Written by Rootsnleaves


Ive always fantasied about my lovely wife Fi being fucked in the arse, mouth and pussy the same time , being drenched in cum and have cum leaking out of her holes after being pounded hard. I jerk off every morning and blow a big load over my stomch conjuring up multitude of scenarios involving my missus be fucked by other guys and girls.

But they always end with me unloading in her hot gaping arsehole!

We are both pretty fit, Fi goes to the gym 5days a week and has a well toned body with a nice arse which I cant keep my hands off, especially when shes in her tight streched workout gear yumm. I love it when she bends over in front of me and I slide my hand down inside her pants, rub her anus and push a finger into her wet snatch.

With a family and work commitments we often struggle to spend quality time together, like it was when you first meet, the time to talk and dream and fuck each other at every oppertunity!

So this is how one fantasy rolls out, I book a nice motel in Auckland and we both take off for the weekend, no kids yes!.

It starts off with us at a club, having a few drinks my wife looking fantsastic with her hair up and her long gracefull neck exposed, high heels and fishnets (crutchles) simple dress with a nice bit of cleavage showing, she has great tits with nice perky nipples which she loves being sucked and tweeked when we fuck, when she cumes I often squeeze and pull them quite hard which she says makes her cum harder!

Fi is normally very shy but on this occasion after a few wines she's feeling a bit naughty and two hot looking guys grab her eye and I notice her checking them out.

I take the oppurtunity to see if I can make a long time fantasy come true!.

When Fi heads off to take a piss I head over to the two gents and introduce myself, shaking hands with Kev I notice hes got a good firm grip and looks me straight in the eye, about 6,2 with short cut black hair, three day stubble, well built and obviously trains hard, im already imagining my wife releasing his cock from his pants and it springing out in her face!

The other gent is Dave, dark brown curly hair and goatee, again a solid musculare build but shorter around 5, 8 with broad shoulders and a thick neck.

Hes got massive thick hands and a strong grip that catches me by suprise, I cant wait to see his big dick in Fi's mouth.

So I buy them a drink and lay out the plan, they readily agree, hungry to see my wifes sexy body.

Fi comes back and I introduce her to my two new friends, they are very polite and respectful buying her a drink (her third for the night) she sits between them on the bar stool. They both start to compliment her on how attractive she is and what great body she has acknowledging her toned physic, she loves it lapping up the attention these two throw at her.

The club has a good DJ and hes laying down some pretty funky disco which she loves so I ask her to come and dance with me. Wer're getting our groove on when Kev and Dave appear and we all mix it up on the floor, theres allot of people enjoying themselves and a few other couples are pashing and groping each other, Fi ends up being squashed between the two men, and its all on, hands cupping her arse and tits and the three of them dry humping with me watching on with a fat cock, knowing my dream is going to become reality.

As soon as a stink song come on we head back to our seats at the bar, I come in behind her and grip her waist then run my hands up onto her tits and squeeze them. Kev and Dave start rubbing her thighs and Fi has each hand in their crotches kneeding the massive bulges, she leans back into me and whispers " I want to feel both their cocks in my holes at the same time".Fuck yes!!

So we skull our drinks and catch a cab back to the apartment, the whole way on the cab ride Fi is in the back being tongued groped and finger fucked by the two studs.

We stagger thru the door and I calm things down a bit by getting everyone a drink and pouring Fi her fourth wine for the night. I search the TV channel and flick on the porn, this gets it all fired back up and Fi is again sandwhiched between these two horny men Fi's dress is quickly discarded along with her bra leaving her in her waist high crutchless fishnets, what a fuckin smokin hot woman she is! Kev bends down on his knees and bends her over slightly giving him access to her anus and he licks and sucks her little hole stabbing at it with his pointy tongue. Dave has his tongue down Fi's throat muffling her moans and graons and is flicking his fingers over her clit. Theres no room for me at the moment so Im sitting in a corner chair rubbing my dick slowly enjoying the scene unfolding before me, the guys are gentle and know what they are doing, Fi has a look of pure lust on her face.

She drops to her knees and both men stand each side of her and pull of their shirts unvieling hard muscle, she fumbles for Kevs belt, sure enough out leaps a nice 8 inch dick into her face, well groomed and clean cut with a nice big head.

She lightly licks the end of his knob then twirls her tongue around it before taking his cock deep into her mouth.

Dave steps out of his pants down to his undies, and Fi turns and releases what is a massive 9 inch meat with big viens running up the side of it leading to a huge swollen dark purple head. She gasps and she grasps it, her hands look tiny wrapped around the thick shaft, she gives it a good squeeze and moans as a large drop of pre-come pops out of his dick eye.

Fi love the taste of pre cum and she licks the end leaving a sticky thread from the tip of her tongue to his knob.

She cups his large heavy balls and opens her mouth to take as much of his tasty cock as she can. Alternating from one cock to the other she starts taking more and more each time until she is gagging leaving sticky slaiva dripping down her chin and off the end of their hard dicks.

It time to join the fun so I help Fi up and sit her into the couch. She pulls her legs back exposing her shaven, swollen, glistning pussy which has started leaking juice into her arse crack. As I slowly and gently spread her lips wide and lick her engorged clit lapping up her sweet pussy nectare with relish. Dave straddles her head and lowers his big dick into her eager mouth.

Kev sits on the couch next to us tugging on his nice long cock. After a wee while Fi wants cock and rolls over straddling Kev's member and eases down on his dick, shes so wet from my tounging and her now flowing cunt juice he buries himself to the hilt, Fi groans as her pussy is streched wide with his girth and adjusts herself on his cock. Dave is quick to sit on the back of the couch so Fi can suck on his cock again.

With a cock in her pussy and mouth theres only one option left for me so i lube her anus up with my tongue and insert my fore finger into her tight ring. I can feel Kev's cock head thru the thin wall and I gently slide my thick finger in and out and stir her shitter with a circulare motion at the same time. Fe groans in exstacy with her lips around Daves big cock and this encourages me to spit on her date and push two fat fingers into her sweet shithole

I can feel her rim relaxing, its time for some hot action so i nudge my fat dick head against her chocalate knot and gently push slowly feeding the head into her anus.

So now she has all of her sweet holes fully filled up and being streched open by three hungry hot dicks, everyone is groaning and moaning, Fi is whimpering and shaking as we pound her mercelessly.

Dave is the first to unleash and yells he's going to cum soon! Fi opens her mouth and jacks him off until he is yelling "ah fuck ah fuck im going to cum in your fuckin mouth" The first load fires all over her face and tits the second shot goes all over her tongue, nice, Fi loves the taste of spunk, so she swollows it down and continues to lick and nibble his weeping knob end. That sets Kev off and he is thrusting his long cock, slamming it all the way into her cunt, slapping his balls against mine until he unleashes a torrent of sperm into my wifes hungry fuck hole. This is all just to much my balls tighten and my cock head swells as I try to hold back, but the pressure is to much and with a cry of pleasure, wave after wave of cum jets out in hot streams from my dick unloading a huge wad of seamen into my sexy wifes tight arshole. Fuckinhell!!

We are all fucked and callapse in a heap giggling and laughing at what just happened. Kev and Dave both kiss my wife passionately and tell her she is fantastic, im so proud of her and satisfied she went thru with it. She rolls onto her back and opens her legs, then pulls her arsecheeks apart for us to see her gaping wet holes with cum drippling out of her.

Well you can just imagine what happened after that!