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Ex girlfriend

"Power cut well playing pool"
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This happened a few years ago when I was still with my ex, she was 4 foot 9,  size 10, with E-cup tits and always horny. 

One night we were playing pool at the pub.  She was wearing a low cut top which showed a lot of cleavage and a short mini skirt.  Every time she would lean over the pool table her little black g-string would show.  After a few beers she was super horny. 

A couple of guys who had been watching her playing most of the night finally came over to see if we wanted to play against them.   We agreed.  After they set up and broke, it was Linda's shot.   When she leant over the table the two guys were given a great view of her g-string covered lips.  They both looked up and saw me watching them, I gave them a wink and smile. 

After a couple more shots Linda took a bit longer with her turns, wiggling her hips, in front of them.   She came back to me and said that they were getting a bit touchy with her.  I smiled and whispered in her ear to go take off her g-string and hand it to the guy who was the most touchy.  She then went to the toilets, after a minute or two she came back out with it in her hand.  She went over and handed it to him. 

Things got a bit more exciting from then on.  At one point one of the guys was standing behind her when she was bent over the table to take her shot.   I could see that her mouth was slightly open and her eyes were glazed.  That's when I noticed her skirt was up a bit more and his hand was moving in a rubbing motion between her legs.  She came back to me and said that he had been  rubbing her pussy.  I put my hand under her skirt and found she was dripping wet.  I said "Let's have some fun." 

During her next shot, the other guy was behind her feeling her ass.  I walked over and said she was keen to play if they were.  He said that they were hoping to get a chance to play with her.   Then the power went off.  Linda was still bent over the table when I heard her give a moan. 

I knew what that meant.  I reached over towards her and could feel that he was pumping her.  She pulled me to her and grabbed my pants, pulled out my cock and started to give me a blowjob.  I heard Mike groan as he came deep inside her. 

Ben swapped Mike behind her and slipped his cock inside.  He was pumping her hard and fast then came inside her.  We quickly got straightened up just as the power came back on. 

That was the start of a good night.  We invited them to spend the night with us which, of course, they accepted and we all left to go to our place.

When we got home, we saw our friend Kerry, who had been watching our kids while we were out, so we invited her over for a few drinks. She asked me who the other two guys were.  l said they were play friends, she looked at me and asked if I meant that they had fucked Linda, I  replied "Yes of course they had!" 

Mike and Linda went into the kitchen to make some drinks.  They were taking a quite awhile.  So the rest of us went in to see what the hold up was.  There was Linda, bent over the table, with Mike rubbing his cock around her pussy lips.  I looked over at Ben and nodded to him to feed her his cock, which he quickly did so. 

Kerry and I stood watching Linda getting fucked.  I started rubbing her ass and she started moaning.  I slipped my hand in her pyjamas and felt her pussy which was soaking.  I bent her over the other side of the table and started fucking her.   By the time I had cum in her, Ben, Mike and Linda had stopped for a break.  We decided a bed would be more comfortable so we headed to the bedroom for a lot more fun 

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