Written by wetpanties4u


A nice sunny Friday night and I got all dressed up for a walk just to see who would pick me up, so high boots, stockings, mini skirt, lace panties, bra, nice top with all the makeup and wig and I am set to go, just on dusk. I was walking in the park when I spotted a couple comming my way they walked up to me and asked where they could find a bar as they had just come into town, when I told them they were both shocked I was male, we talked for a while and the were asking me if I meet many guys etc, then they said they had always want to have a 3 some but were a bit shy, then they asked if I wanted to come back to there motel and have a drink with them, YES YES YES we had a couple of drinks and Lyn went into the bedroom and come back out in a stunning slik very short nitie no panties, tanned, shaven, and looked great,she sat between Steve and I and we started I was licking her Steve as sucking her nipples and she was getting hot and wet,Lyn and I then stripped Steve down, taking turn sucking and licking him, every so often we would stop and have a drink and start again, Steve was fucking Lyn and shot his load, Lyn then sat over my face opened her pussy and gave me a mouth full of used cum and then she started kissing me and swapping cum, we all lay back having a drink for a while, Lyn and I sitting between Steves legs and we were dipping his soft cock into our wine and giving his cock a suck to get our drink, and it did not take long before he was had again and Lyn then wanted to watch Steve fuck me, It was a great night and two very nice people that want to spice up their life they said they have had more fun with sex now than ever before (got to find out if they have found new ways lol , I have been talking to them again and we are going to meet at their place when I go to Dunedin next.

I would like to find a couple down in Invers that would like some fun with a cd.

Love Kim