Written by MMF


We had been together for nearly 20 years and I was quite happy with the way our marriage was going, but I was aware that Adam was not satisfied with our sex life.

Adam has had an adventurous past sexually and I hadn't. I am also at that change of life period that all women reach and it is a strange time. My body just does not react as it used to. Still some supplements and a relaxing lifestyle is helping. My figure is still great with a very sexy hourglass shape, well thats what Adam says...

It was Adams 50th birthday (he looks like he is in his early 40's) and as a surprise I decided to dress up in costume, long sexy black boots, a mask and a sexy black corset. I made Adam strip off and sat him in a chair so he could have his Madam Lash experience. A little minor whipping and we followed this with some really great sex.

I should add that orgasms for me are very easy and I am blessed with a capable lover that gives me all I need.

But, after that night I felt things begin to change. I realised I could get into character and the experience was definitely enhanced. It's great fun roleplaying and I must admit the look on Adam's face when I allowed him to look at me was priceless. He looked stunned, and I admit I was very pleased with the outfit. Definitely my sexiest ever. It made for some really, good sex. The wig and the boots made all the difference.

His wish for his birthday was a threesome with me and another guy. This was something, prior to Madam Lash I just did not want. But, the outfit got me thinking. You know how it is, when you go to a fancy dress party its always better, especially if everyone stays in character. Well I really liked Madam Lash .

So maybe I could step things up a bit. Adam had asked me to let him take photos of me in my outfit. I said yes but only if they were just for him. Secretly I knew he would be sharing them on the web on one of the websites he belongs to. I just did not want to know about it.

When we were travelling he joined Kiwiswingers and setup a profile. He described us as a couple and explained that I was looking for some new experiences. I am not into women so that only leaves one path.

My webname is Christine and I have a feeling he has some photos posted of me, although I am not sure.

So I logged in while he was working and had a look. Sure enough there they were, and they were quite sexy even if I do say so myself. What surprised me was the number of emails we had from men of all ages and some couples. They really liked the photos.

So I checked the recent emails. There was an invitation from a guy named Pete who lives in Wellington to look at his private albums. So I clicked on the link. Bloody hell, nice body, and a huge thick cock. Crikey, that would fill a girl up.

Adam had been acting as me on the site, telling the ones that he thought would not suit , no thanks, and those that could be interesting, some details. His last email to Pete was in reply to his request to meet for a coffee. Adam had just asked Pete (as me) “Do you like being blindfolded?” It was his way of keeping the contacts going while I “came around” to his way of thinking

Cheeky, mind you I probably would have asked the same thing, and its got me thinking as well.....

His profile looked interesting, probably married, but he is coming to Auckland on the 15th of December. Hmmm, maybe..... and the body was just great....

I wonder if its time to see if I can find out what this scene is really like.

So I emailed him back and arranged a time to meet. He was only coming up for the day but I got him to stay a bit later. A quick check on the net and I found a good hotel, nice and anonymous and I let Pete know the details and the time. 9.00pm, 15th December, now what do I tell Adam?

I told him we were going out on a sexy date and that we would be staying the night somewhere nice in the city. I also told him that we would be going at separate times as I wanted to prepare myself for him.

He was given instructions to arrive at 8.30 and be prepared for a surprise.

I did let him take some photos of me in the outfit again, promising not to let anyone see them, but I knew.......

Sure enough when I checked the next day, he had opened up a private album and allowed Pete access to it. I think he liked them.

So roll on the 15th.

I packed a bag with all my toys, lubes and the outfit and even some condoms. We have had sex with condoms occasionally before when we are roleplaying but I find them annoying after a while. Still it pays to be safe, until I find out more about Pete.

The room was great, Adam had dropped me off at 7.00pm with some champagne and sushi and left me to return later.

Time to get ready, I jumped in the shower and freshened up , playing with my tits got me horny so I left the shower and stretched out on the bed to ease the tension. Plenty of lube and the green dildo and I felt much better. Adam had left me with the pipe, so I had a quick toke to relax me, and started getting dressed.

I must admit in the full outfit with the wig and the mask, I felt fantastic and like another woman.

Adam arrived at 8.30 with another bag and a huge smile on his face when I opened the door. I unzipped him and proceeded to give him my famous blowjob. I had handcuffed his hands behind his back so he could not touch me. I was the one in control tonight. It didn't take long and he exploded in my mouth. The fact that I had briefed Adam on what was going to happen tonight might also have had something to do with his rapid orgasm.

To get him hard again I laid back on the bed and let him finger fuck me to some very good orgasms. That man has magic fingers.

