Written by Star Anise


We've agreed to meet in a Cambridge pub, it's busy but it's still early evening so not a huge amount of people around. We choose a quiet corner and sit down with our drinks, I'm across the table from you, facing the wall so you can see me but nobody else can. I'm wearing a dress, a long dress with no underwear as agreed. Nobody can tell of course.

The tables are small so we're sitting quite close to each other. We've been exchanging emails and phone calls for a few weeks now so while it's the first time we've been together, we've already established the rapport and quite clearly, chemistry. I've already decided I like you and you can smell my perfume and also my scent as I slide my dress up my thighs. Your hand follows. I push it away but you put it right back, opening my thighs wider and stroking my soft inner thigh with your fingertip. You can't quite reach my pussy so you hook my chair with your ankles and pull me closer. In one movement I'm within reach and though there are people moving about, neither of us notice.

I can't breathe, I know what's coming and I've been waiting for your touch, you've waited too but now you're in no hurry You know how wet and hot I'll be, how soft and pliable when you slide just one fingertip across my pussy lips The very tip of your finger grazes the hood of my clit and I jump, rattling the glasses on the table. Christ you've got a wicked grin on your face! I collect myself, shooting you a smirk across the table, first point to you.

We both lean in closer again and your fingertips return to my thigh, tracing up and down so lightly I can't stand it. I push myself forward in my seat while gripping your arm at the same time, I'm impaled on your fingers, next point to me! Ahhh but whose keeping score? I feel better than you imagined, so tight and soft, warm and soaking wet Your balls tighten, and your cock is immediately pressing against your pants We both sit there, eyes locked, silent in a noisy room.

I'm impaled on your fingers and I'm flooded, I can hear your breathing, it's as ragged as my own and I swear I can almost hear your pulse. You're so close, I can see your pupils dilating and a light sweat on your brow.

I move. And grin slowly at you, I push my hips further forward and ever so slowly begin to gyrate on your hand. Your eyes narrow "cheeky bitch!" you're thinking, "I'll show you". Your other hand snakes across the table and pulls my dress open revealing a very tight nipple. Your hand is cold from holding your bourbon and you push the bottle aside and reach for that tight little bud. You grin back at me as my eyes widen and my grin disappears, your cold fingers feel electric on my bare flesh and goosebumps immediately ripple across my chest. You chuckle at me "gotcha" you whisper, I shiver and reach for your crotch underneath the table, rubbing the hard outline firmly causing you to groan "gotcha back" I murmur in return.

You're not going to be bested by me tonight, sliding your thumb over my clit you watch me grip the chair with both hands to steady myself, my head dropping forward, Christ I'm so wet! This chair will smell of me for days. A thought goes through your mind. What if you kept grazing my clit with your thumb as I rocked on your hand, could you make me cum? Here in this corner of the pub?

The thought is transmitted straight to me it seems because I look up at you as you're looking around, checking the general location of everyone "You wouldn't dare" I mutter. You say nothing, just increase the tempo on my clit My hands tighten on the chair again and my whole body stiffens You bastard! You're really doing this?! I can't be angry I'm too turned on and beyond caring what's going on around me. You lean forward and whisper in my ear "go for it, I've got you" and return your other hand to my nipple.

OK so you're doing this? We're doing this? Blood is rushing in my ears, I'm going to cum I can feel it and I'm going to take you with me. I reach beneath the table, spread my hand over the thickness in your pants and squeeze. You glare at me, this isn't part of your plan! I'm trying to hold myself steady, one hand gripping the chair, one hand gripping you. I'm focused solely on your hand, your fingers sliding in and out and your thumb flicking my clit. I'm riding your hand, it feels too good to stop, I'm scared to keep going, what's going to happen? How will I stay quiet? Everyone's going to see! We'll be kicked out, arrested, I'm going to prison! Panicking I pull back, sliding away from you and sit upright.

You're not having it, you're going to push me over the edge right here, right now. Looking around the bar again it's clear that nobody is paying any attention to us. Groups are clustered around the rugby on TV and talking among themselves but nobody can see what is happening at our table, it just looks like we're sharing a drink and a private quiet conversation .

I'm not sure, I'm so excited by you but scared as hell at the same time, I've never done this before, fantasised about cumming in a really public place for sure but now that it's about to happen, I'm scared. You smile at me and I pull a face back at you "I can't, not here!" I hiss.

"Oh yes you can" you reply, "nobody is watching, nobody can see, they're too busy watching the rugby and getting pissed" I'm not convinced but I'm also beyond excited, this is the crazy stuff of my fantasies gone to a whole new level, now about to become real. If I let it...

I reach beneath the table and stroke you, denim is so thick, I have to squeeze quite hard for you to feel much beneath it, I consider your old cotton overalls, so much softer and that zip! I can't wait to take you out of them...or keep you half in them. Watching that look of desire for me return to your eyes immediately made my pulse quicken, I lean across the table and kiss you, you respond immediately and the kiss deepens, neither of us wanting to pull away, your lips are warm and your goatee feels so soft against my face, God you taste delicious.

I lean forward to kiss you harder and you push my thighs apart and my dress up to my hips and hooking a hand behind my knee to pull me forward while tipping me backward, you return your hand to my sopping cunt. Fuck how is it possible I could get any wetter! I seem to be though. You're dying to drop to your knees and taste me beneath the table but you know you'd want to devour me and that seriously would be trouble!

I'm staring at you, but almost staring through you. I want you with every inch of my body, I'm intimately tuned to every movement you make with your fingers thrust inside me and the steady rhythm of your thumb on my clit. You're pulling invisible strings that tauten my body, I'm flexing every muscle, rising to the insistent beat of your hand now driving in and out of me. My clit has become molten, the tempo and pressure rising and rising, I'm so hot and I can hear the blood pounding in my ears. You don't stop and I don't want you to

God I don't want you to ever stop, never ever stop what you're doing to me right now, I look at you, try to focus on you and your eyes burn into mine...

And I'm gone.

I'm at the edge and I'm flung away, hurled up toward the stars by your hand, your glorious thumb and fingers to become one with everything that ever was and ever will be in the universe. My back arches and I cram my hand into my mouth to stop from crying out, two hands! You don't miss a beat, thrusting in and out, flicking my clit. Rocketed away, I slowly return to earth, to my surroundings, to my body and you remove your hand.

Trembling and dizzy, I slowly open my eyes, lifting my head but reluctant to see what attention I've attracted. Surely the whole bar is watching this spectacle and the Police are on their way...

Nothing, nobody! Only you, dumbfounded and shocked watching me. What have I done?! God what a disgrace I am, not fit to be in public. I cringe, not knowing where to look,

You break the silence, "that was the sexiest thing I have ever, ever seen" you say, in a voice barely louder than a whisper "we are getting out of here right now and going somewhere I can get out of these pants and see that all over again"

Did I hear right?!

I burst out laughing, God you're so sexy! Yes, a great idea, let's go somewhere far more private, shed our clothes and take our time exploring each other. Collecting my things off the table, I take your hand and follow you out the door.