Written by anon


my first story was called fun.. this is part 2..

i was headin his way an we had already arranged a meetin.. this time in his work place.. he was closin up an told me it was a good place to come to.. so i headed there.. walked into his work place.. he told me to go into the little room out the bak.. i did.. he locked the door an followed me in.. i turned around an he had his hand on my hard cock. undoin my belt he dropped to his knees an pulled my trousers open, fished my hard cock out an started to suck it.. he sucked a good cock, deep throated me an took real pleasure in lickin an sucking my cock an balls.. he told me to turn around so he could see my ass, i did.. he grabbed hold of my cheeks an squeezed them apart, an ran his hot tongue over my asshole.. it felt so good. i been waiting for this for a long time, he continued to lick my asshole while rubbin my balls an strokin my cock... he then told me to sit on his face, again i did with my asshole right over his mouth, his tongue flicked round my tight little hole like the devil dancin round flames. i then proceded to undo his belt an pull out his fully erect cock, it looked like it needed sucked so i went to work on his cock while he continued to lick my hole.. he asked me to grab my ass cheeks an pull them apart so he could probe my asshole with his tongue.i did an his tongue entered my ass.. felt so good...we then changed positions again, this time i was standin with one leg on the bench top an my ass was well lubed up.. he entered a finger in to my ass... an asked if he could fuck my ass... i still was a bit nervous to take his big cock in my virgin ass, so i said not this time, he did not mind, he got behind my exposed asshole, an spat into it.. an inserted his tongue as deep as he could.. it was hot an wet, my balls were drippin with his saliva, it was so hot... he wanted my load.. i turned around an offered him my cock.. he took it.. deep throatin me, gaggin on it.. with a finger burried deep in my ass i could feel my climax buildin up.. he kept suckin my cock an pushin his finger as deep as he could into my asshole.. i could not hold bak any longer.. i was gonna explode, an his throat was waiting for my load... i came wickedly... biggest rush of my life... there possibly may be a part three.. watch this space