Then there was a knock on the door. I made Adam answer it and take a blindfold with him. They said hello and Pete came in while I hid out of sight in the bathroom.

He sat on a chair as instructed, Adam dimmed the lights and went to play with his video cameras. It only seemed fair to let him record the session as it may never happen again.

I walked out of the bathroom behind Pete and reached over his back and started to undo his shirt. Great body. He slipped off his shirt and I handcuffed his hands behind his back. Out came the lash and I gently stimulated his nipples as I had done with Adam a few weeks ago. He liked it and I could see the bulge in his pants grow.

Time to get them off. Shoes, socks, (can't understand why people wear their socks in bed) and down came his jeans, after I had eased them over the huge bulge of course.

The off came his jockeys. Nice jockeys mean a lot to a woman, though it probably means he is married.

His cock stuck straight out from his thighs and I reached down with my gloved hands and grasped him. He jumped and shifted his hips forward and parted his legs. I knelt in front of him and leaned forward and licked the end of that magnificent cock. More jumping, this guy was wired.

Slowly leaning forward I took the head into my mouth and ran my tongue around the top. He moaned, always a good sign …....

Then I slid him deeper into my throat. He was so big I could only get about half in, but my hands took care of the rest. He was ready to blow, but I needed him inside me.

Still some safety questions first. He admitted he was married and the marriage had stalled sexually. This was his way of not straying and it was his first time. The logic seemed a little off but I could see his point. It was my first time as well.

So I uncuffed him and led him to the bed, lying him on his back. Now he could feel any part of me that he wanted, but I was in control. I was already very wet and well lubricated so the next part was obvious.

The boots had to be unzipped as I could not bend my legs very well. Still halfway down is still good. I climbed on top, grabbed his hands, leant forward pinning him and then I kissed him on the mouth. It was a very long and deep kiss, great tongue and he smelt great. I could feel his cock twitching between my legs, and I reached behind me to slide the tip inside me.

Immediately he thrust his hips up as he tried to get deeper inside me, but I was ready for him and only let him have a little. This was my show and my rules.

Adam meanwhile was watching from behind the lens of the video camera. I asked him if he was enjoying the show. Silly question really.

Gently rocking backwards and forwards I eased a little more of Pete inside me. It took me only seconds to cum and he could feel my contractions on the end of his dick. He, in a surprised voice asked me if I had just cum.

“Yep” I said and here is another as a huge orgasm rocked my body. My hand was very busy between my legs rubbing my clit.

This was amazing. The intensity of the sex was a lot more than when just Adam and I are fooling around.

I told Pete to sit back and relax and enjoy the ride. This was a big cock and I needed time to loosen up a bit before I got him completely inside me.

Still, there is nothing like the sensation of a completely filled pussy. I was ready to take him all. A deep breath, tighten my pussy muscles and he slid inside me, right down to his balls. Fuck, that felt good.

It does not always happen but today was one of those days. I started cuming as soon as I filled up and kept cuming and cuming. This was intense. My whole body shook and a long groan escaped my lips. Which is kind of strange as I am normally really quiet.

I leant forward again and kissed him as I continued to cume, asking him if he was liking it so far. All he could say was “fuck, fuck, fuck.........”

Then I felt him start to rise up under me, all the girls know this is the time the men get ready to blow, a bit early I thought but then again I am sure he will be good to go again. I put his hands on my nipples and asked him to squeeze gently while my own pulled yet another great orgasm from the deeps.

That orgasm was all too much for Pete and he let go a huge groan and started spurting inside me, thrusting his hips up again and again.

He must have shot about 5 spurts deep inside me, while I held on to the bullride. He kept thrusting past his orgasm as I could feel him continue to spasm inside me.... then he relaxed.

Leaning forward again I kissed him very deeply and said “Thanks, that was great” and rolled off.

Adam had been watching all this time and I could see from the bulge in his jeans that he was ready as well. I knelt on the bed on my knees and said, “Want a look”

Adam came over and reached between my legs sliding his fingers inside me and pulling them out covered in cum.

“What happened to using a condom” he said.

“Whoops, I got a bit distracted, sorry about that, still thats what you have always wanted, sloppy seconds”. I replied.

Pete meanwhile had sat up, and pulled of his blindfold. I turned and looked at him, and said

“Like what you see?”

“Fuck yes, I will be hard again in seconds with you looking like that.” he stuttered.

“Do you mind if I let my husband fuck me now?”

“Not at all, I will get a drink and catch my breath.”

Adam meanhile had dropped his clothes in a flash and stood at the end of the bed. “Backup a bit...” he said.

