I let myself into your apartment, most of the lights are off and you don’t hear me come in as you walk through from your bedroom. I smile, you are just wearing your workout clothes. Easier to get off quickly. You’re reaching up to grab something you can quite get to, straining on your tip toes. Trying not to laugh your top lifts up, revealing the top of your perfect ass.

You don’t hear the guttural moan that slips out of my throat as I imagine using your ass. You start heading back to your room and I grab you. My hand goes over your mouth and your scream is muffled. One handed I tear your pants and panties down. Then I rip your top off your tight little body. Exposed your eyes start to look around the room and I pick you up and carry you behind the couch.

Bending you over the back of it, I take my hand off your mouth and you start pleading with me not to hurt you. I grab both of your hands and hold them together behind you back, pulling so your shoulders come up and your amazing tits are pointing forwards. A moan slips out, you can’t help it. Being taken and having no control is turning your initial fear into arousal.

I reach down and run a cold hand between your lips, slipping fingers into both tight holes. You start to moan again and then I thrust into your wet cunt, jamming the full length of my cock inside your tight, already wet pussy. Filling it, I look down and smile and the stretched look. Before you have a chance to move I start pounding in and out of you, unconsciously you spread your legs to take me deeper.

Hating that you love it so much. With each thrust you pant, feeling the head of my cock punch into you, getting close to your cervix. Then without warning I pull out and you moan. Pulling you around I push you to your knees and shove my cock into your mouth as you try to breathe. You gag and I push, thrusting deeper into your sweet mouth. Seeing your eyes water as I stretch your mouth I get into your throat and holding your face I start pounding into you.

Fucking your pretty mouth and throat. Your eyes are watering more as I make you my little slut. You feel my balls slap against your chin and I feel your tongue holding back, trying to give me as much room as possible. I pull out in one swift motion, my cock is covered in your saliva and you spit trying to clear your throat and I grab your hair and pull your head back before ramming my hard cock down your throat again.

You take it better this time and I get as deep as I can go watching your eyes swell as you can’t breathe. Holding your nose, I take you to the edge of what you can take and pull out just as you are about to pass out. You fall to the ground on all fours trying to catch your breath and I get down behind you and ram my cock inside your already stretched pussy, and start to fuck you, keeping my hips higher so each thrust hammers against your g-spot.

Daddy wants his sweet little slut to squirt so he can lube up her tight ass. You moan and claw at the ground, then cry out as I slap your sweet ass, leaving a bright red handprint across your cheeks, standing out against your tan marks. Then without warning I shove my left thumb deep into your ass and you throw your head back, just when I reach out with my right hand to grab your hair so I can pull your head back, exposing your throat.

Now you are getting into it, pushing back against my thick cock, grunting as I stretch your little sweet cunt. Daddy likes when his little slut starts fucking herself on his thick, hard cock. So I stop and let you thrust back, impaling yourself while grabbing your tits, pinching your nipples and moaning loudly. Then you cum.

You fall back onto the ground as your pussy grips and releases my cock, I can feel your juices against the head of my cock as I bury it inside you. Pulling out as you start to shake I force my cock back into your mouth and then reach down to your pussy while you suck your juices off me. Swirling my fingers into you sweet pussy I reach down further and start fingering your tight little slut ass, lubing it up so it’s ready for me.

Now I’m moaning, you’re such a good girl for sucking daddy’s cock clean and getting it covered in spit. Such a good whore, you know what is about to happen to your ass. I pat your AA and you release my cock and I leave it in front of your face and then you stretch your tongue and looking up you lick the tip likes it’s your favourite lollipop. Then with a devilish grin you fall backwards and lift your legs up and hold them under your knees.

“Fuck my little whore ass daddy. Stretch it with your cock. Treat me like your little slut,” you say. That devilish grin dancing across your face. I can’t take it, with another guttural moan that shifts into a growl I grab your hips and shove my cock inside you, I just ram the full length into your tight little ass and start hammering away at you.

I hear your scream as you feel like I’ve just torn you open, then when I start thrusting you start to enjoy it, the pain pushing you even closer to another orgasm. Reaching into my discarded clothes I take a small but powerful vibrator out and turn it on, leaving it to buzz on your clit. Now you are really panting, little guttural pants torn from your sore throat with each thrust deep into your slutty little ass.

Then you do it again, “Pound me daddy. Pound your little slut. Cover me who your hot cum. Please. I want to feel you fill my little whore ass with your hot cum. Please daddy, PLEASE,” and we both cum. Me buried deep in your ass, you, squirting up my body. Covering me in your sweet juice. I keep going until I can’t, pushing you away and diving head first into your juicy pussy.

Licking up as much as I can get while shoving a butt plug into your cummy ass. You grab me hard, panting, “Yes daddy, yes daddy, yes daddy. Eat your girl’s pussy. EAT ME!” and I do. I push my tongue inside you while thumbing your clit. Then I finger your tight slutty hole while nibbling your clit. After your next orgasm we both collapse on your floor, panting and covered in your juice.

I reach down and slowly start pulling on the plug in your ass. Not letting it come out, just pulling on it so it slides in and out of your cummy, whore ass. “You’re daddy’s favourite,” I say. Then get up and leave you, with your cum-filled ass and covered in your juice. Panting as you recover from the surprise fucking.