Written by Jamesdean


My partner is the best dancer ever and

Sometimes does an in house strip for me.

She has the longest legs and the most gorgeous

Butt, a lovely Tum and firm pert breasts with

Delicious nipples. As I watch her dance I can't help

but stroke my cock and imagine her pussy slowly

getting wetter, as she turns up the heat, and wonder

if she secretly wishes for a larger audience ...

Maybe another watching, aroused, hard,

Ready for anything and perhaps a black guy

-as I know this is a fantasy of hers.. And now we have

bought that fantasy to reality.. 3 of us are

watching as she slowly sheds her attire ,

Who will she go to first who will touch first , how far

Will she go , rubbing ... A hand... Lips ... As she

Spins around the pole getting ever closer to naked

.Her sweet curves glowing, having only her

Bra, g-string ,and suspenders still on. I look left and

see the other two are asready as me for her next move..

and then she ... She heads for the black guy, turning

Around in front of him and bending right over so he

Has full view of her white gstring and juicy pussy

Just waiting underneath.. His cock twitches in

Anticipation and then she moves to the next guy

Slowly removing her bra as she goes , licking her

Fingers and wetting her nipples she rubs up his leg

Straddling his thigh, almost touching his hard cock

Before moving onto me.. she backs in rubbing

Her butt over my cock, stroking me with

Her ass.. Unable to handle any more, i grab her

And run my fingers over her g-string, feeling her wetness

,I turn her round kiss her on the mouth before

Directing her head down towards my cock. she starts

To lick the tip ,as my Neighbour comes closer and

pushes the head of his cock to her lips also , she

With a hand on each, pulls them both together, taking both

Our heads into her mouth at once running her tongue between

Us and sucking us together. Then she stands, releasing us

And moves towards the black guy.. She bends down

Caressing his cock with her hand and takes him to her

Lips kissing, then sensually rubbing his cock

Over her cheeks, neck and face. She runs her tongue

The full length of his cock, taking it into her mouth

As deeply as possible and leaving him as wet and glistening

As she can.. shedding her G-string she straddles him,

Legs either side of his and slowly lowers herself

Onto his huge wet black cock which she sinks

Down onto with a sigh . He grabbing her breasts

Licks and sucks on her nipples as she pumps slowly

Up and down with each movement, taking more

And more of his cock inside her untill she's down

To the hilt and begins her grinding thrusts .

Moments later she comes and is then flipped

Over onto her back and pounded. The other guy and myself

Get our cocks back into her mouth as she moans in ecstacy

and she comes again As she licks and sucks us. moments later our

Black friend moans and pulls his cock out and shoots

His cum over her belly and tits ,god she looks hot

She spreads a little of it over her clit before

Massaging the rest into her nipples and tits,

'Mmm yum who's next' she moans . My Neighbour

Swaps places with our black friend and slides

His cock slowly and deeply into her wet pussy

Starting slowly he pumps in and out getting a

Little faster with each thrust. With one hand cupping

His balls the other milking the last dropplets

Of cum from his cock onto her tonge she sucks

The head getting the final taste of him before

Giving my cock a little kiss and lick. Before long

She shudders and comes again her new lover moaning

That he's not far from cumming either 'cum on my tits , oh

Yea fuck me cover me in cum' she says as he pumps faster they

Both seem close to climaxing . He moans 'Ahhh'

Shooting one big stream of hot cum into her pussy

Before pulling out leaning forward shooting the rest over

Her cheek lips and neck .As she licks her lips clean

I look on at her cum dripping from her chin

And pussy ,oh fuck shes the hottest most georges little play girl ever

My cock twitches I rub it up against her clit before

She takes her third cock for the night we moan together

Cumming before long Yum mmm!!! And she's mine

Forever -well I hope !!! Naughty girl!