Written by ricjen123


Part I

Finally the big day arrives, after numerous chats over the net and in the KS chat room we eagerly jump into the car with the beach gear. As we pull up in the rental car we've described, the lady and the couple we've been talking to for the ast few months approach us. We all hug and make pleasantries and head off towards the beach.

We walk past numerous people on the beach and head to the secluded western end, after searching for the perfect spot we set up. Everybodies still a little shy and the tension can be cut with a knife. Jen looks at me with a little grin on her face and asks if I can rub some lotion onto her back. As I approach, she removes her top, revealing her milky white breasts to the sun and all around.

This seems to be a que for the others and clothes are being dropped left right and centre. The girls set themselves up with books and sunhats and start to natter amoungst themselves and this is the que for the boys to go for a swim and a wander to check out the surrounding area.

As he and I are heading towards the water we notice a couple engaged in some pretty frenetic activity, as we move closer we clearly see a lovely couple going at it hammer and tongs, she's on all fours, her head hanging down, he's in behind her, his head tilted back, mouth open, concentrating. Almost simultaneously they both look at us, he says something to her and she quickly moves to suck his rather large appendage. He grabs her head and we both hear the roar as he empties his load into her waiting mouth. They both look up at us and wave, we wave and keep heading towards the water.

We both dive into the water and the hubby of the couple looks at me and makes a comment about how this day has started and we should all be having some fun soon............

To be continued...........