I sometimes go for a swim at a secluded little beach in pt chev. Because its usually later in the evening and no one is around I strip off and lay on the beach with just a towel covering me.

I've always fantasied about a nice couple coming down and sitting near to me, just enough so I could see their bottom half but not faces. They would start kissing and fondling each other while pretending they didn't know I was there. Eventually he'd move his hand up and down her leg revealing her thigh and gorgeous bum.

I'd find it hard to turn my attention elsewhere so just keep watching. After a while he'd slide her dress up revealing her knickers, slowly move them to one side and start stroking and fingering her wet pussy, un aware I could see her she'd start grinding his hand. Seeing this turns me on, I wouldn't be able to hide it and start stroking my hard cock slowly underneath my towel. All wet and horny she'd move down his body and after a while she'd go down on him and look over at me and give me a sexy look. I'd continue to stroke myself while I watched her, shed be sucking him but looking at me. Eventually shed use her index finger to wave me over. I'd come over and kneel down in front of her and let her pull my towel to the side and take in my hard cock. switching between his and mine.

After a fair amount of foreplay, kissing sucking, licking we would both slide our cocks inside her together, both of us sliding in and out over her amazing wet pussy while she moaned for more.

eventually she would cum over an over on our hard cocks and we wouldn't be able to handle it any longer. With us totally exhausted she takes a load from both of us and we lay on the beach recovering from what just ended up an amazing sexual encounter.

I'd clean myself up, lean other and kiss her cum covered lips and thank them and then leave them to enjoy the water together..