Written by 5am


Whenever my wife and I are having sex she likes to talk dirty, it's a real turn on for both of us. Her favourite fantasy is watching me with another guy. While she's sucking my cock she asks me if I would like to do this to another man. Because I know how much this excites her I tell her I would love to suck another mans cock. She makes me describe how I would do this & while I am talking she acts it out.

She tells me she wants me to kneel in front of another guy mouth open while she jacks his big stiff cock until it cums in my mouth. She talks about how much she wants to watch his hot cum spurt into my mouth, just like the times she has made me take my own load. On these occassions she will suck & jack my cock while telling me about her fantasy. She will jack & talk my cock to near orgasim & then she gets me to roll up, legs above my head, positioning my cock so that it is pointed at & is as close to my mouth as possible. She orders me to open my mouth & continues to jack me off talking as if I am about to take her fantasy mans cum. As I explode she directs every spurt of my load into my mouth and tells me to swallow it.

Once I have cum she likes to get me on all fours & positions herself behind me, she forces my head into the bed while she dry humps my butt and strokes my aching cock at the same time she is telling me how much she wants to watch me getting fucked by a hot guy. This must really turn her on because she always cums while humping me. She tells me that next time she is going to get a strap on cock and fuck me so I know how good it feels for her when I butt fuck her. She also tells me that she is going to invite another man to join us but this has not happened yet

My wifes fantasy has become a real turn on for me so much so that I have begun to fantasise about being with another guy. It's driving me crazy. These thoughts caused me to check it out. I decided to try it I needed to know if I could go beyond fantasy so I hooked up with a bi-guy online. We arranged to meet at his place I was really nervous but also very excited. He greeted me at the door he was a good looking guy nice atheletic body. He knew from our communications that I was inexperienced so he took control.

As soon as the door was closed he moved toward me asked if I was alright, told me to relax and began rubbing my crouch. He could tell from the moment his hand touched me that I wanted more as I had a huge hard on. He smiled & began to kiss me this was a strange feeling but I decided to let it happen. He began to undress me & I let him. When I was totally naked he began to touch me all over he dropped to his knees and began jacking my cock off, his face was only inches away from my dripping knob. OMG... everthing that my wife & I had fantsised about was happening and it felt great. He licked the knob of my cock clean of pre-cum & moaned that it tasted great. As he slowly took the rest of my cock into his mouth I thought about how different it felt. Maybe it was the slow & deliberate manner in which my hard cock was moving in & out of his mouth & the sensations that gave me that excited me or it could have been the fact that I was letting & watching another man suck my cock. Whatever it was, it was mind blowing.

After he was finished teasing my cock he stood and sat me on the end of the bed. He began to undress in front of me. As he unzipped his pants my eyes were fixed on his crouch. I could clearly see the outline of his huge erection through his man panties. Wow, my excitement levels shot through the roof as it struck me this was the real thing. I wasn't fantasising about hard cock in my face or looking at porn pictures of cock here was the real thing in front of me. His cock was thick, at least 8inches long & cut and was only four inches from my face. I couldn't stop starring at it. He asked me if I liked it & I quickly replied, OOH YES! He began stroking his cock in front of me & it wasn't long before I could see droplets of cum ooze from his knob. When he asked me if I would like to suck his cock I did not hesitate. I began to suck his beautiful cock just like I have described many times to my wife. I even imagined that she was watching me.

After some more fore play, kissing & touching he asked me if I wanted to experience being fucked. I'll put it down to being horny but I agreed. Actually, in anticipation that things might go all the way I had prepared myself for this moment. I had used a butt plug prior to our meeting. Again he took control, he lay me on my back my head was toward the foot of the bed. He raised my legs up & positioned himself between them. He began by sucking my cock as he held my butt in the air, he licked up & down the shaft of my hard cock to my balls and on to my butt. He rimmed me for what seemed like forever. I found myself becoming totally relaxed & open to anything he suggested.

As he began putting on a condom I knew what was coming but was speechless. As he began lubricating my butt I became very aroused. First, he inserted one finger, then two fingers, then three fingers. OMG... what was I doing? I watched as he removed his fingers & placed his hard cock at the entrance to my butt. With one push he had his beautiful cock in me, the experience was mind blowing. He remainded motionless for a time allowing me to become use to his huge cock. Then slowly he began to fuck me. The feeling was a mixture of mild pain & extreme pleasure. I was really turned on at looking down the bed and seeing this hot guy humping me while he stroked my hard cock. After fucking me good he pulled out and shot his hot cum all over me. He asked me to jack myself off while he watched and shoot my load into his open mouth. This didn't take long as I was thinking about my beautiful wife watching me as I stroked my aching cock to orgasim.