My wife, Sandy, and I have been married for almost seventeen years. Throughout our relationship, we have led a fairly conservative lifestyle: Two kids, suburban house, mainly conservative friends, minivan, etc. We've remained faithful to one another during this time, probably both out of love and respect for one another and the simple fact that our normal lives keep us too busy to even think about extra-marital activity. Though not perfect, our marriage has been great, and I would never want to take that for granted.

To take my wife for granted would be foolish on my part. Yes, she's an awesome mate for me in a non-physical sense. However, any time I look at her, I realize that I married well. Even after two kids and all the demands of being a mom, wife, and high school teacher, Sandy is really hot. She has golden-brown hair, bright green eyes, and awesome smile. Her statuesque 5-11 frame holds a beautifully proportioned 72kg very sexy legs, pretty ass, and not big but still-perky and excitable 36C breasts. Her skin is incredibly smooth and tans fairly easily. Yes, I keep myself in reasonable shape and look pretty decent, but I can't imagine being with a better looking woman.

As our daughters have gotten older and tend to be out of the house for longer periods of time, our sex life has picked up a bit. Along with that, sex has gotten a little more creative for us as well. We've become more open about sharing our fantasies and we've ventured into some role-playing. With respect to fantasies, Sandy has two persistent ones. The first is to perform as a stripper for a bunch of men, turning them on and seeing them jack-off at the sight of her body. This is one I thought could possibly come true some time maybe some kind of amateur night in a bar far from home, after an unusual number of drinks? I kept hoping. Her second fantasy, while it turned us both on, seemed destined to stay in fantasy world. This is the one where she is the only woman at the party and she takes on all the men. I guess you could call it a gang-bang fantasy. In the heat of orgasm, Sandy likes to talk and hear me talk about another man fucking her while more men wait for their chance. But afterward, when things calm down, she assures me this is only sex talk and that it could not possibly become reality. Still, I kept hoping.

One Saturday not long ago, some old friends and I were having a bachelor party for Dan, a guy we've known since about seventh grade and one of the last single, never-married, and straight guys around. Only, since we're all in our forties, the bachelor party was pretty lame. Afternoon, Rick's house, good beer, and rugby. Nothing wrong, but not much of a party. We did have a stripper lined up as a surprise for Dan, but even that seemed like just a formality for the party, and the agreement Rick made with her was pretty tame just tits, maybe a peek under the g-string, a little nipple play for Dan and that seemed fine.

As time went by, and the beer loosened us up a bit, the thought of a college girl's tits in Ricks living room seemed more interesting. She showed up just a few minutes late, but there was a problem. Apparently her boyfriend, who was waiting in the car, had developed a problem with his girl stripping for other guys. Rick was talking with her, semi-privately, in the kitchen. She was a nice looking girl, kind of petite, great ass in her jeans and very big tits that her t-shirt couldn't control. She was really sorry, but she couldn't go through with it, so she was returning the money Rick had given her up front.

At this point, I had an idea that I had to try. I stepped out on the patio and called Sandy. As I explained the situation, she figured out where I was going and immediately gave a you can't be serious answer, but I was serious, so I kept trying to convince her what a great chance this was to fulfill her fantasy of stripping. She made me go through the list of who was there, twice, then went silent. Finally she said, check back with me in ten minutes I have to think by myself. I figured there was less than a 50 percent chance of her going through with it, but my cock started to throb in my shorts at the possibility.

I ran the idea past Rick while I was waiting, and, after he picked his jaw up off the floor, he said he'd much rather see Sandy strip than our actual stripper. In fact, he was really excited. I held my breath as I called her back listened to her silence again for a few seconds, then she asked if we could somehow get one of the guys, Dave, to leave. She works with his wife, and didn?t think he'd keep things to himself, and she was probably right. If we could do that, she would come over. I quietly spread the news around to the guys, not telling them the new stripper would be Sandy, and they agreed, for the sake of Dave, to pretend they were ready to leave. Dave isn't much into parties, and at the suggestion, he was the first out the door.

I called Sandy back, and it seemed she was getting warmed up to the idea. She asked what she had to do, and I told her to just wear something sexy and take it off slowly. She caught me off guard when she asked well, am I supposed to suck Dan's cock? I thought the guy getting married usually got something special?

Wow! I told her it was definitely up to her, but it sounded incredibly hot. She had always thought Dan was good-looking. Then she said, Ok, I'll be there in an hour and a half, and hung up. An hour and a half, could we wait that long?