Okay, but I want you to fuck me deeply, I need some more cock and I want some more orgasms”

He rubbed the head of his dick on the outside of my pussy getting covered in Pete's cum, then plunged straight in as deep as he could.

Not as deep as Pete but damn good all the same. That set my hand off again and a huge orgasm shook my body within seconds.

This was what Adam had been after for years and years. Seconds. He held onto my hips and proceeded to fuck the living daylights out of me. It was fantastic. I just could not stop cumming.

Pete meanwhile had caught his breath and came over to the side of the bed closest to my head. Hmm two at once, always wondered what that would be like. I wiped him clean with the babywipes and slid his dick inside my mouth. This was not the easiest thing to do while being pounded from behind so I asked Adam to slow down, this he did for about 30 seconds and then cried out, its no good I am just too turned on, I have to cum, do you want some more?

Silly question, his grip on my hips got firmer and I could feel him swell up, at almost the same time I could feel Pete getting close and I could taste cum on my lips. Adam let out a roar and blasted inside me, one of his biggest ever and all I could think about was the slap slap of the combined juices as he squelched another load deep inside me.

Pete meanwhile, as hard as a rock had moved behind me, and as soon as Adam pulled out slid right in. Man if I thought I was getting a pounding from Adam, it was nothing compared to what Pete was about to do.

The two men are about the same size, although Pete is a heavier build. I wanted that body on top of me and I rolled over. He pulled me to the bottom of the bed and grabbed the high heels of my boots.

I was twitching with anticipation, and asked him to wait for just a second. Reaching between my legs I grabbed a scoop of cum and vigorously rubbed it into my clit.

“Put just the head of your dick inside me, please, I need to cum again.”

Ever the obedient one, Pete followed orders and put the huge end of his magnificient dick just inside me. Adam meanwhile had grabbed the camera and was filming a closeup of my orgasm. My hand was strangely enough just gently cicrling my clit when it hit. It started at my toes as they vibrated, my hips went wild pushing up against Pete's dick hitting my G spot , my nipples were on fire and my whole body was shaking, all I could do was moan, “fuck me, fuck me, fuck me” as a simply outstanding orgasm left me in complete jelly.

Pete had been watching all of this, and then reached up and grabbed the pillows. He effortlessly lifted my hips and positioned the pillows with my hips in the air.

“So what would you like now” he said.

“Wait, wait, take off my boots and I will slip off the corset, I want skin on skin, I want to feel your hands on me.”

In seconds the boots were off and I was completely naked, except for the stockings and the wig.

“Still like what you see? “ I asked him as I pulled on the blindfold.

“You are without a doubt one of the most sexy women I have ever been inside. I love smaller breasts and your nipples are amazing” he said as he reached forward and rubbed them in small circles between his thumbs.

“Adam come over here and hold her leg up.”

With one of my legs held by my husband and the other by Pete that great dick and hunky man started to slowly fuck me, deeper and deeper with each stroke. I was so excited I did not even need to stimulate myself and started to cum almost immediately.

I could hear Adam say, “she does this a lot, its amazing to watch for the first time” as my legs shook in his hands. Pete moved out of me to reposition while Adam got closer.

I reached out for Adams butt cheeks and pulled him closer to me, He moved onto the bed and behind me while I tilted my head back and took him inside my mouth.

My legs were spread wide apart, my new lover was smoothly sliding in and out of me and Adam was being pulled deeper and deeper into my mouth as my hands dug into his butt cheeks. This was something quite exceptional. Orgasms continued to rock my body as Pete quickened his pace. I could not handle both of them for much longer, but Adam solved this problem by filling my throat with cum.

I spat it out of my mouth and it rolled down onto my breasts, coughing and laughing as Adam moved back to let Pete really get to work.

Pete leant forward and kissed me again, unlike before this time he was in charge and it was all I could do to contain him. My mouth sucked on his tongue and he thrust it into me at the same frequency as his cock pounded me.

The sweat and cum on my breasts mingled together and all I could hear was the slap slap again of my cum filled pussy and our sweat and cum covered bodies.

This could not last, my orgasm machine was in overdrive and I had lost count of how many times I had cum. Pete quickened his pace and I completely let go raising my hands over my head as I became a complete rag doll. I was being fucked to within an inch of my life, well thats what it felt like.

Pete leant in again, kissed me very deeply and said, “want some more, I am ready,” so that was all the incentive I needed. I started one final orgasm as I felt Pete's cum pulse out of his dick deep inside me. It was incredibly intense, a kiss combined with a mutual orgasm is something out of this world. I had been fucked beyond anything I had ever experienced, this was quite something.

A bit like the rest of the night really, but thats another story......