The ride was short, but anticipation and excitement made it seem much longer before he pulled into the driveway and turned off the bike.

The back door was left open, and so he walked in to find her standing there with a cheeky grin on her face, as she walked up to him and without a word, resumed the kissing started at the café.

Unlike the cafe, this time there was no restraint and her hands grabbed his arse, ran through his hair, and lightly stroked his crotch, feeling his cock stiffening, and tight in his jeans. He struggled between his desire to touch her, wanting her pressed against him and his increasingly urgent need to get clothes off.

She pulled away and sat down coyly on the couch, as he finally dropped his jacket to the floor, and awkwardly pulled off his boots, his lust not helping the smoothness of the operation.

He needed to be free, so his jeans quickly joined the jacket on the floor. He had tried to choose the same underwear as his online photos, but the difference now was his cock was already pushing his jockeys rudely out of shape.

She just slowly unbuttoned her blouse in response, before her moved to join her, pulling her up from the couch, and holding her firmly against his body, letting his cock push against her tight jeans while kissing her deeply

The blouse came off quickly, and the undressing briefly stopped, while he took advantage to take a good feel of her silky black lingerie, and play with her breasts through the material.

It was not long however, until he pushed her down onto the couch running his hands along her legs and quickly pulled her 'fuck me' boots off, followed seconds later by her jeans, which came off with a few hard tugs and very sexy little bottom wiggle from her to help.

With just her one-piece lingerie left on, the touching immediately became more passionate and direct. Lots of lovely deep kissing, but with his hands and mouth moving to her breasts and feel her stiff little nipples which had escaped the deep cut top of her outfit.

Her hands had pulled his cock from his underwear, and with increasing firmness, she stroked his hard cock. During what seemed long a very long and breathless kissing session, his wandering hands found the little buttons in the crotch of her outfit, and he swiftly unsnapped them, to slide his fingers over and dipping into her wet, swollen and very warm little pussy.

Sensing this was getting a little out of hand for the lounge, she pushed him away, and lead him to the bedroom where she simply sat down and with just the expression on her face, invited him to continue.

He looked around the bedroom; bottled water, lube and condoms sitting on the bedside cabinet; she was certainly prepared if the lunch had gone well.

Taking the initiative, he pushed her backwards onto the bed, and continued his stroking her pussy, this time harder and faster with two, three fingers pushing their way into her pussy and back out and gliding with her slick juices over her clit

He enjoyed the sounds she was making and wanted to taste her, so leant over kissing her mouth, then breast and nipples, sucking them hard and seeing how she reacted with not only his mouth but his fingers working her pussy.

She knew what she wanted and he felt her hands on his head trying to push him down to her pussy. He teased for a while, concentrating on her breasts and back to her lips, before turning his attention to her sweet pussy. Initially kissing around her pussy, then kissing her swollen clit lightly before sinking his tongue deeply and firmly into her pussy, and out and along her soft lips and clit. He loved her taste, the shudders that ran through her body, her moans and rapid breathing.

He meant to tease her much longer, but could not help increase the pace of his fingers sliding in and pressing firmly on her pussy, while quickly flicking his tongue over her lips above, below and directly on her now very sensitive lips.

He did not know her body well enough to know how close to cumming she was, so he started to slow his movements, quietly grinning as he felt her frustration through her movements, as she tried to arch her pussy harder into his mouth and push down on his head.

He pulled back fully and tossing his t-shirt aside, and stood there showing his thick and rock hard cock. Before he could even think about what to explore next, she had scooted forward and took his cock deep into her mouth. He just stood there, loving her eagerness as she sucked, licked and pulled on his dick with hands and soft mouth.

Listening to her contented 'mmmhs' and hearing the sounds escaping from his own mouth unconsciously, he could barely contain himself as it had been a long time since he had experience pure joy of sex like this.

He had to pull back from her mouth and hands before he came in her mouth, though he suspected she might not have minded. She looked up at him, smiling her knowing grin, as she knew the effect she was having on this man who was literally weak at the knees already.

She took the chance to pull her lingerie off, while he grouped for a condom. This time each knew exactly the point of no return, as he pulled her to the edge of the bed, pushed her legs up to expose her glistening pink pussy, and started to tease momentarily with his fat cock head against her lips, before starting to slide his cock, into the tight but unbelievably soft wet pussy.

Who knows how long the deep, hard fucking went on, both lost in their own pleasure and that of their partner in crime, and moving their bodies to maximise the sensation. He was glad to have the slight loss of sensation from the condom, as he knew he could not last, not with the pleasure surging through his body.

Luckily she was just as horny and loved sex as much as he did, and he could feel her shuddering intensify and her moans escalate to a very loud climax in which he lost himself as he fucked deep and hard, feeling what felt like bucket loads of cum erupt deep insider her.

After what seemed like minutes, but was more like seconds, he moved with a slight stagger to the ensuite, with the relief coursing through his body, and quietly disposed of a rather full condom. By the time he re-joined her on the bed she was stretched out enjoying the afterglow and taking a sip of water from the bottle on the table.

He snuggled onto the bed beside her, still breathing heavily.

The best thing, was they still had the afternoon, in a warm room while the rain kicked in outside, to truly explore each other’s bodies and fantasies.