Written by wetpanties4u


I had a free night so I put on my going out gears, mini skirt, lace panties, bra, nice top, high boots with my makeup and wig ready to take a walk, this time I did not wear my stockings, and away to Turnbull Thomson park for a walk, it felt real nice the wind blowing my skirt up and over my legs. I noticed two girls about early 20s sitting on the fence having a smoke and talking so I just walked passed and said good day, they both were shocked I was male but come over and we talked, I told them I would sometime meet guys that wanted sucked and some wanted to fuck me, we talked about sex and what we liked doing most, one of the girls started feeling me up and they said they not lez but like getting licked out, I said I was only into guys but like licking pussy and making a girl cum at the same time I unbuttoned her jeans and took her panties down and at the same time the other girl dropped her pants, I was licking and sucking one and feeling the other one up, it did not take long and she cum then I started on the other one and made her cum, they both said it was a first time anybody in a dress had made them cum they then asked me if I wanted sucked and with a quick reply YES they took turns, it was a lot of fun and we said bye.

I walked back home and hope we will meet again, and it was as much fum as meeting a guy.