Written by Huntsman


It started with a recent trip to Thailand. I had some spare air points and thought I would use them for a good break from the New Zealand winter and to catch up with some old friends from my time living in Bangkok.

Doug and Jenny were pleased to hear from me and suggested that we could spend a weekend at their holiday apartment in Hua Hin. We all travelled down from Bangkok in their car and arrived in Hua Hin at dusk on Friday. That night we had a superb meal at the seafood restaurant on the wharf and had a pleasant, uneventful evening on the balcony of their 12th level apartment.

The next day was a glorious day in the Thai sunshine, swimming and enjoying the facilities on the beach followed by another excellent meal at yet another seafood restaurant. During dinner Jenny mentioned that I was welcome to stay on after their departure back to Bangkok the next day but her daughter and her partner would be arriving the next morning for a few days so I would be sharing the apartment. I thanked her and was pleased to have the opportunity of a few more days’ relaxation.

It was probably 15 years since I had last seen Lizzie – she must have been about 12 and although she was always shy in a crowd, we had always had a close uncle/niece type relationship over the ten years that I had been in Bangkok and her parents had been closest friends of my late wife and myself.

It was a different looking young lady that walked into the apartment that Sunday morning. Lizzie had matured into a beautiful 27 year old woman with blond hair down to her shoulders, only about 160cms tall and very slim with modest curves in all the right places.

But the real surprise was her partner, actually introduced as her “husband”, but in fact a tall, stunning Thai lady who looked to be in her thirties. I think I did very well in hiding my surprise as Lizzie wrapped her arms around me in a very warm hug which made me very aware she was all woman. The introduction to her partner, Suchada was more traditional with a formal Thai ‘Wai’ passing between us. Suchada was about 190cms tall, beautiful and clear bronze complexion with a dazzling Thai smile that would melt any human being.

Luggage was moved in and there was a general hustle and bustle as everyone settled down with a light lunch before Doug and Jenny packed up and headed off back to Bangkok.

Lizzie and Suchada pleaded tiredness and went off to their room for an afternoon nap which left me to take advantage of the cable TV which had the Setanta Rugby channel available and I settled down to watch my home team, the Hurricanes in their latest match of the Super rugby competition. After watching a satisfying win to the ‘Canes I must have drifted off to sleep myself and woke just as dusk was starting to close in. Lizzie and Suchada had still not appeared but as I passed their room on the way to the bathroom I heard sounds which left me in no doubt they were no longer sleeping and I confess to feeling a tinge of excitement as I imagined what may be going on behind the closed door. In fact, as I returned to the living room, I heard what sounded like a passionate groan followed by a loud "Yesssssss," which was the unmistakable sound of someone cumming and cumming hard!!

I did not linger but returned quickly to the living room and fixed myself a drink and went out to the warm evening air on the terrace to enjoy the magnificent view over the Gulf of Thailand and the lights of the fishing boats twinkling in the distance.

I was just going inside to get my second drink when Lizzie and Suchada strolled into the living room. Lizzie was wearing a tight pair of cut-off jeans and a brightly coloured bikini top while Suchada had on a short, flared skirt with a tight fitting tank top and very obviously no bra.

Suchada immediately headed for the kitchen declaring Bloody Marys were the drink of choice tonight and she set to work with the preparation in a large pitcher. Lizzie put together some light snacks and we all strolled out to the Terrace to relax before dinner.

As I took my first sip of my drink it was obvious that Suchada did not spare the Vodka bottle in preparation of the Bloody Mary. I enjoy a drink with the best but I could not help but ask if there was a shortage of tomato juice in Hua Hin. Suchada just smiled and said it was just how they liked it.

Well that first Pitcher disappeared fairly quickly and while another was being produced Lizzie set to work on dinner which was to be cooked on the electric BBQ out on the Terrace. Just as Suchada was bringing out the next pitcher of Bloody Mary Lizzie also appeared with a large bowl of peeled, wonderfully large tiger prawns which were sitting in a marinade which I was advised was olive oil, garlic and parsley. These were left to marinate for about an hour while we made slightly slower work of finishing the second pitcher of Bloody Mary. By this time I was very relaxed with a pleasant buzz from the drinks, the atmosphere and the good company.

The prawns were skewered then placed on the hot plate of the BBQ for a couple of minutes per side then left on the warming tray above the hot plate. The table on the Terrace was set and we all sat down to a delicious feast, appropriately accompanied by a lovely bottle of chilled New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc.

After dinner, we stayed out on the Terrace and settled into a platter of cheese, some coffee and a delightful French Cognac.

All relaxed the talk started to drift in a different direction. It started with Suchada offering an apology if I had been alarmed by the noises coming from their room earlier. Lizzie giggled shyly and blushed a bright red. She turned even redder when Suchada suggested that she told me what she had confessed earlier. After much cajoling, Lizzie admitted, without managing to look me in the eye, that she had always had a big crush on me and that I had been her fantasy lover all through her school days and every boy she had met was measured against me and, in her eyes, failed to meet up to the standards I set.

I was very flattered but, unusually for me, I was rendered speechless by this revelation. While I was trying to recover my composure I was further blown away when Suchada intensified my embarrassment by suggesting that I should feel guilty for this infatuation and that I should be made to make the offer to fulfil some of the fantasies that Lizzie had had during her teen years and later.

Already in a slightly befuddled state from the amount of alcohol consumed, my mind now careered off in another direction. I looked at Lizzie but she shyly turned away from my gaze. I watched as Suchada rose and went and whispered something to Lizzie, who glanced quickly at me then rose and moved into the living room out of my sight.

