Unfortunately yesterday I posted on the my stories my invite you guys for dogging yesterday 9 May at Specer Park. But it was not posted as it should have been in the my advertisement Anyway...

That is why there was not a lot of people were there. But as me and my hubby was walking to the forest bushes some men are actually looking at as as we went to area that had a few trees for cover.

There were only 2 people not including my hubby.

I started giving my hubby head and the 2 men did not hesitate to come closer and came off their bikes. I envited them to come closer and i gave them head as well.

We had a wide beach blanket on the ground. I laid on my back and the 1st guy put on his condom and fucked me. While The 2nd guy was kneeling beside my head while I sucked him and my hubby was happy jerking off on the side. 1st guy lasted I'd say around 3 mins and came. Then second guy positioned to fuck me and said "I don't have any condoms, can I do you bareback" I said yes I don't mind, so he fucked me missionary style. My hubby desided to join in a bit later so I laid on top of hubby while he was on his back penetrating me in my pus and the other guy decided to enter my arse. I tried moaning so other men can hear me and come but no kne else did.

Then my hubby and the 2nd guy changed positon but this time both penetrated my vag. 1st to come was the 2nd stranger. I was on top of him and he said "oh fuck I'm cumming". I whispered to him and said said "cum in me" then he cummed. The 1st stranger said "Can I go again?" And I replied "Sure love",

I laid on top of hubby again and the 2nd guy entered me arse.

In the end, after my hubby came I was one on one with the guy doggy style. Then he came in me. Both men lut their pants on and disappeared. Then we dicided to go as there was no one else. At least I had 2.

Thank you to the both of you. Who ever you guys were.?

We will be back tomorrow 10 May Thursday

Please wash up before coming.

I can't say the time but we will be somewhere in the trees where bike tracks are.