I was married when I was 18, to a sweet guy but the most boring man in christendom! I guess I knew I had outgrown him, when I started to have affairs with his friends. One day I realised it was time for me to move out and move on. I bought an apartment in the Auckland Viaduct and became friendly with my neighbour a single girl who seemed to be living a very exciting lifestyle.

We were both a bit pissy-eyed having drinks one afternoon, when she told me that the reason she could afford to live like she did was because she supplemented her income by sometimes working as an escort. I was both shocked and fascinated and the more wine we drank the more turned on I became sitting in the sun with her. The more she talked about the escort dates she had been on the wetter I became, she was well aware of the affect this was having on me.

I had never had sex with a girl before but it seemed so natural when she lent over, kissed me and slipped her hand into my panties. It only took a few minutes before we decided to retired into her large double bed where I experienced my first bisexual climax. I learnt a lot that afternoon about pleasuring and being pleasured by another woman, Im a quick learner and I started looking forward to our afternoons of drinking wine followed by drinking her pussy juice.

One afternoon laying in her bed covered in her juice after making frantic love together, she asked if I would help her out by coming on one of he dates with her?

She had a wealthy older couple who were her clients where the husband like to watch her have sex with his wife before he fucked her. She said the wife was very attractive and the husband had asked her if she could bring another girl along so he could watch his wife being shared by two girls before he took his turn. He was prepared to increases the size of the reward handsomely for this service. The thought of playing the roll of an escort really turned me on, I realised it was the type of excitement Id fantasising about so we set the date up for later that week.

The night of the date under my coat I dressed in my sexiest black undies and stockings and nothing else. When I knocked on my friends door and asked her if I looked OK she just said OMG and pulled me into her apartment pushed me up against the wall, kissed me and pushed two fingers into my very moist pussy, I orgasmed immediately and almost fainted with excitement.

The cab ride to the date only increased the sexual tension between the two of us and by the time we arrived and were ushered into the house I was fully immersed in the roll of a high class escort. My friend was right the wife was lovely and her husband was a real silver fox. They were both wearing blue silk robes and when the husband removed his wife robe he exposed her golden brown body with small firm breasts and I could see she was so aroused that a small dribble of pussy juice had started to run down the inside of her thigh.

My friend unbuttoned my coat and proudly displayed my body to the clients and asked if they approved. In response the husband said, I think this demonstrates my approval and opened his robe so I could see his lovely large fat stiff cock was fully erect.

My friend stripped to her stockings and we went to their playroom where one wall and the ceiling were all mirrored. When I looked in the mirror I realised I was so wet I had already soaked the crutch of my black panties. My friend stood behind me and took my bra and panties off and whispered you go first. This was only the second woman I had ever been down on but I had learnt so much from the afternoons with my friend that I was able to perform my escort roll flawlessly. The wife pussy juice was warm and clear with the odour of her heightened arousal, my friend was working on the wife's stiff little nipples with her fingers while she wet french kissed her. Once we she started to cum we swapped places and as I tongued her mouth I felt him slip his very fat stiff cock into me, I was so wet it slipped straight into the hilt. He was very experienced and even though I tried hard not to cum he bought soon me to a breathtaking climax. It was my friend turn to be fucked so I just lay back on the bed watching her taking his cock while his wife's lips and tongue brought me to my third orgasm of the night.

We arrived back at my friends apartment and I let myself be pulled into her bed of sin, I was still aroused and excited about what had just happened so let my her make passionate love to me until I climaxed again. Then it was my turn to go down on her. Thats when I found she was still dripping his cum from her pussy (she had let him bareback her) the taste of sucking my first cream pie from a girls pussy helped me finger myself to my fifth and final orgasm of the night.