Written by test_the_waters


Part One Dogging Round 2

We were keen to up the anti to more guys being involved in Dogging session #2 especially as we had also quickly decided to bring forward another fantasy/fun idea of a MMMF. Holy shit that is 3 guys on my foxy wife so multiple cocks, multiple pleasure and attention and so many different positions and opportunities. And only days away. So we being we decided screen the potential gents first and spent 2 weeks assessing and considering who could join us for the 2nd Dogging session. I as the dutiful husband also sussed out the location because this time rather than doing a “popular” spot decided be better if we call the shots. The location was a small clearing inside a tree line off the Palmerston North esplanade and easy access to a nearby road and good parking (have to think of these things) and above all private but still risky enough to be within 30m of a public walkway. We had lots of interested gents, but as time got closer most pulled out or even disappeared off KWS altogether (interesting....). But we had 3 HARD stayers with some nice messaging and pics being swapped and some good filthy descriptions of what could be and then IT was the night.

8p.m. we arrived at our location as agreed and I kid you not in under a minute before I could take the coat of my foxy wife we had man #1 there ready! She was wearing only stockings...nothing else and just the black coat to cover herself, long boots just as in our 1st experience and her make-up was done to perfection. Off came her coat, in went my tongue to passionately kiss my stunning wife and the moonlight played its part as well as a small latern style torch to illuminate the clearing. My god she looked good. Stranger #1 we greeted and she told him if he wanted to get his cock out.. well milli-seconds later it was out, it was hard and she was stroking it. Stranger #2 appeared, it was our 1st man from our 1st session weeks before and he was very welcome as he had been so gentle but affectionate and shown total respect and total filth all at the same time. We was in cock out, wife now stroking two cocks and sucking me off a bit as well. Then she went down on our blanket and spread her legs and asked to be licked out by me. I started her off but then Stranger #3 had arrived, equally greeted, cock out and admiring. Before I go on I have to say all 3 strangers were hung well, between 6-7 inches, thick cocks, a couple clean shaven cock and balls, all looked after their appearance and definitely good men to have in this session. My wife then asked who wanted to lick her out next and I stepped aside and our youngest attendee went down to start on her pussy lips and meanwhile both her breasts were being licked and sucked by both me and the two other fellas with the occasional cock slaps around her face and body...... We were all getting hot now and all 3 strangers had a turn licking out her pussy encouraged by her gentle moans and I can’t remember at one point but she got up on her knees and said to me “do you think they want their cocks sucked” and I did pause and rush a thought as this was different and we had talked about it but now the decision was to be made. “Yes they want you darling you have to look after them” or words something like that and my god 4 cocks were being sucked one by one by one. It was incredibly erotic. A drop dead gorgeous woman, my wife, 3 strangers all well hung and really hard and horny and none of us knew each other and it was raw and sexual.

I have to stop here as I am getting turned on...sing out if you want another chapter as this one really rocked!