Written by Horny and On Heat !!!


Life had been going fairly and work was just awesome as it normally is, my own life was normal as any other married couples was witha family etc One day at work ,when an adult student that was attending my class said to me that he had met a woman on line and that they actually were old school mates anyway he said that theyve been online talking and that theyve decided they want to get together and go out, she said shes coming over from aussie to meet him and staying a few days, I said well good on you , I mean he had no relationship at all and he looked so over the moon and in love with her, anyway a week rolled around and he picked her up a the airport, he was so wrapped about her he brought her around home to meet me and told her if it wasnt for me helping him with his computer trainng they would never have met up again, she was a nice looking woman and she seemed really friendly she greeted me with a kiss and said hello, Lovely browny redish hair , wavy and she had a lovely curvy figure, he was smitten with her and one could see why, anyway as it turned out she stayed a week longer than expected and things just never went how they though it would but still she carried out her last few days and stayed till she was going to fly out on the saturday, during the week i had afew friends over for a drin k and he thought that he and her might come around and mingle as they had nothing else to do, well as the night unfolded he went home ahead of her and she was having such a balof a night she said that she would stay abit longer and asked would it be okay if i could drop her off later, Id had a few drinks and instead of thinking about it firstly I shud have said no id been drinking but instead I said okay and by this time she was sitting beside me and she was on her 2nd bottle of wine and also nipping away at a glass full of Ice and baieys, anyway the night got on and everyone was slowly depearting, I said okay hun Ill run you home , best get you back home to your honey, she happily jumped in my car and off we set , we pulled up into her drive and she leaned over and kissed me on my mouth..I was surprised a little but tried not to make too much out of it, and she said thank you for bringing me home and ive had an awesome night and enjoyed spending it with me...I was surprised once again, I said no worries hun anytime, she then sort of stalled and asked me If id like to talk a while that she wasnt in a hurry to get inside so i said sure, so i lit a ciggerette and she closed her door again and i rolled down my window and she asked had i ever been in a threesome before i laughed and said no but between you and i I cant say i havent thought about it, she asked would I ever do it I said yes if the right oppurtunity arised she asked if i would prefer mmf or ffm i said both and laughed just thenshe leaned over and kissed me this time she stayed kissing my mouth, she also brushed her hand aginst my blouse and cupped my breast and she felt my nipples harden, I was instantly turned on by this all, the kiss the touch and she proceeded to reach down between my legs and sais that she would love to be the one that ffm with me and wen she did that she was by then rubbing my crotch..my clit was getting swollen i coud feel it i was getting so turned on by her and she was with me it was electrical static happening I was on fire she was too, she slipped her hand down my blouse and cupped my breast one then the other and opened my blouse the cool air set upon my nipples make them so hard and it sent shocks down to my pussy i was in heaven that very moment we were still kissing and then she moved her hand back to my pussy and she pulled my zipper of my shorts down and started to rub her hand won there reaching further and further so her palm was in exact position withh my clit,ad her fingers were rubbing over my pussy entrance fuck i was so horny so so horny i was wriggling about and enjoying her doing this to me i shoved my shorts n panties down and opened my legs for her i was so wet and she had my wetness allo ver her tips of her fingers she licked them then she buried her head between my legs she pushed them further apart and she was now eating me i was exstatic she was tongueing me and fingering me and i was moaning like id never moaned before i was coming and before you knew it I come against her mouth and fingers she was so happy and horny she reached and put her hand in her mouth then she pulled up her skirt and started fingering herself she asked me to lick her so I did she said my god you are so sexy and horny your making me cum so i licked a little harder and faster then i shoved two fingers in her like she asked and she was fucking and humping my hand she moaned in exstacy as she came and then she leaned over and kissed me more, after touching and holding and kissing we arranged pur clothing she stepped out and kissed me long and deep in my mouth and tongue and I went home reluctantly, since then Ive been crazy over the experience of being with a woman and just cant get any of it out of my head I look forward to my next one so much it makes me so wet and horny mmmmmmmmmmmmm . hope you enjoyed what i shared with you xxx