On the 3rd day we arrived at Duniden at the boy's flat. We decided bbq for lunch and some beer. I was wearing a dress a transparent lacy nighty, heatpump is on ofcourse.

The house that they live in is owned by their boss. Their boss lives just in front of the property. He decided to come over for bbq as he knows I was there. From myprevious story, he already fucked my before.

The doorbell rang and I opened the door and he gave me a hug and kissed me onthe lips. Then complimented me that I look hot in my nighty. I had no bra and only thong under the transparent nighty.

We talked at the kitchen for a while we had wine. He obviously was hitting on me and not long he invited me to his house as his wife is in Aussie. I accepte the offer and we walked accross the road to their house.

Right after entering the door he immediately kissed me and his hands were all over my body. Then he carried my to the living room and placed me on the centre of the sofa and he removed my thong and he spread my legs and he went down on me. Then he stood up and undressed himself then he pulled my head for me to suck his dick. His big hands was around my head pushing my head to his cock.

Then, he laid me down to the floor and he laid on top of me. And he started to penetrate my vagina. He kissed me while he fucked me. After about 10 minutes he repositioned me to doggy style and fucked me from behind with all my 4 on the floor. Not long his phase got faster and faster and his grip on my hips got stroner then he ejaculated inside my pussy. He sat on the sofa spent. I mounted him but his dick got limp and I have not ogasmed yet. So he finger fucked my pussy, he started with 2 fingers anf slowly worked his way up to 4 fingers, my pussy then was very moist and frothy becsude of his sperm.

He tried to insert his thumb with 4 fingers, made me moan like crazy because of pain and pleasure. I did shout stop when he was trujng to force up all the way to his knuckles. We both went back to the boy's flat and had lunch.

After we carried on drinking till we got drunk and the boys got crazy and ripped off my nighty and fucked me, while their boss head back to his place. I can't remember the whole thjng but I woke up early in the morning and we were all naked on the floor. I got died up sperm all over me. I snuggled up to my ex and I laid on his arm and I hugged him. We slept through the night..

Around 7 am I woke my ex up with a blowjob while the boys were still asleep. I gave him head till he came in my mouth.

Next is the road trip to Invercargill...