They had never actually met. They had exchanged messages and some revealing pictures but never laid eyes on each other.

Between them their fantasy list was all-encompassing. Why not they thought try a liaison with out actually meeting? It seemed like a place to start because once they did meet they could never un-meet. So they hatched their plan.

There was no doubt that the physical attraction between them was real. They were yearning for each other in a way that only lovers can. They had discussed their desires and it was clear that fireworks were inevitable. Tim had a trip planned to Dunedin and Pip knew he was on his way.

Dunedin is full of secluded spots. Public yet secluded. These were ideal places for them to arrange their encounter. In particular the quiet areas of the Town Belt suited. On a sunny day during the week there is no one around. A clearing near the top of Cosy Dell Road and the bottom of Driver’s Road was selected. Private, easy to reach and with places in the bush where they could hide.

To another observer (if one was to be around) they would look like two people who did not know each other. And their encounter went like this …

Pip arrived at the clearing wearing smart work clothes. As the day was a sunny one with little wind she wore a flowing skirt and a loose top. It was her lunch break so she sat down in a quiet corner and proceeded to relax in the sun, With shoes kicked off Pip raised her skirt to well up her thighs revealing most of her lovely legs, leaned back and enjoyed the light salad lunch that she had packed that morning.

As Pip relaxed letting the sun’s rays warm her body Tim walked through the clearing. Pip was sitting with her back to him so never noticed his eyes wander to see her form. She positively gleamed in the sun - and against the bush setting Pip looked so relaxed and at home. The fact that Pip’s skirt was raised was not lost on Tim and he could sense himself becoming erect and wondering who this person was? What would she look like naked? How would she smell and taste? He paused, looked and wondered and went on his way through the clearing.

Those thoughts however did not leave him so he turned and made his way quietly back to the clearing, and found a place in the bush where he was hidden from Pip’s view yet where he could clearly see her.

“Oh those legs!” Tim thought. His vantage offered him a clear view of her inner thighs and her smooth black underwear. It was all Tim could do not to unzip and fondle his by now very erect cock.

This view that Tim had of Pip was one of delight. Pip being blissfully unaware simply sat and ate her salad, sipping from her feijoa juice bottle and occasionally stroking her legs in the sun and brushing her skirt slightly higher each time revealing ever more of her smooth black underwear - leaving little to Tim’s imagination.

As happens Pip realised that she urgently needed to pee - there was nothing for it except an au naturale release and what the heck - there was no one around she thought. She stood up and made her way directly towards where Tim was concealed in the bushed. There she removed her underwear and squatted to pee.

Tim’s heart was beating loudly in his chest at the sight - he dared not breathe lest he give away his position. Pip’s furtive glances as she removed her knickers and showed herself to him was such a turn on for him.

Suddenly Pip stood up - was someone else on the path in the clearing? She quickly stood up with her skirt lowering as she did and returned to her impromptu picnic, leaving her delicate panties sitting on the ground just a few metres away from where Tim had been admiring her.

Realising that she was expected back at work soon Pip hurriedly packed and left, oblivious to her discarded underwear and the sights that Tim had seen.

All Tim could do was focus on this underwear that had been in such close proximity to what appeared to be a divine pussy. And his cock was so hard. Nothing would drive those thoughts from his mind. From his hide he scanned around and decided that the coast was clear and made his move to possess the silky-smooth undergarment.

The panties were everything he imagined - still warm from such intimate contact with Pip’s body and with a scent that made Tim heady and more aroused than he had been previously. No work could be done with this memory so crystal clear in his mind and there was only one recourse - to use the hide as a place to masturbate and release the sexual energy that had built up in the clearing.

Leaning back against a tree Tim unbuckled and unzipped, letting his trousers fall loosely to the ground. He played the underwear over his hugely erect cock, moving it between his face and his balls as he masturbated, slowly at first and then faster and faster as the eroticness of it all overtook.

As Pip walked back towards the city she realised that she was “going commando” and that her knickers were no longer with her! It certainly felt refreshing she thought and maybe she should do that more often. It could be fun she imagined. But an expensive pair of knickers that matches with a bra is not something that should be left behind so she turned around to walk the short distance back to retrieve the missing panties.

“Those panties will be just over there by the edge of the bush” Pip thought. And it did cross her mind as to how appropriate it was that they should be beside the bush too! Her mind was being more than a little naughty - the fact that she was “going commando” was arousing her too. The underwear could not be seen - but there was another sound - someone was here and they were breathing deeply.

This time it was Pip’s turn to quietly approach and see what was happening. Through the leaves she spied him - leaning back with her underwear in his left hand and a massive erection in his right hand. His left hand took the underwear to his face and he would breathe deeply, then let the delicate material brush his cock and his balls.

“My God!” Pip almost screamed - what a cock! That amazing circumcised knob, the length (that must be over 15cm she thought) and the girth. The man she spied was clearly unaware she was here - such was his enrapture with himself. Pip’s left hand went to her right nipple and gave it a squeeze, while her right hand found its way inside her skirt to her clit.

Pip discovered her pussy was quite damp and used her wetness to help massage her clit. Tim was clearly building to an orgasmic experience as his hand move faster and faster along the shaft of what was one of the most impressive cocks Pip had ever seen.

Then, with a huge moan Tim released. A huge shot of hot sperm emanated from his cock and went nearly a metre over the ground. He kept his hand going, milking every last drop of hot fluid from his cock, but being careful not to get any on the underwear in his hands. He stood there, sexually spent, taking in the orgasmic moment for several minutes as his closed eyes saw the memory of Pip in front of him.

Pip quietly backed off, being careful not to be heard and waited for Tim to leave. He did not disappoint - he did not sully her underwear and used a tissue to wipe himself, then once dressed he emerged from the bush and left the panties where they had been discarded at the edge of the clearing.

Tim left the clearing and continued his walk towards the city. But it was a beautiful day so at a seat with a view he stopped to admire the vista and have one last think about the experience that he had just had.

Pip meanwhile regained “custody” of her knickers. “I can hardly put these in my bag!” she thought - and with her memories of what had just happened thought that putting them back on could be an incredibly sexy thing to do - they were after all still clean. So she did - and resumed her return walk to the city.

What she had witnessed she could not believe. How could a man have a cock so wonderful? How could I ever find that again? Who was he? Where is he?

And there he was - sitting, looking at the panorama of Dunedin. He won’t know who I am she thought - this is my chance.

Pip sat down beside Tim on the seat in the sun. He turned to look and suppressed his amazement - surely she can’t know what just happened?

“Isn’t this a great view?” said Pip. Deliberately. There was a measure of certainty in her tone that had Tim guessing. Wondering.

“It certainly is a view” he replied. “One of the better ones I’ve had today.”

He paused then turned back to her. Chance would be fine thing but nothing ventured nothing gained. “Do you fancy a drink after work?”

Pip’s left hand fell between them and touched Tim’s right hand. “Mmmm - I think I do.”