Written by Blue


It's finally Wednesday - you're coming to meet us - so looking forward to it - we've not even seen photos of you but you've made my short list simply by being so nice and sweet. You arrive at the arranged time - we know we only have - at maximum and hour and a quarter before you need to leave for your business meeting. We go out to meet you - my partner hangs back - I greet you with a hug and looking into your eyes kiss you - mmmmmmmmmmmm - yum. I grab the pre brewed fresh calming herb tea for you and grab your hand - walking in the middle of you and my partner - holding his hand too. We walk down the farm to my garden - talk flows - it's obvious we're all going to get on very well. You love what we've done in our bottom paddock with the gardens and campground. You pull me close to kiss and fondle me - my partner stands behind me - lifting my skirt and feeling me - he knows I'll be dripping - he also knows there will be no underwear in his way. As my partner fingers me I push my arse back - encouraging him - my breathing is getting more and more erratic - you're both making me boiling hot. This was meant to be just a meeting - but we all knew it could well turn into more. You' get my big tits out - and suckle firmly - you've loved them since 1st sighting a photo of them - ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. I kneel at your feet - begging you with my eyes to let me suck you - you oblige - I happily take your cock deeply - gagging every so often - you gently caress me whilst I lavish my attention on your cock. My partner is behind me - rubbing his cock over my cunt - teasing me - you're encouraging him to fuck me - you want to watch - you want to see his cock in action....

Oh god - time is up already and you have to go. We all are REALLY looking forward to your next visit - where you can explore your bi ideas.

AH - you've cancelled - we understand - our rule is 1st do no harm. You know where we are - if and when you ever change your mind - happy to help in any way - even just as a friend whom you have dirty kinky chats with - and then take that hornyness and energy and use it to fuck your wife - hard, deep and repeatedly. xo

Of course I'm tempted to say "your loss" - but I'm more classy than that - just please don't muck anyone else around like that - it's not a good thing - you're either a player or a chatter - make sure you know what it is you are and be honest with yourself - and others.