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Date Night - Prologue

"The anticipation of our threesome builds"
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Published 1 month ago

The whole day I’ve found myself drifting off into my own world thinking about the night ahead. Tonight we catch up with Jack, finally. 

Each time I think about it my clit throbs and I ache to feel the touch of two men again. I’m eager to see how the three of us get on. I’m sure it will be amazing. 

Standing in the shower lathering body wash over my breasts, my nipples harden in anticipation of the night ahead. Slowly I run my hand down my soapy body and slide my fingers in between my soft lips, seeking out my now erect clit. Fuck it feels so good to touch. 

I’m lost in the sensation coming from my pussy as I rub my fingers over my pearl, imagining our threesome with a cock in my mouth and a cock in my pussy, when I feel hands start to glide up my back and around to where my nipples are even harder, and need to be squeezed and pulled. I gasp thinking I was alone, but oh so glad I’m not. 

The hands massage my breasts and tweak my nipples in an exquisite mix of both pleasure and pain. I feel a tug deep in my pussy and my juices make me so incredibly ready to be fucked hard. It becomes a need. 

I push my arse back against his rock hard cock and grind it against him. He lets out an almost primal moan and pushes my head forward, forcing me to brace my arms on the side of the shower. 

My head is spinning with all these amazing sensations, when I feel his hand reach between my legs from behind and plunge 2 fingers deep inside of me. Holy shit it feels incredible and I whimper as his fingers pump in and out of me. 

My whimpering turns to moaning and my breathing gets faster. Oh god I can feel that tension start to build deep inside of me. 

By now I’m fucking his fingers and he inserts another finger into me. I can’t believe how fucking amazing this feels. 

My juices are running down his hand and I can hear that sound when you know you’re dripping wet. 

He hears it too and that sends him into a frenzy. Keeping his fingers inside of me he kneels down and forces my legs further apart. I know what’s about to happen and almost cum on the spot. 

His tongue seeks out my pulsating clit and starts to circle it, flicking it then sucking it. 

The change in position gives him better access to my swollen g-spot and those magic fingers massage it. The feeling is like no other and I think I’m going to explode. 

By now I’m holding his head against me while I continue to fuck his face. There’s no way I’m letting him stop until I’ve cum all over his face. 

All of a sudden I hear a knock at the bathroom door and Mike comes in reminding me we are leaving for our play date shortly….

I’d imagined the whole thing, but boy was I more than ready to let the fun begin with two amazing men. 

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