Written by curious-lee


SO near and yet so far for me. It was my birthday and I had been all but begging for someone, a woman to satisfy my bi-curious side!

All evening I had been hanging around when suddenly it the early hours of the morning (no longer my birthday but.....!) an old kiwiswinger friend appeared on line!

Even better than that she was literally 5 mins away and wanted to meet me!

I thought all my wishes had come true. I was nervous, uncertain, scared, excited and fucking horny!

It was a hot clear night and I had had a few to drink so couldn't drive. I wanted to do this without hubby (selfishly - but I needed to explore this on my own first).

We discussed a meeting plan - I needed to stay close to home incase hubby or kids woke! Lucky for me I have a 'baby-monitor' which I planned to take with me. I am lucky to live next to a park.

We talked about meeting up on a wooden 'playfort' under the stars, semi-hidden yet out in the wide open.

I needed to pee - like to piss when I am horny - told her that. She wanted to see me

I wanted to stand infront of her and piss on the grass in the park.....

We both were very aroused and I wanted to cum just chatting to her about it. I thought I would be like some 16yo schoolboy and cum in my panties at the first brush of he lips on my pert and firm nipples......

I so wanted to feel her breasts - the rise and fall of her breathing, her hot breath on my neck

I wanted to rub her crutch through her pants until I could feel the moisture

I wanted to explore her body from head to ankles with my fingers and tongue

She wanted to taste my juice and suck my breasts

It was so nearly there.......and my computer crashed!

I hoped I could restart it in time and that she didn't think I had just left.

I was finally able to reconnect only to find she had gone.....I sent her a message with my cellphone

I waited outside for a while = checking on line to see if she had returned

sadly - my moment was gone

thinking of it again just gets me moist and ready to cum so I will now go and play alone but will be thinking of what might have been - and hope that oneday it will become a reality............