Written by StarAnise


So this scenario would be slightly risky for you but the thought of what delicious adventure awaits makes it irresistible, you're wondering if you'll get to taste my juicy cunt, bury your tongue and fingers inside me, wondering what I'll taste like which is getting you hard before you leave the house.

You're tempted to call me, ask what I'm wearing, tell me how hard you are and if I'm as excited as you are and tell me not to touch myself because you want all my heat, my wetness for yourself but you don't because you just want to get there to the carpark and find my car and give me the signal to get out and lead you to the spot.

There I am, just where I said I would be but I'm talking to a group of tourists, looking like I'm one of the many others in the area, about to enjoy a walk in the forest on a sunny day. You shudder thinking of those smiling lips wrapped around your cock while you lie back listening to the wind move through the trees above you, bliss on such a hot day.

I see you, say goodbye to the group and move away, I smirk at you and you can tell that I'm excited to finally ditch them, cast off the persona of 'nice' and 'respectable' for 'kinky' and 'slut' and your cock twitches in your pants. Fuck you can't wait to get them off!

It's an uphill climb along the road and a popular route because it leads to the lookout over Te Puia and is an access to the mountain bike tracks so there are clusters of people moving up and down. Your phone chirps, a text message from me. "Give me your cock, follow me" you smile and delete the message, putting your phone away, looking up, I've disappeared.

Follow me the text said, fuck where am I? You're about where I was and looking into the trees see me beckoning you. Slipping off the road you're absorbed into the trees, the sound of the city disappears and the people too, you're cocooned in pine trees, its coolness a welcome respite. You feel your pulse quicken and your cock harden, what the fuck am I up to, here?

I'm leaning back against a tree and as you approach I begin sliding my dress up my thighs, people are passing but nobody cares to look in our direction, they're all busy on their way to somewhere, let them rush, you're glued to what I'm doing, raising my dress upward further and further, will I be wearing underwear, you're about to find out...I've stopped! What? Fuck! You want to see! I let go with one hand and slide it underneath my dress.

Watching you, I slide my hand up my thigh to my pussy and slide 2 fingers over my clit for a moment then push them inside my dripping cunt, dropping my dress with the other hand, I begin rubbing my left nipple through my dress. I arch my hips and close my eyes, pushing away from the tree, toward you and in 4 short strides you're in front of me.

You drop to your knees and lifting my dress you pull away my hand and plunge your tongue into where my fingers were, tasting me. For the first time you drink me in, so sweet and cool. Jesus Christ! You want more, you want to drink me dry and pulling my thighs apart you position one over your shoulder to get closer. I'm running my fingers through your hair pulling your face into me and grinding my cunt into it. You've found my clit with your tongue and have pushed 2 fingers inside me...oh fuck, I'm so warm and wet! I let out a groan and sag against you. Please, I want to lie down, but you won't let me, you're going to make me cum, in your mouth, with my back to this tree in full view of anyone who cares to look, to pause for a moment and wonder about the noise they just heard.

I don't care, I don't care anymore I just want you to keep going, keep driving your tongue and fingers inside me. My knees are buckling, I can't keep standing and I can feel the bark of the tree snagging on my dress but you've got me pinned, crucified by your mouth to this cross and I cum. I'm smashed to pieces and swept away on a tide that keeps rolling in. I bite on my hand to keep from roaring out but this sort of sound won't be contained. I'm seeing stars and am completely empty, a shell, just for a moment then I return to my body, sated and exhausted. I sag to the ground finally able to.

You look at me, a gleam of self-satisfaction in your horny perverted eye. This is what brings us together, this cosmic chemistry. Fuck I don't like you at all, how can you do this to me? Licking your lips clear of my juice, you haul me to my feet and plant a deep wet kiss on my mouth.

Come on, you say, we've got some fucking to do and lead me back out into the sun.