Written by xquisitefem


I had been on kiwi swingers for 1 day and got chatting to guy in_2_u he wanted me to use his name lol. Who lived close by. He sounded like a nice person and we ended our chat by him giving me his phone number. I texted him to say hi and then went off to bed. Now a women like me has needs and it had been awhile and in the middle of an unsatisfying patch so woke up the next day really horny. Tried a friend of mine who refused to drop everything and come over and help me out (his loss) and so found myself telling my new Kiwi swinger friend that I was really horny. He was happier to help out but we were lacking a venue and I was a little shy just to give myself to some complete stanger and so we met up at a bar which was local to both of us. I was half way through my first wine when he came in and feeling nervous. He walked in and was tall, he bought a drink and came and sat down. Then I noticed his big smile and cute dimples and the way he flirted with me. Have to admit I have a thing for tall men and then found myself looking at his feet, huge- what were the chances he was of a larger build everywhere. Found myself gazing at him with the sexual chemistry raising and the conversation dying. How about we go sit in your car I said. Sure he said.... we sculled our drinks and walked out and he had a van!(great luck I thought) The seats in the back already in a bed. I directed him to drive around the back to the car park which was nice and dark and resonably deserted.

I guess girls are taught to be nice and not make the advances but I told him to park- then moved the bench seat between us and kissed him. He tasted like breathe mints and his kiss throbbed right into my pussy clenching me tight. Lets get in the back I said- he didnt disagree. We jumped out and threw ourselves into the back and I pulled him to me- oblivious to whomever might be out in the car park. I was on a time schedule so I kissed him and felt up his arms and his back- I love the feel of a srong man. He grinded himself at me and touched my breast and I groaned. I took off his shirts and kissed his chest and his neck and put my hand onto the top of his jeans where I could feel him cock hard and long and straining to get inside of me. It felt every bit as great and large as I thought it might be and I thought it would feel great. I opened his pants and took it out the skin velvety and soft and put it in my willing mouth. He tasted wonderful and he groaned as I slid my mouth over it and as deep down my throat as I could manage. Still on a time frame he took my top off and my bra and suddenly my tits were free and his big hands were all over them. The van didnt have curtains and anyone waundering by would have seen two people going at eachother in a frenzy of clothes, limbs, breasts and cock. Eventually he was on top of me and lowering himself into me and I shuddered as I received him. He was large and long and so so hard that he filled me up and I arched my back up eagerly willing to take all of him..... well in summary the sex was great but we ran out of time and in reality it was more of an entree than a main. I went home with every part of me tingling and aroused just begging to be fucked hard and deep by him again. We met the next day as well and then he took me to the airport as I was going over seas for a few days. We had known each other for 18 hours when he decided to come join me in aussie .. that is a different story.