Written by Tony_bigweapon


A few weeks ago I got a call from Aimie, one of my favourite lady friends, who happens to be a little older than most. “Tony, a week from Saturday is my birthday and I want to invite you to a party. Not the usual kind, though. John and I are going out on a yacht with another couple and we want to invite you and one of your lady friends to join us in a sex party.” I know that John is her husband and sometimes we get together and he and I make love with Aimie, usually both at the same time in whichever two of her three holes she wants us to use.

“Sure, Aimie. That sounds like fun. Is there anything you want me to bring, or is there anybody special you want me to bring?”

“Well, yeah, there is. Claire, that’s the name of the other woman, likes to swing both ways. If you can bring a good looking woman to swing with her, John and Rob, Claire’s husband, have promised me that you and they can do me in a three-way. Claire is a good looking woman, forty something, like her husband, pretty face, dark hair, slender, but with big boobies. If you know somebody, I’m sure she won’t be disappointed, and I know you won’t be disappointed with me.”

“I definitely do want to join you. I know I won’t be disappointed and I’m pretty sure I know just the woman for Claire.” I was thinking about Hollie, who is a bisexual friend of mine. Sometimes I go to a sex party with her and sometimes with Melissa, another bisexual. Sometimes both of them are there. Since Melissa is a lot younger than Aimie and the others, I thought Hollie would be the better choice. After working out the details of time and place to meet, I hung up, called Hollie and passed on the invitation, telling her what would be happening. I made a special point of telling Hollie about Claire, and how the two of them would be expected to get it on together. Hollie told me she would be delighted to join us. She loves sex parties involving large-breasted women, and she loves sailing, in that order.

The morning of the floating orgy was bright and warm, a perfect early summer day. The other four persons were already aboard and after Hollie and I joined them, we left the dock, using the auxiliary motor. Since most of us were not experienced sailors and there was no wind blowing anyhow, we decided to stick with the motor rather than use the sails. A few miles from land, on a perfectly calm sea, we stopped and lowered the anchor. Swimming was great in the warm ocean water and this was also a good way to get the party going because, of course, nobody bothered with any kind of swimming attire. Some pillows and three mattresses, covered by sheets, were scattered on the deck and we expected to get a lot of use from them.

As the birthday celebrant, the first pairing off was Aimie’s choice and, knowing how much fun it is for her when I eat her pussy, she chose me. This left Claire with John and Rob with Hollie. Before lying down on her mattress with John, Claire patted Hollie on her shapely ass and said, “Take good care of Rob, Sweetie, but save some of yourself for me.” While swimming, Hollie had mentioned to me how sexy Claire is and how she expected to have a great time with her, so I know she expected to save a lot of herself for Claire.

Before that happened, though, Hollie was having a lot of fun with Rob, and vice-versa. She is about equally attracted to men and women and Hollie is especially attracted to size, large, shapely breasts like Claire’s and big cocks like Rob has. When she saw the size of his tool, she patted it, kissed it and took it in her mouth. However, although she has often sucked off men, including me a few times, with a cock as big as what Rob has, Hollie much prefers getting it in her pussy. After a few strokes with her mouth, she was lying on her back, inviting him to fuck. Since Hollie has a very attractive figure, and a beautiful, wet pussy, Rob needed no second invitation.

Aimie was also lying on her back, but what she wanted, at least for the first course, was to have me thoroughly eat her pussy. That was what I wanted too but my first kiss was on her lips, with my tongue in her mouth, as were the second and third. Besides having a great figure, Aimie has a very pretty face, with short, auburn hair and big blue eyes. Those blue eyes were the next thing I kissed after my lips left her mouth, and I enjoyed kissing them and the rest of her face and down the erogenous parts of her throat.

Claire and John were even more active. They were lying on another mattress and he was kissing and caressing her breasts while she fondled his cock. As I kissed my way down Aimie’s beautiful neck, my eyes wandered over to them, and I saw how much Claire was enjoying the attentions being paid to her breasts and her upper body was squirming, offering them to John to be suckled and kissed.

That was how I wanted to start pleasuring Aimie. Although not as big as what Claire has, Aimie’s breasts are perfectly formed and topped by big, inviting nipples. My mouth answered the invitation and I started licking on the nearest, feeling it become erect under my tongue. “That feels good,” she told me. I love to feel you licking me there and everywhere else.”

