Written by SocialFun


We went down the lift to the hotel lobby and went to the bar to check out the bar and menu.

It was quite cosy and we could sit and talk.

We sat and chatted feeling the tension build not knowing what may unfold.

You had on a short skirt, and long boots with a new top that showed off enough cleavage to excite all.

I sat there thinking I was so glad we had met and what a privileged guy I am.

Noticing the odd glance as people passed by, not only from the guys but their lady's as well.

I went to the bar to get us another drink, while I was standing there a mid 40 something lady stood alongside me.

I noticed she looked and sounded a little nervous. Striking up a conversation with her I pointed over to where you were sitting and said we were from out of town.

She said her name was Cary and she was waiting for someone.

Hey come join us I suggested.... looking over to you.

She actually looked relieved to not be standing at the bar.

She sat next to you and you both started chatting.

It turned out she had been separated for 12 months and had recently gone onto FindSomeOne.... we both chuckled and u told her that was how we had met.

Cary said oh my god there is hope.

You quizzed her on what she was looking for and you both swapped stories about online dating and the joys of going through the process.

I sat there, listened and made the odd comment sticking up for the male species.

Cary was rather hot.... very bubbly, nice body and a big smile.

We had been chatting with her for over an hour, Cary said well, looks like my date has stood me up. ... bummer.

Explaining her kids had been shipped out to a friends place for the night she was not happy about going home..... well why don't I grab a couple of bottles of wine and u both go back up to our room with twinkle in my eye.

She hesitated and u said come on the night is young.

Ok she nervously agreed.

Off to the wholesalers I went choosing wine in double time.

When I walked back into the room the vibes had changed. You had obviously had a chat with her and told her we love to play.

You had pulled your boots off and was looking relaxed with your top buttons undone.

I poured us all a wine and flopped down on the couch.

Well Jono, you said, Cary has not had any fun for sometime what do you think? Not giving me time to answer you stood up, grabbed her hands pulling her up off the couch.

Pulling your top over your head you did the same to her.

Ohhhhh fuck I thought, you then both moved over to me, you did the same to me pulling me up off the couch.

You then unbuckled my belt and yanked it out with an exaggerated tug and then undid the top button of my jeans, unzipped my fly and with expert motion scooped my cock out from my boxers.

Looking at my cock you lent forward and licked the pre cum that was weeping down my head.

You stood up, with the palm of your hand pushed me back onto the bed.

Removing my jeans and then with my cock in your hand you said to Cary here you go all yours for the night.

She did not need any encouragement as she knelt on the bed starting to lick my balls commenting on the fact I had had a man scape and that she loved the smoothness of my balls.

Sucking them into her mouth and then licking the base of my shaft stoking me up and down

I was moaning as you un clipped your bra and straddled me so I could suck your nipples as you watched her closely sucking on my cock giving her suggestions.

With two hands I reached behind you expecting to find nickers under your skirt, I felt your butt and thought I had missed your G String but it was not there, unbeknownst to me you had gone out without nickers haaaa I thought.

As Cary was working magic on my cock you lent forward undoing her bra, I looked up to see you locked in a passionate kiss with her, I nearly shot my load right then.

You both broke away and returned attention to my cock, with that you then murmured he loves me to deep throat him, opening wide my cock disappeared down your throat.... oh my god I was in heaven.

Cary said I have never been able to do that, here I will show you how you breathed and with that you gave her instructions.

It was getting all too much for me and I was clearly going to blow, with my mounting groans you held my cock for her as I shot my load in her mouth, with my cum running down her chin you lent forward again and licked it up and plunged your tongue down her throat savouring the taste.

Holy shit I cried that was fucking fantastic.

With that you both flopped back on the bed lying there with both your tits in full view.

Jono has the most amazing tongue you exclaimed..... would you like to try you asked. Shit yeah Cary said.

I rolled over and unzipped her jeans, undid her belt then lifting her hips I slid them down.

Grabbing her nickers they gave little resistance as I threw them on the floor. I looked up to see Cary tweaking your nipples, needing no encouragement I started to work my way down from her nipples drawing a line with my tongue down the middle of her stomach.

Slowly I started to do what I do best, flicking my tongue around her clit and parting her lips with my forefinger she started to moan, increasing the pressure as she got hotter.

I looked up and you had straddled her face and Cary was lapping and slurping at your pussy, I moved enough so I could tell Cary to slide a finger into you and lick at the same time.

Leaning down you grabbed a handful of my hair as the moaning started to increase, I could not believe my luck two woman about to orgasm, knowing the signs I continued with Cary timing it so you both were going down the runway together, it was building, louder and louder both panting as you got closer.

Then it began as you both cried out convulsing with wave after wave, when you both could no longer take anymore you fell away.

I stood up holding my now hard cock thinking what shall I do with this, leaning over you guided me into her pussy, she was wet and wanted it all, grinding into her and then slapping hard I could hear my balls smacking against her.

Rolling her on top of me I lay there as she bounced and ground creating another orgasm as you sucked her nipples.

Get her on her knees you cried out and mount her.

Rolling her onto her knees I positioned myself behind her thrusting my cock in and then getting my legs up over her hips I started to bang her hard, looking over I saw you had big Red out and were getting ready for your next orgasm as Red thrust deep into you.

You were moaning....... Cary was grunting as I pumped as hard and fast as I could....... with all the noise I let go again and collapsed in a heap heap beside you both.

Fuck me I said..... was it my birthday......