowledge of what was concealed behind a thin layer of fabric caused a shiver to run throughout my body, i felt like a bitch in heat.

This wanton groping continued until out of the corner of my eye i spotted my husband who had a look that told me that he was non to pleased for the second time that night of my actions.

I excused myself from the guys ignoring there protest’s but assuring them that i would try to return.

I caught up to Jon and he really was pissed off to which i responded what was his problem, he said i behaving like a slut, well wasn’t that what he had been suggesting over the past few years.

He wanted to go home but i didn’t and we started to argue, finally he turned and said that i was just a tease and if push came to shove i wouldn’t have the guts to go with another man.

It had to be the booze because i turned on my heels and headed back to my welcoming group of males.

They enquired as to who i was talking to, to which i replied nobody in particular noting out of the corner of my eye Jon glaring in my direction.

The same to chaps continued to lavish the attention my way, they were both in there forties and both were single and clearly out for a good time.

After about 20 minutes and another glass of wine i had lost sight of Stephanie and could only see glimpse's of Jon over a crowded room my hand was taken and i was being lead to another part of the house, i put up no resistance to this action and was soon in a dimly lit room with two men that i had only known for an hour.

The chatter of the two quickly took the lead and was french kissing me like no other man had done for as many years as i could remember, at first this felt amazing then i realised what might happen and started to protest and mentioned that the man that i had been talking to was in fact my husband to which they replied that had i been there wife they would never had let me get this far,they had a point but still on the other side of the wall was my husband and i wasn’t sure if i was ready to take this next step.

The same man continued to kiss my neck and was moving his hand up the front of my dress between my legs, i knew that if he discovered my bare pussy then the message would be sent that i was up for a good time.

While i was trying to concentrate on the man in front of me out of the corner of my eye i saw that the quieter of the two had unzipped his fly and had brought out a monster cock that he was stroking as he watched his mate.

I felt a hand now prodding at the folds of my pussy and an audible response of delight from the “chatter box” man that i had no panties on and my pussy was very wet, to this the quieter of the two tapped his mate on the shoulder and demanded that he have a play with me and he then step in front and with this action he quickly hiked up my dress.

Here i was with my dress up around my waist and a strange man in front of me with his cock up now at full erection trying to spread my legs, i felt powerless because the truth be known that when i laid my eyes on this strangers cock i craved the thought of it in my pussy.

I felt my legs spreading and the head of this cock was at the entrance of my pussy, the first strange cock to ever be there throughout my married life, i faintly whispered no to the stranger but in my mind i was screaming fuck me,fuck me, then i felt this lovely big cock thrusting into me with an urgency, knowing that at any minute someone could walk into the room, i was oblivious to all else around me and wrapped my legs around this strangers back as his monster cock stretched and filled my hungry pussy, i wanted to scream with lust but instead held my breath as he carried me to a nearby bed and laid me down all the time with his glorious cock stuffed firmly inside me.

Once on the bed he started to rhythmically stroke his thick cock inside my pussy and i felt wave after wave of orgasms wrack my being, my god it felt so good, i could feel as his body start to tense and i urged him not to come in me but he was deaf to my pleas and unloaded his come into my wanton pussy.

He pulled out of me and as i lay on the bed with my legs splayed with come dripping from my pussy suddenly the door opened and a ray of light came into the room, a voice spoke out calling my name, it was Stephanie and i quickly pulled my dress down,she said Jon was looking for me and was really pissed off, i jumped off the bed amidst the protests from the second chap but knew i had to get out there and then.

Stephanie shot me a second glance as i stepped into the hallway and i asked how did i look to which she replied like a woman that had been well serviced, i felt myself blush but i felt so good that i was not going to excuse myself for enjoying once of the most memorable fucks that i have ever experienced.

I finally caught up with Jon and yes he was not happy but i took his hand a said that i wanted to head home, he asked where had i been and what had i been doing to which i replied...just fucking around with a few of the men, he gave me a questionable look and then we were off