I intended to lick her everywhere else, but Aimie’s breasts are so lovely that I wanted to lick her there first. With broad strokes, I caressed her nipple, using both the upper surface of my tongue and the lower. She was cooing in pleasure as I switched my attentions to the other nipple, licking it the same way and feeling it become equally erect under my tongue. We were both enjoying ourselves so I spent considerable time on Aimie’s beautiful breasts, first licking them alternately, using broad strokes and then with short jabs, using just the tip of my tongue. Both her adorable nipples received the same attentions in their turn and she really loved it.

Aimie was cooing louder, her hands cupping her breasts, presenting them to me for our mutual pleasure. Carefully, I drew one of the beautiful twins into my mouth, and started sucking, my lips forming a seal on her soft flesh. While I sucked, my tongue continued to caress Aimie’s nipples and trace her puffy areolas. “Tony, I love that,” she murmured. “I love what you are doing to me. Don’t stop.”

I also loved what I was doing and didn’t want to stop. Her other luscious globe received the same attention as the first, and her cooing started turning to pleasurable moans. While Aimie’s pussy slowly humped into the air, her delectable juices began to trickle from her love hole. Her nipples are very sensitive and some day, I would like to spend hours licking and sucking Aimie’s breasts, for our mutual pleasure and to see if she could cum from that alone.

Rob and Hollie were having a lot of fun also. She was on her back, her arms and legs wrapped around him while he was slowly driving his cock in and out of her pussy. As Hollie fucked back to meet John’s thrusts, she kept loudly telling him how good his cock made her pussy feel and how he should keep fucking her. Rob was sighing and moaning from the pleasure he was getting from Hollie and obviously had no intention of not continuing to fuck her.

John and Claire were getting plenty of pleasure from each other also. He was flat on his back on their mattress, his cock imbedded in Claire while she moved slowly up and down on top of him. At every stroke of her pussy on his shaft, Claire’s breasts bounced pleasantly, inviting John’s hands and mouth to fondle them, and the invitations were being answered with alacrity.

After my mouth had sucked and licked Aimie’s lovely breasts for a long while, the time had arrived for me to go lower on her body. Eagerly, I licked and nuzzled my way down her belly stopping at her soft, auburn pubic hair, still slightly damp from the ocean. Besides her pussy humping into the air, her upper body was squirming on the mattress from the pleasure she had gotten already and in anticipation of what I would be doing in a few seconds. She was completely ready and eager for me to eat her juicy pussy so I got up and knelt between Aimie’s legs, preparing to do what we both wanted.

I have been with Aimie often enough that she knows how I like to eat her pussy, so she lifted her ass off the mattress to let me slip a pillow underneath. Then she raised her legs and reached under herself and spread her ass cheeks to accommodate my finger. “Get my ass ready for a cock, Tony,” she told me. “You know I want someone to fuck me there later.” When she takes on three men at a time, Aimie likes to get the biggest cock in her pussy and, among the three men on board the yacht, that would easily be Rob’s big tool.

Before Rob would have a chance to use his big cock to please Aimie’s pussy, he was using it to please Hollie’s pussy. They were slowly fucking in the missionary position and, judging from what she was saying and the way she was swiveling her hips and thrashing around under him, Hollie was about to cum. She loves being fucked by a big cock like Rob’s and sometimes at these parties, she climaxes twice before the man cums even once when she gets a cock in her pussy that she really likes.

John had stacked pillows under his head so he could easily caress and suck Claire’s breasts while she stroked her pussy up and down on him. He is not especially hung; his cock is slightly smaller than mine, but he really knows how to use it and has great stamina. Claire could, if she wanted to, cum at least twice from fucking even before getting it on with Hollie. Like Hollie, Claire is very vocal and she was really enjoying what John’s hands, mouth and cock were doing for her and let everybody on the yacht know about it.

With my finger sliding in and out of Aimie’s ass and my left shoulder braced under her right thigh, I started eating her pussy by sucking and licking all the fresh juices from her, enjoying their flavor, enhanced by the salty tang left by the evaporated ocean water. After all the fresh juices were gone, I started licking between one inner and outer lip, starting at their origins, below her pink love hole. Even though I was just starting to eat her pussy, Aimie was already producing a gusher of delectable juices and fucking strongly into my face.

