So there I was on the picnic blanket on the ground. There was only one other vehicle in the area which was a van with a guy. The boys were foolin around lifting up my jacket exposing my bum and front tke guy who was watching from in his van.

Lucky I was prepared and had Brazilian wax done so I was nice and smooth. Hahaha

The boys dared me to walk to the man naked and give him a bottle of beer. It was kinda exciting and I have being a kill joy so I took off the jacket, grabbed a bottle of beer and I walked over to the van. The driver door window open was already open so I greeted him "Hi there, care for a bottle?" I handed him the bottle and he said " Wow you are sexy" he then said "Sorry I was masterbating watching you eralier". I replied "That's flattering, do you want to finish off?" I asked him. He then asked if I can come in the front seat because he don't want to be jacking off while the boys were wathing.

So I went in his va and sat in the front passenger seat. I spread my legs, my left was behind the driver's chair headrest and the right was on the dash and my vagina wa aimed at him with my body sideways on the seat. He grabbed his dick with his left hand and the right touched my legs slowly going up, touching my pussy a bit then grabbed m boobs, then back down my pussy. He slowly played on my clits then slowly sliding his fingers in. He said " Can we fuck?" I did turn down the offer as I was in a mood just to tease". He was more than happy just to wank off anyway.

When he close to cumming he asked if he can cum on my brest. I told him, "How about cum on my pussy, just outside" he said "Oh, yes please.

I move the chair back and reclined the chair to give him more room to climb on top of me. He opened my side of the door to give himself more leg room then climbed on top of my he jacks off quite rapidly almost to cum while I finger fuck myself with my right hand. Not long he came aiming straight at my pussy, I saw each ejacultion of sperm sprayed right at my pussy while I was still finger fucking myselft. Yes, my index finger and middle finger going in and out my hole while he was cumming on m pussy, I told him "My turn" he sat back to the driver seat while I finger fuck myself with his sperm. I showed him I scooped some of his sperm on my stomach and outside my pussy and put it in my vagina. Few minutes later I was about to cum I pulled his hands to finger me till I came. I gave him a quick kiss and told him drink your beer it's getting warm and left. I went inside the campervan and washed up. He then drove off not long.

So we had lunch while the boys were teasing me about what happened, then continued our journey to Queenstown.

Arriving at Queenstown we decide to get a motel because there was not enough room in the campervan, my ex and I will be sleeping in th campervan. But before retired to bed we went out to town had dinner and drinks.

Afte the drinks we head back to the motel and my ex and I in the campy. We were a bit tipsy but not too bad. My ex and I started kissing real passionately I told him I still have feelings for him and he said he feels the same way. We collapsed on the bed and had sex.

Next thing I remeber was the morning, the 2 blokes barged in the campy. The two decided to jump into the bed and was fooling around which resulted to another gangbang.

We washed up after and went out or breakfast. Then my husband rang me and said hi, you left you pills (birth control) have you fucked anyone already? I said "Yes, the 4 of them and well... another guy but not sex but yes his cum went in me"

I went out the restaurant where we were having breakfast to talk to hubby. He then said "Well if you're up to it I don't mind you fucking with no pills, kinda feels exciting", my hubby and I are in exact the same wavelength, we are both so kinky. So we decided to not tell the boys and just carry on the trip with no contraception. Which I find exciting too.

Getting late now so I'll continue the story tomorrow. On our way to Duniden going to the boy's flat. Next story involves sex with my ex's boss.