An hour and a half later, the doorbell rang. I answered the door and understood immediately the reason for the wait. Sandy was seriously dressed up. Her black strapless dress, the one that I had only seen once at a formal party, clung to her and accentuated her beautiful, tall body. The long slit up the back revealed legs in sheer black stockings, and sexy heels, extra makeup, and some unusual jewelry added just a hint of slut. We shared a long wet kiss, I groped her ass for a second, then led her down the hallway to the living room.

The guys went silent when they recognized her and there was nothing but the sound of the tv rugby game in the room. A couple mumbled, Hi Sandy, and she just grinned and took in the scene. She walked to the tv, bent over farther than she had to, ass very high and plenty of leg showing, and turned it off. She pulled a cd out of her purse and asked, rather told, Rick to put it on. As slow, sultry jazz filled the room, Sandy moved slowly around, gently pushing the guys onto chairs or couches. Sandy isn't the kind of woman you would expect to strip on a pole, but she was taking charge of the room in her own way.

She gently moved her back side in front of me and, from years of experience, I knew to slide her dress zipper down. Very slowly she moved to the middle of the room and worked the snug dress down. She turned to give me a shot of a new piece of lingerie; a black, strapless bra with the French-cut cups that just lifted her tits, leaving her nipples exposed. I assumed she had run out to by it for this occasion. She turned to let all the guys take this in while she slowly worked the dress lower. As her waist came into view, I was pleased to see her lacy black garter belt, and as the dress slipped to the floor, there was nothing more than stockings and heels. She seemed to shiver a little with excitement as the guys admired her bare ass and the pretty patch of golden hair between her legs.

She stepped over to me, whispered in my ear that she was feeling incredibly hot and should she suck Dan's cock? I agreed she was hot, told her how hard I was, and, if she wanted to suck him, she could decide. That's all she needed. Dan, sitting back in a chair, was suddenly having his jeans undone by my wife. He looked at me, I shrugged and nodded, and he helped her get the pants down. As his cock flopped back on his stomach, my beautiful wife took it in her mouth, moistening his whole length until it slid easily between her lips. I dropped my pants at this point, and I think the others did then, too. Sandy was obviously enjoying sucking,no, making love to another man's cock, and I was as hard as I've ever been. She got Dan's whole pubic area sloppy wet, moving down to lick his balls, the back to his rod, gripping its base with one hand. With her other hand, she slowly rubbed her pussy, giving us a nice view since she was kneeling in front of Dan's chair. Sandy broke the silence when she removed the cock from her mouth long enough to tell Dan she could taste his pre-cum, then shoved him back in. Dan quietly asked her to slow down, but she didn't listen. He gave up holding it after a couple more minutes, arched back, and started fucking Sandy's mouth. She moaned and gagged just a little as he pushed his cock in and out. When Dan announced he was going to cum, he gently lifted her head back, but she pushed against him, keeping up her motion on his cock. Dan let out a moan, and Sandy a muffled MMMMMM! As he obviously released four or five squirts of cum into her mouth. My wife's mouth, filled with another man's cock and cum I had to stop stroking myself or I would cum soon, to.

Sandy allowed some of Dan's load of semen to drip onto his balls, but swallowed most of it. She stood up and moved over next to me on the couch. I think we were all a little shocked at what had happened, and Sandy pulled me close. She whispered to me, What now?? I responded by kissing her, still tasting cum in her mouth. I caressed her lovely, erect nipples, and she moved my hand to her crotch. Funny, I thought, we were in a pretty typical foreplay position for us, except five of my friends were watching. We kept kissing, my fingers lightly stroking her pussy, gently slipping in, and moistening her clit. I moved down to suck Sandy's tits, and her stomach tightened with a gentle orgasm. We kept on through a couple more mini-climaxes, then I moved to my knees between her legs. As licked and then sucked at her beautiful cunt, keeping two fingers slipping in and out, Sandy's stomach muscles tightened and she bucked with a stronger orgasm, moaning softly. I glanced around the room and saw everyone with a hard-on, including Dan. As much as I wanted to fuck this hot woman, I decided to wait I'll have plenty of chances. I wanted to see what else might happen.