She fucked more strongly into my face as I licked her soft flesh to the point where her inner and outer pussy lips are close together. Once there, I probed into the seam between the lips and my tongue caressed the surfaces of the labia. Very slowly, enjoying the feeling of her lips becoming more engorged as Aimie became more aroused, I licked to where the inner lip ends by merging with the other inner lip to form her clit hood. Gently, my tongue caressed the upper surface of the protective covering, indirectly stimulating the precious love toy sheltering beneath it. Aimie’s body was writhing on the mattress from the pleasure she was receiving. When I started eating her pussy, she had been cooing happily but by this time, she was moaning from the way my tongue was indirectly stimulating her clit and from the way my finger was fucking her ass.

Claire was moaning also, having moved into the female superior position on top of John, the better to enjoy the surges of his cock into her pussy. She hadn’t cum yet but, judging from the way her hips were gyrating, thrusting out her legs as she slid back and forth on top of him, she was getting close. When Claire did start cumming, we all expected her to tell us abut it.

Hollie was cumming, and telling us about it, crying out her delight, and wildly moving under Rob as she enjoyed the effect of his big cock plowing into her pussy. He had not cum yet, and he probably wouldn’t until Hollie had enjoyed her second orgasm. Her first was a good one; she rocked back and forth and from side to side under him, squeezing his hips with her legs and digging her fingernails into his shoulders.

Aimie was getting closer to cumming too, as I treated her second pair of pussy lips the way I had the first. After slowly licking all the surfaces of both labia, my tongue again caressed Aimie’s clit hood. By licking on this sensitive place, I caused her pussy to gush more juice and to fuck even stronger into my face. When I curled my tongue under the hood to gently fondle Aimie’s engorged love button, I was treated to the wonderful feeling of having her pussy jammed against my face, smearing her fragrant juices all over my cheeks.

Claire and John were the first couple to both cum and, after that happy event, she turned her body to be in the 69 position on top of him and peeled off his condom. While John was happily licking the fresh juices from her pussy, she was doing the same for his cock, enjoying the flavor and texture of his semen. Claire was also getting him stiff for whatever hole of Aimie’s he would be fucking next.

Hollie’s climaxing for the first time hardly caused Rob to slow down; his cock was still ramming all the way into her pussy. Hollie had picked up right where she had left off too, and was again holding him with her arms and legs and fucking back, meeting every thrust of his cock. I knew that, even if she reached her second climax, which was highly probable, almost a certainty, she would have energy left to pleasure Claire in whatever kind of sexual activity the two women decided they wanted. Hollie has plenty of energy and really enjoys herself at sex parties like this, whatever she does, with either men or women or, sometimes, both at once.

After devouring all the pussy juices except what was smeared on my face, I started probing my tongue into the lower edge of Aimie’s wet love hole. When I explored there, I had to remove my finger from her ass to give my chin enough room and when my tongue continued upward to probe the side edges of her dripping hole, I twisted my index and middle finger together and slipped the two fingers into her ass. When she felt her sphincter being stretched open, Aimie gurgled happily and said, “My God, Tony, that feels wonderful in my ass. Keep doing it. And keep eating my pussy too; I’m almost ready to cum.” I did as Aimie wanted, twisting my fingers as I thrust them in and out of her ass while probing my tongue into the side edges of her love hole. I knew Aimie was almost ready to cum from the way her moans were ending in whimpers, the way her upper body was thrashing on the bed and the way her pussy was gushing juices and fucking into my face.

Hollie was getting ready to cum too and, in between her moans of pleasure, she was loudly telling Rob and everybody else about her readiness and how good it felt. He had gotten up on his knees and hands to let her move freely under him while he plunged his cock in and out of her pussy and she was taking advantage of the freedom. Hollie rocked from side to side, her hips swiveling, and fucked back to meet the thrusts of his cock. Rob was enjoying himself as much as Hollie was and his moans and cries of pleasure were nearly as loud.

