After another wintery blast, Friday finally brought a better day, crisp cool and blue skies.

The cafes around Devonport were busy with working people taking a long lunch, other were taking advantage of the school holiday break.

She was a Devonport local, sitting outside the cafe with sunglasses on. Slim, petite lady, mature, but knew the way younger guys looked at her she was very much a MILF

Quite conservatively dressed, with tight black jeans and boots showing off a tidy little arse, and nicely fitted blouse that had enough buttons undone to reveal a little of the black lingerie that was definitely not Nana-like.

She sipped on a drink and looks like a lovely respectable lady, but nobody at the cafe knew that the cute little smile on her face was due to her thinking about a recent threesome, smiling as the memories of sucking a rock hard thick cock while her pussy was being expertly licked and fingered.

He had just come from yet another long & boring meeting, who had left work telling his team he might be back later. Dressed in Friday causal, with Armani jeans & faded black t-shirt on, he pulls up on his sports bike, and steps off, removing the helmet to show short silver-grey hair, and peeling off a heavy, well-worn leather jacket

He does not look so much look like a professional, but with muscular shoulders, arms, and thighs obvious in his tight jeans and t-shirt he might as well be a metal worker like his father.

Surprisingly relaxed, he sits down casually across from her, orders a coffee and they smile and chat. Could well be just a couple of work colleagues catching up, but luckily the elderly couple sitting next to them could not overhear what they were talking about.

The conversation that quickly moved on from the weather to explicit details of their sexual preferences and likes. They good people at the café, might have been shocked to hear this sweet lady telling him she loved giving blowjobs, or him describing just how much he would like to touch her between her legs, bend her over and fuck her right there and then.

Both were hedonists at heart, so enjoyed the good food and coffee. During the conversation, both brushed hands gently against each other, he laying one hand lightly on her inner thigh and subtly stroking a little upwards.

Nobody at the busy cafe noticed, but she felt the warmth of his hand and the smell of his aftershave now a pleasant background smell hours after he got dressed thinking of his lunch date ahead.

With lunch well finished and verbal flirting turning increasingly to touching, they stood. She leaned into him and gave him a kiss, tentative at first, but passionate and firm, with tongues touching and bodies pressed against each other. She didn't say any more, but whispered an address and walked off to her car.

He just smiled to nobody in particular, thinking of what could be next, dropped some cash on the table, and pulled on his leather to follow her home.


Part one of two. Wrote this for a lady from KS, so based on fact but some details changed to avoid identifying people.