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23 May 2021

Tonight I had a bath...

Sensuous, soapy, self-love


1 minute read

Tonight I had a bath. Deep, hot, lightly scented. I wanted to fully relax, to let go all the stresses of both body and mind. That took a while, relaxing tensions that I didn't know were there! Shoulders, legs, butt, belly... I turned my mind slowly to each one to let go and sink into the gentle feeling of being in the heat and water. Fully relaxed, my mind turned to pleasure. Soap and one hand to massage my breasts and nipples, my other hand reaching down and stroking my pussy, I set up a gentle pulsing massage over my clit. Not too hard, not too soft, responding to my own pleasures and hints like no-one else can. My mind wanders... bills, chores... No! I tweak my nipples to bring the focus back. My breasts are soft and smooth, floating hard nipples up to respond strongly to the sensation. My mind returns to pleasure. I breath in the building orgasm. Enjoying each moment of the build. I look down at my fingers massaging, loving me. The image is perfect, I close my eyes, breathing deeply, beginning to feel the climax coming. It's an effervescence running up and through every muscle, every fibre of me. The ultimate tension, building and building. Oooh, sooooo good, folding over the peak of pleasure like a wave breaking and rolling, rolling towards the shore. I hold my focus, softening my hand, subtly changing the rhythm of my fingers so I can build again... Yes, yes, yes please... The second is better. Longer, deeper, ...perfect. Washing me up on the shore of consciousness, completely satisfied.

Tags: anticipation, climax, ecstasy, erotic, mind

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