The loudest sounds of pleasure, though, were from Aimie. In between her pleasurable moaning she was loudly saying, “I love that, Tony. I love the way you eat my pussy and I love your fingers in my ass.” In between telling me how much fun she was having, she was begging me to suck her clit so she could have even more fun. Aimie knew she was ready to cum and I knew it too so, after probing into the top edge of her love hole, I drew her adorable clit into my mouth and started sucking on it. While I sucked, my tongue caressed the engorged sides and top of the precious love button, sending Aimie into a frenzy of lustful joy.

“Yes! Yes! Suck my clit! I’m cumming, I’m cumming,” she cried out, squeezing me between her legs. Aimie’s hands went to the back of my head, pushing my face against her pussy, where we both wanted it to be. My left arm held tightly to her thigh while fingers of my right hand stayed embedded in her ass, all the way to my knuckles, held immobile by her clenched muscles. “My clit! Suck my clit!” she cried out again and I was doing exactly that, sucking her incredibly sensitive love button while my tongue caressed the engorged sides and top of the little darling.

While Aimie dug her heels into my back, almost lifting her ass off the mattress and jamming her pussy even harder into my face, her legs swung wildly from side to side, carrying my head between them. For several minutes she continued cumming while I kept her clit in my mouth, my fingers in her ass and my arm around her thigh. Her back arched as Aimie climaxed, ramming her pussy even more tightly against my face, and after that she relaxed on the mattress. I removed my fingers from her ass and licked all the fresh cum juice from her crotch, her thighs and her pussy lips, leaving enough in her love hole to act as a lubricant. I knew that in a few minutes, Rob’s big cock would be wedging into her there and the lubrication would be needed.

After I had enjoyed all the delicious fresh pussy juices I was limiting myself to, I looked around to see what my shipmates were doing. Hollie and Rob had both cum, Hollie for her second time, and she had removed his condom. He lay quietly while she licked the semen from his cock. While she licked, Hollie knelt with her ass and dripping pussy pointing toward Claire, showing off the delights that awaited her,

Claire had swallowed all the cum she could get from John’s cock and had him hard and ready for wherever Aimie would want him to fuck her. When she saw the wealth of fresh juices glistening on Hollie’s pussy and surrounding areas, Claire got off her mattress and went to enjoy the aroma and flavor as well as the sight. Hollie sensed Claire approaching, knew what she wanted and, since she had already swallowed all of Rob’s juices, rolled over onto her back, spreading her legs to make it easier. Claire got to her knees and started licking up the juices from Hollie that were, I knew from my own experiences, almost as tasty as the nectar I had just licked from Aimie’s pussy. Without speaking, we agreed that the two ladies would share the mattress that Rob and Hollie had just put to such good use and that they were now occupying.

When Aimie was ready, she looked over at where Rob was sitting on the mattress next to where Claire was savoring Hollie’s pussy juices. “Come over her, Rob,” she said. “You know as well as I do where that nice big cock of yours is going next.” He did, of course, and came over to join Aimie and me. Rob lay on his back, his cock still semi-hard, even after the great fucking it had just given Hollie. With a minute or so in Aimie’s skillful mouth, it would be fully erect and ready for its next assignment.

With Rob gone from their mattress, the women moved over into the middle and Claire started eating Hollie’s pussy much like I had just eaten Aimie, except that Hollie doesn’t like fingers in her ass. John sat on the mattress he had shared with Claire, his cock ready for wherever Aimie wanted it. We all knew what would be happening next; the only question was, with Rob fucking her pussy, who would fuck Aimie in her ass and who would be sucked off by her.

Before that would happen, though, Rob’s cock had to be prepared. Aimie knelt between his legs and took his semi-hard member gently into her mouth, at first sucking just the first few inches and then, as it stiffened, stroking the whole shaft until it was hard enough for her pussy, after she had rolled the condom onto it. With Rob’s cock stiff and properly encased in latex, Aimie moved closer, lifted herself above him and slipped just the tip into her dripping pussy.

“Mmmm,” she murmured. “Your cock is great, so big and so stiff now. I want this big dude to give me some of the best fucking I have ever had.” Stroking up and down with her pussy on Rob’s cock, Aimie took more and more of it inside her, until she was impaled to the maximum. It felt so good Aimie continued to slowly pleasure her pussy on his cock, but she was aware that other truly good things were going to be happening to her so Aimie paused to allow them to begin happening.

