Written by bat_cheerleader


Now she's moving her hand up my skirt, as we are inviting you from across the bar to come over. Let us rub against you over your pants, in the crowded bar with the music pumping, then unzipping your pants and playing with the head of your cock with my fingers while you stand directly behind me, as I am dancing with her just slightly while she is in front of me.

The bar is packed and you’re feeling a bit tingly, your cheeks are burning a bit and you've got that smile, the one that makes you feel wicked. You’re watching us dance in the middle of the bar and watching as she leans in close to me, whispering in my ear and kissing my neck. You’re watching us as I watch you. I am smiling at you as she's kissing me. Then wondering why I am laughing and nodding my head. You watch me send a text and you wonder who I am sending it too. Then your phone goes off in your pocket. The message says “Follow us”.

We slip out of the bar, past the bouncers, sneaking a few full beers with us, and giggling as we run across the road, as we check behind us to make sure you’re coming. Leading all three of us to my building we wait for you than slip inside. It’s still in the building in a Friday night. In the elevator bank I introduce you. Her name is Gabrielle and she smiles a big smile. The elevator comes and we get inside and once the doors shut she is on you on one side and I am on the other, taking turns kissing you and touching you, all of our hands everywhere. The elevator dings and we are on the top floor and I lead us to the roof access.

Once on the roof we head towards the back of the building. The lights from the strip below light everything just enough, and the sound of the crashing waves against the beach is now background pulsing music. I whisper in her ear and she goes to you, kissing you first as you feel her tits, your hands sliding up her skirt to pull her panties aside. I come up behind you, feeling you up from behind, unzipping your pants from behind as she is kissing you, and pulling your pants down as she bends so I can put your cock in her mouth, as she begins to suck on you as you can feel me behind you

As she is sucking on you I come around to your front to kiss you more, as you pull my dress and bra down, my tits are hard and my nipples are aching to be pinched. Her hands trailing up my skirt as she is sucking on your cock and finds that I am wearing no panties. She starts to play with my pussy, as she continues to suck on your cock, licking you from head all the way down your shaft, as you and I kiss. We, all three of us, are now stripped half naked, and kissing and licking

She and I are kissing, my leg up and wrapped around her, as you are behind me, fingering my wet pussy from behind, as she and I; bare tits pressed against each other, are moaning as you finger my pussy faster, as my fingers slide into her hot wet pussy, as I push back on you with my ass, begging you to fuck us, first one, then the other.

You tease me, slipping your cock in a little bit and the moving behind her doing the same to her, teasing her pussy, feeling how wet we've made her, slipping your cock in just a bit, and the out, then with one hard quick thrust burying your cock into her pussy as she is bent over and I am holding on to her, keeping her upright as you fuck her, hard.

Fucking her and thrusting into her you watch her pinch both my nipples so hard as she is hanging into me as the two of us are kissing, and moaning and you feel her cum and flood her pussy juice all over you, getting you harder, you pull out and yanking me hard pull me to you, spinning me around and bending me over, filling my pussy with your cock, feeling how tight I am, and fucking me till I cum, as I rub my clit you can feel how wet I am, as my cum runs down my leg.

You tell her to get on her knees and she does. And you go from fucking my pussy to her mouth, back and forth till you are ready to cum. Then you pull me up and tell me to get on my knees too, and I do, as Gabrielle and I are ready to suck your cock more and the take your load together, you cover our lips and tits with it.