Written by anom


heres a little something something that happened one night..

i had organised a meet up with a guy not much older than me.. first time i had ever decided to do this,

i drove for a little to another town an had found a place for us to play.. waited for him an then saw his car lights approach.. double flashed lights at him an made him follow me..

we went down this wee dirt road an went to this spot i found earlier..

it was dark so we couldnt see each others face..

we both got out of our cars, he came over an started to rub my cock straight away. i followed suit an rubbed his cock thru his jeans, could feel his cock swelling while rubbing it.

he proceded to put his hand down my pants an rub my cock more, he then went down on his knees an took my now semi hard cock out an placed his lips right by the tip of my cock an started to lick it. then ran his tongue down the length of my cock to my balls, an licked them ... he then inserted my cock into his mouth, suckin it slowly, my cock was hard an ready to be licked an sucked real good, he didnt let me down.. he sucked my cock like there was no tomorrow.

he asked if i wanted to try sucking his cock. i said yes..

first time i have ever had a cock in my face this close. i opened my mouth, an started to suck his cock like i knew wat i was doing.. he asked if i was sure this was first time a cock has been in my mouth as he said i was pretty good at it...

he held my head an said to keep my head still as he wanted to fuck my mouth... an he fucked my mouth,

he then pulled out an told me to bend over bonnet of my car. i did wat he said. he pulled my pants down to my ankles, my ass staring right at him, he then parted my ass cheeks an started to lick my tight virgin asshole, first time a man has ever had his tongue in my ass, an it felt so good, i was stroking my cock as his tongue penetrated my ass,, he licked all around my hole, every now an then his tongue would go in my asshole, making me moan ..

he told me to hold my ass cheeks apart so he he lick deeper in my asshole..

i did.. he rubbed my balls an stroked my cock, i told him i was close to cumming, he said he wanted me to blow my load into his mouth,,, i turned around an let him finish me off, he let me fuck his mouth an i blew a big load into his mouth, he took it all,,, he let me wank him off, he shot his load, warm cum all over my hand.... .this was two years ago.. we have just arranged another meet,, looking forward to another session of a tongue in my ass, mite let him penetrate my tight virgin ass next time.....