She leaned forward and stretched herself out into the female superior position on top of Rob, with her arms curled under his. For a few strokes she moved back and forth with her forearms on the mattress, getting Rob’s cock perfectly embedded in her again. With the first cock in place, Aimie reached back with her hands, spread her ass cheeks and said, “Okay, John, grease me up really well and give me your cock where I want it. You know where that is. John knew, of course, so he put on his condom and carefully spread Aquaglide inside the tight hole he would soon be fucking. The leftover lubricant was slathered on his cock and he was ready.

Rob was flat on his back, his legs together. Aimie’s legs were outside of his as she held her ass open for John, who mounted her and reached into her well-greased ass. With the fingers of one hand he pried open her sphincter. His other hand guided his cock and he carefully inserted the tip into her waiting ass.

“Mmmm,” Aimie murmured again from the pleasure of having another of her holes invaded. “That feels good. Now, really give it to me; I want your whole cock in my ass.”

John had the same goal in mind and he slowly wedged his cock into where he and Aimie wanted it. Her ass is always a snug fit and, with her pussy filled with a big cock, Aimie is especially tight. Over and over, John plunged his cock into the tiny greasy hole and, with every thrust, another fraction of an inch entered. With every fraction of an inch her ass was penetrated, with each additional stretching of her sphincter, and with her pussy crammed full of hard cock, Aimie moaned from pure pleasure.

“Oh, my God, that feels good. I love your cock in my ass and I love your cock in my pussy. You’re not being left out, Tony,” she added, smiling at me. “I have a nice, wet place for you too.”

I wasn’t worried about being left out. I really love fucking Aimie’s hot, tight ass but I also love what she does with my cock when it’s in her mouth. Having her tongue caressing my shaft while it slides in and out between her soft lips is close to Paradise.

The other two women were close to Paradise too. Hollie was on her back, with a pillow under her ass while Claire had her face buried in Hollie’s pussy. From the way Hollie was moaning and writhing in pleasure, I knew she was well on her way to cumming for the third time that day.

Once John’s cock was completely imbedded in Aimie’s ass, she no longer had to hold her cheeks open so her arms were again curled under Rob’s arms and most of her weight was on her forearms. The two men established a rhythm, where John pulled his cock from her ass then drove it back in while Rob had her pussy filled. Once John’s cock was all the way back in Aimie’s ass, she slid forward, pulling her pussy off the shaft that had been filling it, and then back, letting it fill her again. Every time a cock was thrust into one of Aimie’s holes, everybody’s pleasure was enhanced by the presence of the other one filling her other hole. Pushing back from her forearms, Aimie was able to fuck her ass back to meet the thrusts of John while controlling what Rob’s cock did in her pussy. When all three were receiving the maximum pleasure, Aimie turned to me, her mouth open invitingly.

I lay down by Rob and adjusted my position so that Aimie could suck my cock the way she wanted to. After a few trial strokes and a few adjustments by me, I was where she wanted me to be and her head was moving slowly back and forth, taking my cock all the way into her mouth and letting it almost all the way back out. Because my entire shaft was being taken into her mouth, and the tip was crowding against the back of her throat every time it entered, Aimie had to be in charge of our movements so she could control her gag reflex. With the way her agile tongue caressed my shaft while it was in her mouth and the way her lips provided perfect pressure as my cock slipped between them, I had no objection to being passive pleasured.

John and Rob weren’t being passive, as they took turns plunging their cocks into Aimie’s other two openings but she was in charge there too. She decided the speed and the depth of Rob’s surges into her pussy and this determined how deeply and how rapidly John’s cock fucked into her ass. Aimie wanted both their cocks to go as far as possible into her and she wanted all three of our cocks to go in and out slowly, making everybody’s pleasure last as long as possible.

Hollie was cumming, loudly and happily, and her legs were squeezing Claire’s head between them. I felt a twinge of envy of Claire. I have eaten that same pussy often enough to know how delightful it is when Hollie is cumming and how delicious the juices from her pussy are. The envy wasn’t serious because Aimie’s soft mouth moving back and forth on my cock was giving me some of the most delightful sensations I had ever felt. She rolled her eyes at me and seemed to smile but didn’t say anything. Aimie was enjoying the feel of my cock in her mouth as much as I was and didn’t want to interrupt or lessen our pleasure by talking about it, even if she could have.

