Written by Talldarkhandsome


My fantasy in my head of how I'd like imagine this happening would be hire hotel away for weekend, talk n plan if she'd like proceed. If so I'd hire female bi escort to come to our room my fiance is sitting chair with blindfold on dressed in black silk nightie, black lace g string and black lace top stockings I'd have the escort start off buy softly kissing her then passionatly then up n down her neck which I know she really loves her hand would push strap of her nightie off her shoulder then down to lick n kiss her breasts n nipples then finsh night off with her hand in my fiances g string rubbing her wet pussy making her moan till she cums ( start slow first times then if she liked it and wants more add in image of the escort with her g string to the side licking my fiance pussy n then after couple more times hopefully her turn to reply in kind/ my self in posed rules in this fantasy threesome is lots of watching no sexual anything with the other woman unless instructed by my wife but I'd love to help the escort with her kissing n licking all over my girlfriend while she busy in her pussy