I moved back up to the couch, next to Sandy, and caressed her inner thighs as we kissed deeply. She smiled and just seemed to relax. Then I realized Rick had moved up close, on his knees, staring at the pussy right in front of him. We looked at each other, then she gave a slight nod to Rick. Sandy pulled her legs back a bit, knees a little higher, and laid her right hand on her stomach, right above her pubic hair. Rick eased forward and slipped into her wet vagina, slowly working his cock in to the balls. Sandy sort of cooed with pleasure, and I started to move away so she could fuck Rick. But she held onto me, pulling me close and turning her upper body to me. As she and Rick got into a slow rhythm, I kept kissing her and playing with her tits. After another minute or two, I lifted my head just to check the view between my lady's thighs. From my vantage point, about a foot above Sandy's nipples, I watched as another guy's hard cock pumped in and out, disappearing under her little triangle of pussy hair. Rick stopped for a second to adjust Sandy, pulling her so her ass hung slightly off the couch. Pushing her legs back and out a little farther, he pushed as deep into her as he could. Now Rick was able to fuck faster and harder, and he slapped against Sandy's thighs and ass. My hot wife was moaning too much for us to keep kissing, so I kissed her ears, neck and nipples. It wasn't long before both she and Rick were sharing their orgasms, he left her filled with his cum.

I whispered, asking if she wanted to keep going, and she ran her tongue down my throat and raised her ass off the couch. What we had only fantasized was really happening , my wife had totally surrendered herself to desire and was being a complete slut. Sandy's lovely pussy was full of another man's seed, and there were some very aroused men waiting to have her body. Seeing her raise her ass up, Brian correctly assumed it was his turn. When he was within reach, Sandy reached down to guide his cock into her. She wanted me in the same position, to hold her, kiss her, and play with her tits, while the cock was provided by another man. Having already had several orgasms, I knew this girl would continue on that plateau for some time. After just a few strokes of Brian's cock, Sandy responded on time, but her moaning was deeper, louder and longer. Brian squirted his load pretty quickly, but Jim was ready to move in. After Jim came, Steve moved in. When her pussy was full of his cum, Chris kneeled between her legs. Then Dan, our bachelor, got to put his cock in Sandy again. My wife rode a roller coaster of orgasms.

After Dan had cum again, we just all looked around the room for a few seconds. I asked if Sandy and I could have a few minutes alone, and the guys grabbed their clothes and went to the kitchen. During this whole encounter, I had only touched my cock a couple times but I was so close to coming. Now I had this awesome woman to myself. I kissed her, first on the mouth, then moved down to her tits. I lingered over her nipples for a bit, then slowly kissed down her tummy. At that point, I had to hold back harder, because I could smell her pussy, not the familiar, light scent of my wife's pussy, but the scent of whore's cunt filled with cum. I moved to kneel between her legs and admired the sight for a moment. She looked just like one of those women on a creampie website her inner thighs and ass glistened with smeared semen, her close-trimmed gold pubic hair dark and matted from the moisture, and a huge white glob about to drip from her now very relaxed love-hole. I kissed her thighs, alternating between sides, and tasted the saltiness on them as I came close to her crotch. I rubbed my face through her sticky pubic hair, the way she loves, and that got her going again. Since I really love to eat Sandy's pussy, I had decided several loads of cum already deposited there shouldn't stop me from doing what gives us both incredible pleasure. Actually, the fact that she had just been fucked, and fucked, just increased my desire for her. I dove in, kissing her lips and tonguing her vagina. When she was close to orgasm again, I sucked on her clit, flicking it with my tongue, while I slid two fingers from one hand into her pussy and one finger from my other into her ass. She was so well lubricated that even the finger in her ass slipped in and out perfectly. Sandy moaned and rocked with another orgasm, and then I decided I had to cum. Still on the edge of the sofa, she was in perfect position to receive my cock. I filled her slowly, feeling her pussy in a new way, and pushing cum out the sides as I slid in. She wrapped her legs around me as I plunged in faster and deeper with each stroke. We both moaned as I leaned over to kiss her, then she licked my salty tongue. When I said I was close to coming, she told me to hold as long as I could, then pull out and cum in her mouth. My sweet, conservative wife had never requested that before, and I wasn't about to disappoint her. She concentrated herself into another orgasm while my cock was still in her, then I pulled out, straddled her upper body as quickly as I could, and let her guide my cock to her open mouth. I squirted once from about six inches out, covering her tongue and chin, and finished inside her mouth, filling her as she moaned with satisfaction.

Sandy usually likes to relax and cuddle after sex, but this was no normal sex. She said we both had to get home because she was a horny slut and she expected me fuck her all night after the show she had put on. I couldn't argue with that, so we gathered up our clothes. We went to the kitchen, where the men were and, without a word, Sandy gave each of them a wet French kiss, we nodded goodnight, and left.