After Hollie climaxed and Claire devoured all the cum juices that had been produced, those two women changed places. Claire lay on her back and Hollie began going down on her. She first pleasured the luscious breasts that she had found so attractive earlier, starting with licking the erect nipples. Knowing how beautiful her breasts are and because she really likes to have them pleasured by a warm mouth, Claire let Hollie lick and then suck on them, but it was apparent that what she really wanted was to have Hollie eat her pussy. She was already fucking into the air while juices were dribbling down her thighs.

Aimie was certainly getting what she wanted, and getting it for a long time, also what she wanted. Rob lay on his back while Aimie stroked her pussy on his cock, feeling him ram it all the way in at the end of every stroke. Her pussy was producing more than enough lubricant to allow Rob’s cock to glide easily in and out. John’s cock was surging in and out of her ass matching her thrusts back to meet him. Before penetration he had applied plenty of lubricant so, although her ass is very tight, his cock was sliding in and out of her with ease. John’s feet were on the floor, outside of Aimie’s legs and the rest of his weight was supported by his hands, which were resting on Rob’s shoulders. There was hardly any weight holding Aimie down and her arms and legs and upper body were free to move about as much as she wanted and, from the intense pleasure of the two cocks taking turns plowing in and out of her and my cock being stroked by her mouth, Aimie’s body was in almost constant motion. Besides fucking back and meeting the thrusts of the two men, her hips were rocking from side to side and swiveling, causing her legs to thrust out and back like pistons.

Hollie had moved into position between Claire’s legs and her face was buried in Claire’s crotch. I have seen Hollie eat pussies many times, once both of us eating the same pussy simultaneously, so I know she was licking one pair of pussy lips, then the other, stopping occasionally for her tongue to sluice up all the fresh juices that Claire’s pussy was producing. She likes to caress her partner’s clit with her tongue, always gently and briefly, wanting to slowly build up to her climax, providing the maximum pleasure for both women. From the way Claire was moaning and sobbing and otherwise expressing her pleasure, and the way her pussy was fucking into Hollie’s face, I could see things were going as they should.

Aimie stroked her mouth on my cock, taking it all the way in and then she took it out and held it in her fingers. “Tony, this is so great, all three of you guys, the best ever, that I am almost ready to start cumming. I want to finish sucking you off first, though.” After telling me that, Aimie took my cock back into her mouth and resumed stroking, but faster and with her mouth a little tighter. The pleasure I had been receiving, amazing as it had been, became even greater, and my gasps and sighs and moans became even louder. In and out of her mouth my cock went and I had to steel myself to keep from thrusting my cock into her, knowing that to do so would ruin our fun. Besides sucking my cock faster, Aimie started stroking her pussy faster on Rob’s big shaft and this made John plunge his cock faster into her ass. The increased speed would cause Aimie to cum and, from the sounds of pleasure they were making, the other two men wouldn’t be far behind.

Claire was making loud sounds of pleasure also, urging Hollie to keep eating her pussy, while her legs were squeezing and releasing Hollie’s head and her pussy was fucking strongly into her face. If Hollie were saying anything, her words would have been muffled by Claire’s pussy but I know how much Hollie loves eating a pussy when the other woman is enjoying it as much as Claire was.

Although I was still trying to delay my climax in order to prolong the pleasure I was receiving from Aimie’s mouth, I knew I could no longer do so. “I’m ready to cum, Aimie,” I told her. She didn’t answer, but started sucking my cock faster, with her lips tighter so she didn’t lose any of my juice when it shot into her mouth. Faster and faster, Aimie’s mouth pumped my cock while her tongue continued caressing my shaft.

“I’m cumming,” I blurted out and Aimie stopped sucking and positioned her tongue to catch my semen. With the first squirt, my buttocks spasmed and I involuntarily thrust with my cock, no problem then because Aimie’s lips were tightly holding my shaft in place. The second squirt and the third were the same and after that I relaxed, almost overwhelmed by a great feeling of contentment that washed over me. When I was through squirting, Aimie savored the taste of my semen and happily swallowed what she had collected in her mouth. When that was gone, she squeezed my cock with her lips to milk out all my cum and then took my cock out of her mouth to lick the head and under the ridge. When she was sure she had everything my cock had to offer, she let go and I rolled over, flat on my back.

