Written by windom2009


Dressed to kill, half intoxicated and rearing to go. I was out for sex and it was easy to find, at a bar in town I joined a couple at the bar and introduced myself, Steve and Joan. We quickly hit it off, Joan dragged me onto the dance floor to get down. I have rather large breasts and they can get quite a jiggle on when Im dancing, which of course attracts alot of attention. They were and they did.

Joan kept her body close enough so as to press against mine from time to time and to get a squeeze somewhere on me. Over the next few songs I had my ass grabbed a breast squeesed a hand cup my hole crotch even some guy whisper in my ear "I gotta 13 inch cock". Joining Steve back at the table I excused myself to the toilet and noticed the guy who whispered to me was following me towards the loo only stopping to talk to a guy who then followed on as well. As the door opened I said to him 'well ya better show me this monster" he hesitated as the other guy walked in, "ya aint fucking me or touching me but you can wank yourselves as you show me". Doing just that they unzipped and did both pull out two monsters, stroking there cocks to hardness then speeding up once they were hard. As therenhands flashed up and down there shafts I began to cup my breasts through my blouse. "I may let you guys fuck me if you do me a little favour", lifting my skirt up so that they could see my panties had them reaching for me. "ah ah remember what we talked about" I said, sitting back wanking harder the guys had agreed to my plan and were at my whim if they wanted it to happen. Pulling my panties aside exposing my shaved pussy had both guys errupt cum from there cocks, spraying my leg with a final squirt.

Cleaning up and heading back out to the bar I said stay tuned and gave both guys cocks a squeese then rejoined Joan and Steve at there table.

Part 2 to follow