Suchada then moved over where I was sitting and stood in front of me. I realised that her whole attitude had completely changed. No longer was she the sweet smiling woman of earlier in the evening but she stood over me with a stern look on her face and proceeded to tell me that it was my duty to get Lizzie past this fixation she had for me and no other course was acceptable. As I opened my mouth to reply I was shocked as she lashed out with her hand and landed a sharp slap on my face. That snapped me out of my alcoholic muddle and I immediately went to stand to say that this was enough. However with surprising strength, Suchada pushed me back into my chair and landed a further blow across the other side of my face.

I slumped down in my chair and gazed up at this beautiful Thai woman. Her stern face was covered in a light layer of sweat but what was most noticeable was her nipples were now poking sharply into her thin tank top – I couldn’t help feeling she was getting turned on by dominating me. Not only that I was experiencing a strong stirring in my own loins – I was being turned on by her dominance over me!!!!! She emphasised this dominance by again lashing out and striking me twice more across the face. I tried to raise myself again but in my drunken state only managed to fall out of my chair in a heap at her feet. In a flash she was down on the floor and flipped me on my stomach and with a swift movement she pulled my shorts down and started raining strong blows across my bare bottom. I tried to wriggle free but she sat down on my back and twisted one of my arms into a painful arm lock. She then took off her sandal and used this to again attack my now, on fire bare cheeks.

The assault finally finished and still holding my arm in a painful position, she forced me to stand. With my shorts down around my knees I was shocked to look down and see that I was fully erect, in fact painfully so. Suchada just laughed commenting that perhaps she should continue to spank me seeing I seemed to be enjoying it so much.

But then she said she had other plans for me and that I had work to do. With that she frogmarched me into the living room where I was amazed to see Lizzie sitting on the couch completely naked. She would not look at me and kept her head lowered. Suchada led me up to Lizzie and forced me to my knees on the floor in front of her. She then ordered Lizzie to part her legs and forced me forward so that my mouth was jammed into Lizzie’s bare pussy area. I was then told to get to work and not stop until I made Lizzie cum. To be honest at this point I needed no encouragement. I love to give oral and the opportunity of worshipping this beautiful young woman to orgasm was going to be far more pleasure than punishment. So I set about my task with relish enjoying Lizzie’s exquisite taste and determined to do my best to achieve that task assigned to me.

Suchada, having realised that force was no longer necessary, had let go of my arm and seemed to have disappeared leaving me kneeling on the floor tongue buried in Lizzie’s sweet pussy – and what a tasty feast I was having.

However as I really started to warm to my task I heard Suchada return to the room and was alarmed when she again started her assault on my bottom, this time with a paddle which she was using to great effect. My head immediately shot up but I was told in no uncertain terms to get back to my work or I would be bound and my punishment would be worse.

I immediately obeyed and was pleased when the spanking stopped and I felt a hand being much gentler in caressing my tender cheeks and seemingly rubbing in some soothing oil in. This was very relaxing and I was also very pleased about the moans and whimpers that were coming from Lizzie as she was lifting her body to meet my tongue.

However my relaxation was abruptly stopped as the attention to my bottom moved and I felt oily fingers starting to probe into my tight ring. I was an anal virgin ad this new intrusion was so alarming that I immediately raised my head again to protest. This was met with a strong command and a flurry of fierce blows to my tender cheeks.

Returning to my task I again felt the fingers probing, first one, then two and perhaps even three burrowing into me. It was painful but apart from some squirming there was very little I could do. The fingers disappeared but then more alarmingly they were replaced by something cold and rubbery. It did not take too much guessing to understand that I was about to lose my anal cherry and that Suchada had a strap on which she was determined to use on me.

Slowly but surely this was worked into me. It was extremely painful until I suddenly felt it pass my sphincter and slide more easily into me. It was still uncomfortable and the pressure was making me feel like I needed to relieve myself but as it penetrated further I started to relax and as Suchada started to work the dildo in and out of me I was getting some very pleasurable ripples and starting to push back to receive her thrusts.

Meanwhile my face was still buried in Lizzie’s pussy and my tongue was starting to tire as it continued exploring up and down with long sweeps from Lizzie’s rosebud to her clit, diving deep into her inner hole then gently teasing her very prominent clit. However as I strained to look up at Lizzie I saw that she was no longer looking shy and reserved. Her eyes were fixed on Suchada plunging in and out of me with increasing fury and her hands were clawing at her beautiful breasts, twisting and stretching the nipples bringing moans of pleasure from her pretty mouth.

The pleasure I was now feeling from the arse pounding I was getting had also transferred to my cock and I felt that I was getting very close to my own orgasm.

It was obvious that Lizzie was alsogetting very close to orgasm as she was now leaning back with her eyes closed and moaning uncontrollably. At this point Suchada must have flicked a switch as suddenly the dildo buried deep inside me started vibrating and the feeling was so exquisite that I knew that my own explosion was imminent. In fact I think it was Lizzie that went first and as I was showered with her creamy cum she also let loose with a strong squirt which splattered into my face and hair and triggered my own explosion as I felt my cock let lose a stream of sticky cum – which shocked me somewhat as there had been no direct physical stimulus to cause this – certainly a first for me.

Suchada also drove her cock hard into me three or four more times and groaned largely before collapsing on my back forcing me down to the floor into my own sticky mess.

Wow – I could not believe what had just happened and more so that I enjoyed the whole experience so much. We all collapsed into bed and I slept very soundly.

Over breakfast the next morning Suchada mentioned that her brother was joining us later and that he particularly enjoyed submissive white guys. I was shocked at this prospect but again surprised to feel that familiar stirring in my loins……..