Written by We2AreAlwaysKeen


I rolled over to put arm around Mrs K for a bit of morning fun but realized as my arm hit the sheet she had gone to course, what to do imm. No ladies, not what you think, I get up put on the washing do the dishes and make the bed. I should tell you it was 10 o’clock when I got up, and Mrs K finishes work at 12.30, and I said I would have the housework do, as she was at course and I was on leave.

As I was finishing I got this great idea Mrs K had this fantasy and today seemed like the prefect day to play it out. kids at work till late and nothing else planned prefect. I jumped onto the computer signed in to KS which we you both on and placed an ad.

Within minutes I had answers/ replies to the ad I look though them and choose the ones I thought were the ideal men for the job hehe. I rang the five guys and hold them our address and to park in the street below as I what this to be a total surprise. I jumped in the shower shaved washed played a little come on I am a guy.

At 12 o’clock there was a knock on the door great all five guys were standing there we introduced ourselves and went into the lounge, I grabbed beers for all of us and said thanks to the guys for helping out. I told them about her fantasy and we were all in agreement to how this would play out. The guys got up and went down stairs to the games room and waited for the call sign.

Mrs K came home in a great mood this will help I smiled and told her to go and lie down and I would bring her lunch, as she disappeared into the bedroom I stripped down and changed into a suit which she loves, I walked into the bedroom and she look at me and smiled I said I was here to do what ever she requested and to my surprise and good luck, she said she would love me to shave her clean.

I slowly removed her clothes and laid her on the bed I got my shaving kit, towel, flannel and bowl of hot water and went back into the bedroom and asked Mrs K if she would like a glass of bubbles which I new she would not say no to, I told her the bottle was in the games room fridge and would be back shortly. The guys were playing pool I said to them it was all a go at this stage and would call them in about 15 minutes as she requested me to shave her, no prob’s G just let as know when you are ready.

I walked back into the bedroom Mrs K looks stunning lying on the bed with her legs spread open, I poured her a glass of bubbles and handed to her, she looked at me and said go on get started the day is a wasting she said with a large smile. I lifted her bum off the bed and placed a towel under her then I got the flannel and soaked it the hot water I rang most of the water out and placed it on her pussy I got out my shaving brush put it in the hot water and then slowly dripped the water onto Mrs K pussy though the flannel at first then directly on her. I got out my razor and the shaving cream I placed a handful of cream on her leg, then with two fingers I took some cream and started to rub it over her pussy slowly but firmly I then started to shave her from the top down making sure I used plenty of cream and hot water which hehe I made sure run down between her lips and over her small firm ass. I did not take as much time as I would normally but today was going to be just as good maybe even better anyway.

I placed the blindfold on her as like I would normally after shaving her an ran my hands all over her pussy with a small amount of baby oil I then placed her arms and legs into the star position and tied her up I just heard a moan and caught a large smile once tied I said I would be back just need to wash my hands.

I quickly left and signalled the first guy to follow me into the bedroom he quickly stripped down and followed quietly behind me.

I started to lick my way up her body stopping just at the base of her now very wet hole I flick her nipples a couple of times listening to her moan. I started to lick and suck her nipples and worked my way down to her pussy after about 10 minutes I moved off the bed and looked at number one, he was hard as a rock and well hung I must say. I moved around the bed and slowly pulled open her lips so number one could just push his cock straight in, he crept up the bed and positioned himself between her legs and push straight in as he did Mrs K let out a load moan it took a couple of seconds before she realized it was not my cock in her. I was by her head and said its ok hun I am here, welcome to one of your fantasies if you at any stage you want to stop just say the word and it will. Mrs K looked a little scared but smiled and pushed her pussy onto the strange cock.

I quietly left the room and got the others we all entered the room not a word or sound made. I asked Mrs K you all right hun again she just smiled and said come here and kiss me.

After about 10 mins number 1 was about to cum he stopped and got off the bed number 2 then made his way up the bed and entered Mrs K, I must say at this stage each of the guys had a larger cock than the other starting from the smallest which to be honest was not that small about 7” long but not to wide. Working the way up to 10” long and about a coke can wide very impressive indeed not sure if Mrs K would be a able but I know she will give it a good go.

Mrs K was smiling and moaning she said how many are there, I just kissed her said enjoys and I love you, happy birthday. Number 2 signalled for the next and withdrew Number 3 slowly entered her and started to push deeper and deeper. I could see Mrs K was really enjoying this now she had cum a couple of times already, number 3 then put lube on his hand squeaked some lube on her ass and pushed in his middle finger and started to finger fuck her ass at the same time, Mrs K just about cum on a spot number 3 noticed this and pushed in another finger until he had three fingers fucking her ass, he moved his fingers apart and squeaked lube into her ass, then past the lube to the waiting Number 4.

I started to release Mrs K’s from her restraints, when she was free and before she had time to do anything number 3 just picked her up turned her over, all the while he was fucking her hard and deep. Number 1 & 2 now moved in and started to kiss, lick and nibble her nipples and stomach driving Mrs K to a massive orgasm she reached out and grabbed there cocks and slowly started to wank them. Number three pulled out and moved around and pushed it into Mrs K mouth now she had one in each hand and one in her mouth enjoying the sensations feels emotions and of course these three cocks she did not know she had been moved and number 4 was now slowly entering her ass she let out a scream of pain and pleasure number 4 was about 8 ½ inches long and about 2 ½ inches thick he slowly entered inch by inch lubing all the time until he was all the way in, he held it there for a while before moving it in and out picking up speed with each thrust. Mrs K was cumming again but very loudly I almost cum myself just listing to her.

Number 4 then lay on the bed picked up Mrs K and lowered her on his cock again just as she thought things could not get any better, Number 5 opened her pussy lips and squeaked what looked like half a bottle of lube in her pussy and o my god rubbed some lube on his 10 inch long 3 1/3 inch thick cock and started to push it into her pussy stretching her to and past her limits number 4 and 5 worked together and made Mrs K first DP the best she could ask for slowly pushing there massive cocks in and out of her ass and pussy Mrs K could not hold back anymore she cum and cum and cum screaming with total pleasure the guys let her get her breath back before they started thrusting like the starting of a jet engine getting faster and harder with each thrust up making sure all the time Mrs K was good and up for it. Number five pulled out and number four thrust hard and fast and Mrs K just started to squirt and squirt it seemed like she was not going to stop, number 5 then again re-entered her pussy. Mrs K was in heaven one cock in each hand another in her mouth, ass and pussy. After some time of this purer wave of total pleasure all the guys pulled out and away then surrounded Mrs K and cum wave after wave of hot sticky cum covering her everywhere, without saying a word they were gone and it was just me and one very tied but happy Mrs K.

I can not wait to watch this again with Mrs K as I filmed to whole fantasy, but looking at Mrs K this could be a couple of hours away at leased she is even struggling to talk at the moment.