Written by wetpanties4u


I got a ring from a friend who like me to dress slutty for him, I put on the boots, stockings, lace panties, mini skirt, with the bra makeup and wig and he like to get sucked and to fuck my bio pussy, he said we are having a couple of drinks at his place and a couple of his mates are commin over i said I will dress and come round.

When I got to his house I went round to the back door and meet him, he said we are going to have some fun with his mates and asked if he could put a dog collar and chain on me and lead me into the lounge as his dog, I said yes and with me on all fours he lead me into the lounge, there was 8 guys all having a drink, they all looked as Jim stopped me sat me up like a dog than took his cock out and said for me to suck him, I was sucking and licking him then a other guy took his pants off and I had his cock in my hand wankimg him as Jim shot his load and said for me to swallow all and suck him clean, I did and it did not take long and they all were wanking and as each one was about to cum they say suck this and were loving it as I swallowed their cum, I think I got all 8 loads just mouth full after mouth full then we all sat back and had a drink, one guy was hard again and asked if I would sit on his knee, Jim lubed me up and I slowly sit down on his cock as he slowly pushed it up me, he did not want me to move and we just sat there and it felt great, then others wanted turns, we all got a bit drunk and moved on home about 1 ish, 1 guy asked if he could walk me home I said yes, we walked held hands and we kissed he said it was a great night but would like to have me to himself I siad he could call me but I do like sucking cocks and do like it when I get lots to suck like a gang bang.

I am waiting for the next time he gets his mates around.

Love Kim