My ex came back for a quick break from work. He's finished his orientation.

He called and he wanted to meet up and if I will still be cool to meet.

I still have very strong feelings for him so I agreed and we met for lunch today. It was very nice and sunny. After lunch he asked if it is okay if we have sex even though we've broken up. I gladly said yes. And we started kissing in his my car at the parking area.

We quickly drove back to our place. I texted my husband that he and I will be having sex at the house. He then said if he can come home and watch or join. I told him you can watch from the outside of the house because I want this to be just the both of us.

Upon arriving home, we could not wait and we just undressed and the living room and I pushed him on the sofa and I went down on him. I went all out, I swallowed his balls while stroking his cock. Then he pulled me up to mount him. I quickly got on top of him and fucked him as deep as I can.

Then, he pulled my hips to him for doggy style and he ducked me in the arse. Then he alternately puts it in my arse and vag.

Then he carried me to the dining table and fucked me hard on the table. He then carried me to our bed. As we were having sex, I told him I miss him and I still love him.

He then grabbed my hair and pulled it while kissing me, then made me say. "I love him more than my husband" I shouted it. Then he said do you want me to make you pregnant?

I begged, yes please. As I moan like crazy. Then his phase hastened as he was about to cum. I asked him come in me.

Then he let a moan of satisfaction as his clock pulse away in me pumping his sperm in me. Then he played on the bed after cumming and I went down on him with to clean him up.

Then he said. I'd like you to fuck my friends again. And I replied yes I would love to.

So tomorrow 3rd May. I am going to be fucking 5 guys + my ex.

I will post the kiss and tell them.

I'm just so happy I had time with him for today.