Written by StarAnise


This is a scenario about our second meeting that I teased my married lover with after our first meeting, He's a horny pervert in his own words and he lead me into thinking he was a respectable gentleman while we talked online for two weeks on NZ Dating. Then we meet and he's trying to get his tongue down my throat. I discovered pretty quickly he was after a sex meet not the relationship he'd stated.

So I spent the day with him, lying on the sand at Kinloch and talking about various things. He'd turn to me "can I kiss you?" eventually I succumbed and it was exciting to be kissing a practical stranger him on a busy beach. Then he wanted to slip his hand inside my swimsuit to massage my nipple, I let him do that too and though we're being discreet it's a thrill to think anyone can see if they'd only look. All this time he's casually asking me about my sexual fantasies and what turns me on in a casual conversational tone. Taking his lead I answer his questions and begin exploring his body in my own casual and innocent manner. He wants me to put my hand on his cock but that's hardly appropriate is it? I'm getting turned on, mostly at the thought of playing with this man in such an open area and not having to conform to the usual topics of conversation. I really am quite a dirty bitch, it's just been on hiatus for some time while I take care of everything else in my life. Welcome back!

Next we're in the water and his hands are all over me, I love nipple play and I'd have my swimsuit strap over my head giving him free access by this time if there weren't so many people on the beach. He's putting my hands down his pants and I'm enjoying what I'm feeling , this makes him groan and accuse me of not being able to keep my hands off his cock which clearly is a fantasy of his own and somewhat true, I love cock.

Back on the beach and warming up in the hot sun, he suggests going for 'a walk'. We've talked about going somewhere private and slipping out of what little clothes we're wearing and he's keen for me to suck his cock and wants to make me cum but I wasn't expecting this and have quite a hairy pussy at this stage which could have been on purpose to avoid this exact dilemma! I'm always excited to play in the sun though and when he suggested we find a place, I couldn't deny I was interested to see where this lead. So I climbed into his ute and off we went.

I found the spot, it was a DOC walkway down to the lake and was beautifully shady and cool but very open so we had to walk a bit further to find a grassy track that lead to an open area where we wouldn't be disturbed. True to his word, he is a horny pervert and had his pants off in a moment and took my hand and placed it on his cock. I was still on my guard and though he wanted to, I wasn't going to let him finger my pussy. I don't think he could have got me off anyway as he was so close to cumming. He wanted me on my knees to suck his cock and take his cum, I wasn't keen to do that on a first date lol so I continued stroking his cock and balls and before long he was spurting into the air.

After that he dropped me back at my car and we parted ways. I couldn't quite believe what had happened and if I wanted to see him again to continue our adventures but it was so exciting. I had to pull over on my way home and have a wank and of course I told him all about it. So we're talking dirty to each other online and by text now, sometimes we talk about stuff like we used to but now he knows what a dirty slut I am and is very keen to know what I'm up to. I've described having a wank at work to him too, I seem to have a story telling gift

So after our first meet he's kind of unleashed the dragon I'd had tamed. He doesn't know I'm here, he's off fucking other women and hasn't a clue that I'm also about to do the same. We've not fucked yet and I'm not sure we will but we had a great day together. Right now we're online and he's telling me about his latest escapade, it's so filthy and so hot, I'm loving the new me.

Oh, the second meet scenario will be in my next post, the background has turned into the story!