“You guys are the greatest,” Aimie said to Rob and John, including me with a wink. “I’m ready to cum so give it to me hard and deep.” They were more than happy to comply because they had been holding back, waiting for Aimie to cum. After that, as Aimie fucked faster and faster, her moans of pleasure, which had earlier been muffled by my cock in her mouth, delighted us all. John and Rob matched her increased speed, driving their cocks in and out of her, wanting to cum after she did but not too much after. The pleasure they felt was nearly as intense as that felt by Aimie and their expressions of that pleasure were nearly as loud.

Claire was also loudly expressing her appreciation of what Hollie’s mouth was doing for her pussy. “Lick me there,” I heard her shouting, as her hips gyrated under Hollie’s mouth. “I love it when you do that.” I didn’t know exactly what Hollie was doing just then but I know how adept she is at bringing another woman to a high state of arousal, and keeping her there for a long time, to the mutual pleasure, almost ecstasy, of herself and the other woman.

Aimie was almost in a state of ecstasy too, and she seemed to have lost control of most of her muscles. Her head and upper body were thrashing between John and Rob and her feet were kicking at the mattress. She was in full control only of her arms, and she was using them to slide her pussy rapidly back and forth on Rob’s cock and to fuck back to meet John’s hard, strong thrusts into her ass. She was shouting instructions to the two men who were fucking her; they were incoherent but they knew what she wanted and were giving it to her as hard and as fast as they could.

“Yes! Yes! Fuck my ass! Fuck my cunt! I’m cumming, I’m cumming,” was what Aimie finally shouted as she started cumming. When she announced it, she lost what little control she had. Aimie’s arms and legs were waving and flexing wildly beside her and her upper body thrashed wildly between the two men who continued pounding their cocks into her. “Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck me!” She continued calling out until she climaxed, her body jerking violently while her back arched and her arms flung out to her sides.

John and Rob knew that Aimie had orgasmed and they concentrated on their own climaxes, both moaning from the intense pleasure they were getting. John had his hands on Aimie’s shoulders to hold her in place as he pounded his cock in and out of her ass. Rob’s hands held her hips to slide her back and forth on top of him as he thrust his cock rapidly into her pussy. John climaxed first, his buttocks clenching as he drove his cock especially deeply into her still-greasy ass. Seconds later, Rob’s face grimaced as he reached his orgasm, thrusting his cock as hard as he could into Aimie’s pussy. All three relaxed beside me in a happy pile of satisfied lust.

The four of us watched as Hollie kept Claire in her heightened state of arousal. “I wanna cum! I wanna cum! Suck my clit!” Claire was begging and suddenly her body started bouncing and thrashing under Hollie’s ministrations. “Yes! Yes! There! My clit!” she cried out and it was obvious that Hollie had started concentrating her tongue and lips on Claire’s love button and that Claire was cumming.

When Claire started cumming, she squeezed Hollie’s head between her thighs and forced her pussy and Hollie’s face together by pushing on the back of Hollie’s head. Although I couldn’t actually see what she was doing, I know Hollie kept holding Claire’s thighs with her arms, kept her mouth firmly on Claire’s swollen clit and continued sucking. “Suck my clit! Suck my clit!” Claire shouted out. “Yes! Yes! Oh, God, that’s good!” As she shouted this to Hollie and everybody else, her ass lifted off the mattress and her legs swung from side to side, with Hollie’s head between them. Just before she climaxed, Claire rolled onto her side and, as she reached her orgasm, she doubled over into a ball, giving an especially hard squeeze with her legs, and then she relaxed and was quiet. Like a good sailor, Hollie had ridden out the storm and she claimed her reward, the flood of fresh juices from Claire’s pussy. The rest of us applauded the efforts of both women.

“That was really great, all you guys,” Aimie told us, smiling happily. “This was about the best birthday I ever had.” The rest of us, just as happy and smiling, did not disagree.