Written by Milzy01


We always spoke about having a 3sum (fmf) us a hot horny hetro couple and a sexy bi/bicurious/lesbian.

Ideally at first we wanted her to watch, photograph, video, join in when asked....then as the night proceeded so would have the interaction between all 3 of us.

Anyway like I said "ideally" ...Well this was not the case lol

We find ourselves at another couples apartment with the understanding this was going to be a "meet and greet" type of situation!

After the introductions and a bit of something something to break the ice (awkwardness) the mood lightened and the hosting couple made us feel so welcomed, comfortable and un-pressured about the whole encounter....that I made myself at home, pulled my man's cock out and started licking, sucking, deep throating it that next minute both I and the hostess were slurping on his big hard cock!

Both still unsure where the limits were, what the guidelines were, we dived in like pros and tried to own the show!! As it happens, at the time we were down for everything except giving or receiving cock.

Long story short we skipped level one and went straight to LVl....experienced!!!!

So our "ideal (maybe one day) 3sum" that we were wanting became a full on foursome. Was awesome. We still meet every so often. Friends with benefits sums it up!

If you are a willing bi/bicurious/lesbian and up for some fun with hot horny couple (sorry ladies u can suck, touch and grope but NO cock in ur pussy ...can opt for substitute toy of choice) Hola at us.

Horny, Willing and waiting to hear from you!!!